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Oct 30 2013

Get Your Boo!ze On: 5 Halloween Themed Cocktails

Blood Vial Cocktails from Martha Stewart

Candy Corn Vodka Tonic from Miss Make

Frankenstein Milkshake from Mel’s Kitchen
(Okay technically this is a pudding cup — and technically it’s pronounced Frankh-en-STEEN — but the concept is killer. Throw in some mint chip ice cream, a little milk, and some brandy, and it’s aliiiiive.)

Mummy Wrapped Drinks from One Charming Party

Shrunken Head Ciders from Martha Stewart

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One Response to “Get Your Boo!ze On: 5 Halloween Themed Cocktails”

  • Kate Says:

    You mean Frankenstein’s MONSTER Milkshake, of course.