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Mar 11 2013

Make My Bedroom the Perfect Place to Be a Girl? Check.

Painting my bedroom made me happier than I’ve been in years, let alone clearing out all the junk to make room for a few ideal things. Go check out the end result on Go Mighty. And then you should do this. Do this!

Huge thanks to Victoria Smith of SF Girl By Bay.She took all the gorgeous photos, including the one above, and did the interior design. Without you, my sweet, I would have been too overwhelmed to start. Thanks especially for the education in throw pillows — we got ours from In Bed and dwellstudio — and asserting that even hardwood floors need a little dressing up. (Speaking of which, parents, I cannot recommend the sturdy, neutral Metallic Leather and Hemp Rug from Serena and Lily more highly. I’ve torn through a dozen crappy rugs over the years, and this one is worth an investment.)

Most of all, thanks to Olay for the kick in the bum, without your team I would never have prioritized this life-changing project. Head to Go Mighty for more details, and then check out Victoria’s post for sources and a few extra photos.

We’ll talk more later about how it all came together, but for now, I’m laying on my bed to read and watch the sunlight throw stars off the disco ball.

9 Responses to “Make My Bedroom the Perfect Place to Be a Girl? Check.”

  • Stacy Says:

    So lovely…….I know from my own experience that a bedroom re-do is a happy change-up. Well worth it, in my view. The room looks terrific. Congratulations!

  • lucediversa Says:

    Swoon! What a lovely space to call your own. Absolutely lovely.

  • Manisha Says:

    The room is beautiful! That pink really works well and I love how that sunlight makes the disco ball shine. Awesome!

  • misstraceynolan Says:

    It’s perfect! It’s so you…and designy without being unliveable. Bravo, Team!

  • Niki Says:

    Great job, your room looks great!

  • Maggeh Says:

    Thanks so much, you guys! It’s a huge day to day shift in peace and happiness. I wish I’d done it years ago. Just don’t look in the closet.

  • neo Says:

    The room looks very pretty and girly but still grown up!

  • sara Says:

    I commented on Victoria’s post as well, but when I first saw it, I immediately thought it is exactly what Holly Golightly would do after she bought some furniture and gave the cat a name.

    I love it.

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