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Dec 19 2012

Hell Yeah Beards of Reykjavik

My friend Mai recently visited Iceland and made something that makes me laugh:

Hell Yeah Beards of Reykjavik

6 Responses to “Hell Yeah Beards of Reykjavik”

  • Britt Says:

    Two things:
    1. Apparently guys with beards are sexy and/or adorable, yet somehow I have never noticed. I feel so cheated!
    2. You simply MUST watch this video on Youtube. Bearded men and hilarity galore. http://youtu.be/RmFnarFSj_U

  • Rachel Says:

    Oh, I could totally do this in the north-east Tennessee town where I live! I skyped with my cousin’s English class about hiking the Appalachian Trail (they had just read Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods), and when the 9th graders were given a chance to ask questions, one of the guys asked about my husband’s beard. I forgot that for the average 15-year-old, beards are only something they dream about. I also forgot that every one of my male friends as well as family down here in TN (mostly in-laws) has a beard. I love my husband’s beard!

  • Amanda Says:

    Ummm…a couple of those beards are attached to faces I’d like to know. Just sayin…

  • Rosie Says:

    Now either I like a good beard OR there are a lot of hot men in Iceland.

  • Justine Says:

    I love a good beard. I’m glad they are making a comeback.

  • Jana Says:

    nevermind the beard(s) Sigh; I ADORE the country of Iceland; would love to go back.