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Oct 31 2013

Literary Halloween Costumes

Calvin and Hobbes! Gah, that’s exceptional.

Happy Halloween! I made a board of literary Halloween costumes, go look while you eat fun-sized candy.

Oct 30 2013

Get Your Boo!ze On: 5 Halloween Themed Cocktails

Blood Vial Cocktails from Martha Stewart

Candy Corn Vodka Tonic from Miss Make

Frankenstein Milkshake from Mel’s Kitchen
(Okay technically this is a pudding cup — and technically it’s pronounced Frankh-en-STEEN — but the concept is killer. Throw in some mint chip ice cream, a little milk, and some brandy, and it’s aliiiiive.)

Mummy Wrapped Drinks from One Charming Party

Shrunken Head Ciders from Martha Stewart

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Oct 30 2013

Houston, We Have No Problems

Hey, Camp Mighty. I miss you.

More photo booth photos from the Space Camp party are here.

Oct 24 2013

Too Small to Fail: Bedtime

Go Mighty is partnering with Next Generation and the Clinton Foundation to sponsor this post as part of the Too Small to Fail campaign, which is all about making smarter babies. I am pro smarter babies. Babies of all sorts, if you must know. And what’s more, I like soft things in general.

A few weeks ago, Hank’s dad emailed saying he’d read some articles about how regular bedtimes make it easier for kids to do well in school. So we made sure we were putting Hank to bed at the same time in our respective households, and committed to making it a strict deadline during the school year, in contrast to the summer of all-hours chocolate binges with the Ooompa Loompas.

Oddly, it hadn’t occurred to me that fudging bedtime by 20-30 minutes could affect Hank’s behavior and abilities in school. And though “sleep = good” isn’t rocket science, life sometimes gets in the way of a steady bedtime, for me as much as him. Still, I never connected those slips to extra stress over a spelling test or whatnot.

The message was reinforced last week at Camp Mighty, as Go Mighty launched a partnership with Next Generation and the Clinton Foundation on their Too Small to Fail campaign. Too Small to Fail is aimed at educating communities about how to give tiny kids, particularly age zero to five, a leg up before they enter school. (Too Small to Fail? You are killing me with that name. Oof.)

Anyway, one of the simple things the program advocates is a regular bedtime for kids. Which I did not have growing up, did you? Or have you adopted the habit for yourself or your kids?

A bunch of bloggers, including me, have added goals on Go Mighty around spending more time with the kids in our lives, you can see them unfold here. You can also join in by adding #gomighty4kids in the tag field of your kid-related goals. But only if you’re into reduced crime rates and a larger tax base.

Oct 23 2013

Camp Mighty, How the Light Gets In

This is me with Larry Smith, creator of the Six-Word Memoir Project, and Piper Kerman, author of Orange is the New Black after our Q&A at Camp Mighty. I took this with a professional photographer three feet away…

Photo by JetKat Photo.

Because apparently I am a fourteen year old girl? Still, I’m glad we took the top photo. There’s something happy about stretching your arms out and everyone pushing into the frame.

We’ll have video soon, but Larry suggested we do a Six Word Memoir slam at the end of the talk. This made me nervous, as all open-mic situations do, but it was great.

Here’s one of Larry’s memoirs:

Two sisters; never left seat up. - Larry Smith, Six Word Memoir Project

And a few more of my favorites:

I blocked my mom on Facebook. - Six Word Memoir Project

Smart girl wants to be artist.  - Heather, Six Word Memoir Project

Started mending the cracks with gold. - Bridget Eding, Six Word Memoir Project

This last one is Bridget Eding, and I think it refers to the Japanese practice of Kintsugi, the practice of repairing broken pottery with gold so the veins show. Lovely.

Oct 17 2013

Camp Mighty is Now

Camp Mighty 2013 Ace Hotel, Palm Springs.

Apologies for going radio dark the last few days, the week before Camp Mighty is always the land of a thousand checklists.

But yesterday a girlfriend and I drove into the parking lot at The Ace Palm Springs with the windows down and the kiddo in the backseat. The air here is exactly the same temperature as my skin, and Tom Waits is playing low by the pool.

I am so happy I could burst into blossom.

Oct 11 2013


I scheduled a massage because I’d been having back pain. At the end the masseuse said:

“You need to stretch the muscles at the front of your neck. You aren’t looking up enough.”

Stupid symbolism.