Mighty Life List
Jul 16 2013

Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

How’s your summer coming? Pretty good, by the looks of it:

  • Liz Stiverson has a morbid plan, inspired by one of my morbid plans. (Speaking of which, I’m visiting the Catacombs this morning. Creepy girls, unite.)
  • Here’s to Nathalie Robertson, who is celebrating the grand opening of RedFish BlueFish in Toronto! Go Mighty is lousy with entrepreneurs, so we feel an extra tug of happiness when someone makes a big push toward their business goals. Success, profit, and satisfaction for you Nathalie.


All those Go Summer folks are entered for a chance to win a ticket to Camp Mighty. If you haven’t made your own Summer Resolutions yet, consider it. Because they are fun. And because Camp Mighty has a poolside lounge chair with your name on it.

July, you’re really coming along.

Photo from Bonnie Chan’s Gorgeous post about visiting the Sierras.

4 Responses to “Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty”

  • T Says:

    My main summer goal is to participate in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.

    Any takers should visit https://www.gishwhes.com/ and are more than welcome to join my friends and I on Team GooniesNeverSayDie!

    My other goal is to get my bum to our local drive-theater more than once this year.

  • T Says:

    That should be drive-in theater…

  • Jo-Anne Says:

    I loved my time down in the Parisian catacombs. So quiet and peaceful. Take your time going down the stairs (dizzy!) and take your time going up. There’s a good reason why the number of stairs are posted at the bottom – counting them as you go up fends off the claustrophobia :) And don’t forget to look up while you’re down there – the black streak along the ceiling is from the smoke of hundreds upon hundreds of candles. One day I will go again!

  • Dina Says:

    I was at the Neil Gaiman reading and the it was just as cool as she described. Thunder on cue.