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Jun 30 2013

Put This in Your Ears, June 2013

I’m collecting a song every day over on Spotify, so follow along with my monthly playlists if you’re looking for stuff that came out in 2012-2013. Here’s March, April, May and…

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Or test the waters with these:
Green Garden, Laura Mvula
How it Went Down, Dark Dark Dark
Viking, Troy Avenue
Come Near, Lykke Li
Shortbread, Little Hurricane

What else should I be listening to? Let me know in comments.

Jun 27 2013

Lost in a Paper Bag

Last night, I spent several minutes trying to break into the apartment downstairs from mine.

The doors are identical, and they have the same apartment number painted above the door. I fiddled with my keys for 10 minutes, but when I began some exploratory shoulder throws into the stuck door a young man opened it. He looked very composed for someone who had clearly just retrieved his clothes from the floor.

Startled, I peered past him into Not My Apartment.

Are you upstairs?, he asked in Spanish.
Yes, I said. Possibly. Apologies.

I really should keep a bottle of wine in the apartment.

Jun 26 2013



This is me eating salami and tiny pickles on my balcony in Barcelona.

On the taxi ride in from the airport, I kept thinking, “I’m in Spain. I’m in Spain!” Then I got to my apartment address, and it didn’t exist. And my phone didn’t work. And my laptop was dead.

So this guy in a shop across the street from the pretend address sees me with my suitcase and pre-cry face and waves me over. He helps me get online, then call my landlord, who has mistakenly listed an address one number off.

Everything is cleared up, and I’m so relieved! So I grin and thank the shop guy profusely, and he hugs me and kisses my cheek, friendly style, then tries to kiss my mouth, friendlier style. Ah man, why you gotta go creepy, creepy shop guy? Please stop being the worst, when you were so recently the best!

I twisted away and ran-walked out of the creeper shop, and after I got into the apartment I went for a walk on Las Ramblas street. Every few feet there was a toy vendor shooting these glowing helicopter toys into the sky.

They look like giant, futuristic fireflies — an effect enhanced by their tendency to stick in the tree branches arching over the street. And if you look up the avenue, you can see dozens of them shooting into the branches or floating back down.

Jun 25 2013

The Year Was 1979

Ottawan – D.I.S.C.O. 1979 – YouTube.

Canada tries to take credit for everything. This was actually filmed in my soul.

(Thanks, Tara).

Jun 24 2013

Barcelona! Barthelona!

I’m heading to Barcelona soon, where I will eat all the Manchego in the country. It’s a bit of an unexpected trip — my ex and I arranged to do a kid handoff mid trip so both of us get to see Europe with Hank without spending as much on tickets.

If you’ve visited or lived in Barcelona, I’d love to hear what you’d recommend. Hank will be with me part of the time, but I’ll have time on my own too. If you have favorite restaurants, things to eat, things to do, or general advice, I’m all ears.

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Jun 24 2013

Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

-That’s Katie Thorne up there, just hangin’ with her hubby while she checks something off her life list. Like you do.

-As long as I’ve known Jordan, of Oh Happy Day, she’s wanted one of these.

-I’ve always wanted to go to this.

– And Leslie Fandrich is actually getting started on one of the most common, and most difficult, goals we see on Go Mighty. 

If you’re not a member of Go Mighty yet, come hang out. We’re still technically in beta, but invitations go out within about 24 hours after your initial request, so don’t be shy.

Jun 21 2013

Two Solid Reasons to Like People