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Sep 12 2013

Jay Miranda Makes Me Happy

I can’t stop paging through Jay Miranda’s personal style blog.

Jay Miranda

She’s a new mom, and the photo below was one of her maternity outfits:

Mwah! Get it, sis.

4 Responses to “Jay Miranda Makes Me Happy”

  • Sara Says:

    Wow! Totally Gorgeous. It is so about time that the fashion world got to see amazing examples of fashion looking hawt on a curvy girl. Love it! Going to her website now.

  • Nora Says:

    I envy/love that woman’s stomach, and the ease with which she shows it. Oh, for that air of elegant insouciance!

  • Maren Says:

    One of the great things about being plus-size and pregnant was that I barely had to buy anything new; I already wore only skirts and dresses with leggings underneath when it got cold, and since I’m apple-shaped everything had ease built in through the middle. I was a little sad it took so long for me to decidedly “show,” but not having to buy an entirely new wardrobe rocked. I bought three maternity dresses and one non-maternity, plus a maternity top and leggings, all of which I knew I’d be able to wear again. I should have busted out a tulle petticoat, though!

  • Barbara Says:

    She rocks the bangs in the second photo. So hot. Love the first photo, but the third? Oh Jeez she’s smokin’ hot! WOW. Love. More please.