Mighty Life List
Mar 30 2013

Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

Susan Hall is hanging in Afghanistan. No bigs.

-It’s been cool seeing who everyone’s favorite authors are with our #ThankAWriter project. Nathan thanked Hank’s favorite author, and Libby Nousen reminded me of one of my own childhood favorites.

– Well, now I kind of want to dye my hair blue.

– A playlist for your solo dance parties. (I’ve already done a test run on that last song.)

– Listen, girl. I am all about a plan. You’ll get on that plane eventually.

– Finally, a question: Is there anywhere in the U.S. where it’s legal to do this? Because let’s go outlaw if we have to.

5 Responses to “Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty”

  • elsiroomom Says:

    Looks to me like it is legal in U.S. The Wikipedia page doesn’t list any U.S. locations at which they are outlawed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sky_lantern
    I know I recently saw a facebook friend reference releasing some in conjunction with a memorial service – I believe they did it over a large body of water!

  • Heather Says:

    I have read of costal towns in Maine releasing lanterns at Christmas? No real info though. Bygones

  • Sara Says:

    My wedding at the end of August in Idaho. I have no idea if it’s legal, but I plan on going rouge with 100 of my closest friends and family members and releasing them at our reception. Life Listers are welcome to join!

  • heathre Says:

    They did a HUGE (2500) lantern launch in Grand Rapids, MI as part of Art Prize; I really wish I could have seen it.


  • Gwynne Montgomery Says:

    I’ve had blue hair :) And hot pink hair, too. Next is rainbow.