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Apr 4 2013

Put This in Your Ears: “Royals,” Lorde

Royals on Spotify

Thanks for the tip, @eskimojo!

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I’m posting a new song every day this year. Full playlist for each month is on my Spotify. Suggestions welcome in comments.

5 Responses to “Put This in Your Ears: “Royals,” Lorde”

  • Tina Says:

    Obligatory post by a New Zealander saying “Hey! She’s a New Zealander!” (See also: Kimbra)

    Also, she’s only 16 and super talented. Nice choice.

  • MNEmily Says:

    Brooke Fraser posted her stuff a month or two back and it’s out of this world.

  • Tricia Says:

    Hot damn this is awesome! Thanks Maggie!

  • Max Says:

    Loves it! Need more!

  • Justice Fergie Says:

    so good!!