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Mar 23 2013

Put This in Your Ears: “Two Fingers,” Jake Bugg

Two Fingers on Spotify

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It’s on my Life List to post a new song every day for a year, so I’m asking for recs. What are you listening to lately?

3 Responses to “Put This in Your Ears: “Two Fingers,” Jake Bugg”

  • Slavka Says:

    Love the music you choose. :) This is my march Favorite: http://youtu.be/bMJkddvJ4L4

  • Kathleen Says:

    This seems a bit different from what you’ve been posting, but I’m going to recommend this (local – for me) Seattle artist anyway: Tommy Simmons. He just put his first album “Someway, Somehow” on iTunes last summer, and it’s amazing. “Joseph” and “Potential” are old favorites of mine, though all the songs are very good. :)

  • Jessica Says:

    Anything by Pearl and the Beard. They has the amazing.