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Oct 23 2013

Camp Mighty, How the Light Gets In

This is me with Larry Smith, creator of the Six-Word Memoir Project, and Piper Kerman, author of Orange is the New Black after our Q&A at Camp Mighty. I took this with a professional photographer three feet away…

Photo by JetKat Photo.

Because apparently I am a fourteen year old girl? Still, I’m glad we took the top photo. There’s something happy about stretching your arms out and everyone pushing into the frame.

We’ll have video soon, but Larry suggested we do a Six Word Memoir slam at the end of the talk. This made me nervous, as all open-mic situations do, but it was great.

Here’s one of Larry’s memoirs:

Two sisters; never left seat up. - Larry Smith, Six Word Memoir Project

And a few more of my favorites:

I blocked my mom on Facebook. - Six Word Memoir Project

Smart girl wants to be artist.  - Heather, Six Word Memoir Project

Started mending the cracks with gold. - Bridget Eding, Six Word Memoir Project

This last one is Bridget Eding, and I think it refers to the Japanese practice of Kintsugi, the practice of repairing broken pottery with gold so the veins show. Lovely.

5 Responses to “Camp Mighty, How the Light Gets In”

  • Victoria Smith Says:

    i forgot to add mine to the tree:

    “extroverted introvert shows up and hides.”

  • sugarleg Says:

    ha, Victoria!! I felt your vibe, and didn’t force self to introduce self :-)

    also, I too realized I forgot to add mine to the tree:

    Not a mom. Neither is Oprah.

  • Kristen Howerton Says:

    Just don’t tell my mom about the facebook thing.

  • Bridget Says:

    Hi there Maggie –

    Yes, I was referring to Kintsugi! Thanks for another great year of camp!


  • Tamara Williams Van Horn Says:

    Forgot to put mine up too!!!

    Using Information to amplify Black women’s AWESOME.