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Dec 28 2012

A Few Life List Favorites from Go Mighty This Week

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I gave this postcard of encouragement to my friend Fiona before her first swim lesson. While she conquers her fear of the water, I’m learning to swim freestyle. She’s sharing the experience on Go Mighty. Our first lesson was last week.

Here are a few experiences shared on Go Mighty that caught my eye this week:

Let’s talk about confidence. What makes you feel sexy?

Watch Kathryn complete her goal in 25 seconds.

Do you have a poem committed to memory? Come share your favorite line.

Cake #3 in Elizabeth’s 50 cakes for 50 people project: Orange Butter Cake with Chocolate Ganache.

My doodling friend Helen Jane needs some nouns that begin with Q and X. Chime in, word nerds.

After a thirty-three year love affair, Sheri finally crossed this goal off of her list.

Have you added anything new to your life list, recently?

7 Responses to “A Few Life List Favorites from Go Mighty This Week”

  • Rachel Says:

    Hi Maggie,

    This is the one I am working on: http://gomighty.com/goal/5961/. I definitely got “re-charged” with it after getting my family’s very old photo album (see Got the Pictures)!

    I love your entries listing what other folks are up to; very interesting!

  • Sarah Rose Says:

    How about: Quaffer (a person who eats or drinks with hearty enjoyment), Quotient (the result of division), Qur’an (alternate spelling of Koran), Xenophone (a person who fears or hates foreigners, strange customs), or its counterpart, Xenophile (a person who is attracted to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs)?

  • Sarah Rose Says:

    That should read: Xenophobe… not “Xenophone”…

  • kathryn Says:

    thanks maggie! and good luck with your swimming goal!

    i took swim lessons at a time in my life when things weren’t exactly going according to plan. to me there was something so meditative about the rhythmic strokes and breathing of freestyle. add the echoey sounds and the pretty light patterns, and it all made for a calming and centering experience. here’s hoping the same magic happens for you!

  • Smedette Says:

    I just signed up at Go Mighty and am so inspired by everything I read.

  • Colleen Says:

    Just curious if you’re familiar with the Poem that starts, “Margaret are you grieving, over Goldengrove unleaving?” It’s a beauty.

  • Shannon Says:

    Great postcard. Can I ask where you purchased it?