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Oct 17 2013

Camp Mighty is Now

Camp Mighty 2013 Ace Hotel, Palm Springs.

Apologies for going radio dark the last few days, the week before Camp Mighty is always the land of a thousand checklists.

But yesterday a girlfriend and I drove into the parking lot at The Ace Palm Springs with the windows down and the kiddo in the backseat. The air here is exactly the same temperature as my skin, and Tom Waits is playing low by the pool.

I am so happy I could burst into blossom.

6 Responses to “Camp Mighty is Now”

  • karen Says:

    Sigh. i have always loved that Charles Wright poem.

  • emuse Says:

    Ah, you’re in my old stomping grounds! I lived in Palm Springs for ages.

    My apartment building was mid-century modern, and my apartment living room was floor to ceiling glass walls, looking out at a kidney shaped pool, and behind that, one of the mountains.

    The Ace is nice too. ;)

  • jenny Says:

    I really hope the apocalypse doesn’t happen before next year’s Camp Mighty, because I REALLY want to be there. Looking forward to reading/seeing/hearing all about it.

  • Tana Says:

    That poem! That poem! That poem! What a gift. Thank you.

  • Sarah Says:

    Ditto what Tana said. My heart is full.

  • Twisted Susan Says:

    Thanks for hipping me to James Wright.