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Mar 7 2013

Motherhood Mic Drop

My six-year-old son just replaced the toilet paper roll without anyone asking him to do so, or ever saying it was his job. So I’m taking him to Disneyland, and then getting him his own apartment.

10 Responses to “Motherhood Mic Drop”

  • sara Says:


    Nice work, mom!!

  • margit Says:

    Tremendous. Oh I’m sharing this one. The flip side: Had a friend that posted a picture of an empty toilet roll and just wrote “Happy Mother’s Day”

  • Rachel Says:

    Oh good lord, our SIXTEEN year old daughter does not do this yet… What did you DO to him?! ;-)

  • arlexpy Says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one disproportionately proud of my son’s precociousness in this area.

  • michelle K Says:

    It’s just my son and me most often. I refer to that as the good roommate behavior. Often times, referring to my son as my roommate helps him to feel more accountable for his own behavior. We have good and bad roommate days!!

  • Cindy Says:

    You just won the prize.

  • Kelly D. Says:

    His future spouse will thank you.

  • Byrne Reese Says:

    In our house we would scold our kids for doing that. It would be the only way to ensure they do it again.

  • Bonnie B. Says:

    MY HUSBAND won’t do that and your six year old WILL???? I’ve gone terribly wrong somewhere along the line here…

  • Ann Says:

    This made me laugh so hard and now I’m envious!