Mighty Life List
Jan 15 2014

Go Mighty: Life List Inspiration

– Every┬átime I try to do this, I pass out.

– Could you go a year without buying new clothes? Kellee Bryan did it, Amy Rood is currently pining for cute shoes. I need to cut my closet by at least half, but don’t have the nerve yet.

– Eleven down, eighty nine to go. Man. I love Jenny Stockton.

3 Responses to “Go Mighty: Life List Inspiration”

  • jenny Says:

    I will make you a pie Maggie. Just tell me what kind is your favorite.

  • Traci Says:

    I’ve gone at least six months without buying new clothes, and it ended up not being all that difficult…all you need is a few staple pieces and lots of scarves, in my opinion. :] And–I’m a fainter, too.

  • Cassandra Says:

    I actually did go all of last year without buying clothes! It got really hard around Black Friday, but other than that I did okay.