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Jul 31 2013

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

Dr. Frankl was psychiatrist and a concentration camp prisoner during WWII. I read Man’s Search for Meaning just out of college, but recently decided to reread it because I’ve been thinking about the differences between being happy and feeling that your life has meaning. A few of the parts that resonated most with me:

… Success, like happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side-effect of one’s dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the by-product of one’s surrender to a person other than oneself. Read more

Jul 30 2013

Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

Art by Kimberly Hall, who is working to be a free agent.

– Mackensie Cornelius is becoming Indiana Jones, with an assist from some intellectual friends of ours.

– Megan H is taking a huge goal and breaking it into tiny bites, most recently she’s hoping to use her new knot tying skills on unruly bachelors. (Baby steps, you know?) When I see this kind of story unfolding it gives me chills, because it’s obvious she is doing this thing. Cheering for you, Megan.
– If you were bummed to miss the first round of Victoria Smith’s (SF Girl by Bay) online book club, join in for round two.

– Meanwhile, the Go Mighty community is still making summer resolutions. If you tag your summer ideas #gosummer, we’ll enter you to win one of six tickets to Camp Mighty. Kimberly Hall made a cool list for artists.

One more month of Summer! I’ve gotta get some bonfires in, son. I hope your days have been happy and your nights warm.

If you’re not a member of Go Mighty, our Life List community, I hope you’ll have a look and consider making your own list of fun ideas for your life. Invitations are issued within 24 hours of sign up.

Jul 26 2013

Notes on Dating

40 Days of Dating. Two friends decide to try dating for 40 Days. (via Helena Price)

Eavesdropping. Three lines from the first date unfolding at the bar:

1. “I mean, I don’t have anything against China or anything.”
2. “That’s the kind of vampire I like.”
3. “Do you really think that if you, like, 100 percent believe you won’t die, you won’t die?”

Girlfriends in conversation:

-Oh. They’re cute.
-I like the awkward one. Surprise. I should just have that engraved on my tombstone.

Jul 25 2013

Summer Resolutions Update

Progress on the Summer Resolutions front:

Midnight Picnic with Hank at the Eiffel Tower
Another Conversation with a Six Year Old

Picnic at Sacre Coeur
Which includes a rambling video of me, filmed when I believed I was only being photographed. (Thanks, Jason.)

Fireworks for Bastille Day!
This was one I had to add to my list retroactively, because how was this not on my list? Silly.

How’s your summer shaping up? If you tag your Go Mighty goals and stories with #gosummer, you enter yourself for a chance to win a ticket to Camp Mighty. It would be nice to see you there.

Jul 25 2013

Number One

Image Source

Driving through the Castro, I notice a distinguished older gentleman walking outside the theater. He wears a white beard, a tweed blazer, and  a cheerleading sweater.

It’s a white turtleneck with the word VIKINGS in purple and gold, yelling a deep V across his chest. I recognize this particular sweater from high school, suddenly recall a dozen identical girls cheering for the opposing team — a screaming, syncronized frenzy washed in October stadium lights.

The gentleman edges along with his cane, stopping every few feet to wave and smile at a friend. It’s a quiet, late Wednesday afternoon. Valley High is still going for the win.

Jul 24 2013

Go Travel: San Francisco Picnics

One of my summer resolutions is to have at least five picnics before the weather turns. If you live in San Francisco, or are planning a visit soon, these are some of my favorite places to be outside:

Six Must-Visit Parks in San Francisco.

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Jul 24 2013

Small Differences Between Barcelona and Home

– At the airport, there are defibrillators on the walls. Is this true at home, and I’ve just never noticed it? 
– Instead of sweeping, a woman drives a golf cart with a giant push broom attached to the front.

– The apartment keys are huge, like old-timey jail keys in a cartoon.
– My pillow case is open at either end, instead of being sewn shut on one side.
– In the shower, I have about four minutes to shave before the water goes icy and goose bumps make it impossible.