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Mar 17 2013

Put This in Your Ears: “Far Far,” Yael Naim

Far Far on Spotify

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It’s on my Life List to post a new song every day for a year, so I’m asking for recs. What are you listening to lately?

4 Responses to “Put This in Your Ears: “Far Far,” Yael Naim”

  • Brie Says:

    Have you heard Cate Le Bon yet? Her album and ep were my favourite things from last year. Here’s a song to get you started: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrU3jvj3K4Y

  • denise Says:

    joan armatrading – try “love and affection”, “willow”, or “true love”

  • denise Says:

    if you want exposure to oldies, i’m your girl. not sure if you are looking for new music or exposure to good music in general.

  • denise Says:

    if you like this, try rickie lee jones too. the horses, satellites, must be love.