Mighty Life List
Feb 4 2013

Life List: Dance Party at My Place

Olay gave me a Life List grant to help me cross off “Make my bedroom the perfect place to be a girl.” This week, we’re painting the room pink, and figuring out how I can tastefully incorporate a disco ball. Tastefully, you guys.

I could feel decades of reflected confetti, and spilled drinks, dashed hopes, and and hundreds of tiny dancers shimmering on its surface. Here was my entire aesthetic in a single object — Celebratory Decay.

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Photo by Brandon Blattner.

3 Responses to “Life List: Dance Party at My Place”

  • neo Says:

    A disco ball in your bedroom would be so cool! I can’t wait to see the end results.

  • Tamera Says:

    I suggest getting a portable disco/strobe type light. That way you can move the party to any room in the apartment, should the mood strike. But if you want to contain them to the bedroom, that’s cool.

  • Lauren Says:

    We made an inexpensive, light, and slightly imperfect disco ball using old CDs/DVDs (snipped or broken into roughly squarish pieces) glued onto an Ikea paper lantern. It works great! You can also buy a little spinner, but we just hang it up as is. :)