Mighty Life List
Jan 7 2013

100 Resolutions

Have you had a chance to make your New Year’s resolutions yet? Unsurprisingly, I love the idea of 100 tiny things, or just using this 100 Resolutions printout from Sah-Rah as a pretty way to brainstorm resolutions or your Life List any time of the year.

4 Responses to “100 Resolutions”

  • Erica Says:

    Love this idea! And a pretty printable too.

  • kristin a. Says:

    Love it! That’s from my friend Sarah! I printed it out, but only made it to 10 things.

  • Sarah Says:

    Thanks for the mention! My list is slowly growing. Made it to #36 so far!

  • Manisha Says:

    Last night, after seeing your post I started making a list then stopped myself because I wanted to go back and print Sarah’s list. I just printed it out and am excited about it. I see this working well for me and a great way to organize those things I’ve been meaning to do. Thanks!