Mighty Life List
May 10 2013

I’ll Drink to That

Me: Cheers, Feisty!
Mai: …
Me: Cheers, Sassy!
Mai: …
Me: I’m toasting you with names I don’t want men to call me at bars.
Mai: Ah. Cheers, Cunty!

4 Responses to “I’ll Drink to That”

  • melanie Says:

    Can I add “Cheers Why Don’t You Smile?” That’s my least favorite. I’d prefer Cunty to that.

  • Laurie Says:

    I have a terrible fear of rooming with people I don’t know, and hanging with Mai at Camp Mighty this past year was my greatest outcome of that situation ever in life. Please shout “CHEERS SPITFIRE!” at her for me. Thanks.

  • Mai Says:

    Laurie – You are the best! Cheers!

  • jen lemen Says:

    i can only fantasize about the trouble i could get into with you now at bars. #divorceftw