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Dec 18 2012

Martin Starr Laughing

Whenever I get to see someone laugh this way, I fall in love a little bit.

(via lonelysandwich)

6 Responses to “Martin Starr Laughing”

  • Karen Says:

    My love for Freaks & Geeks is deep and passionate, and this is hands-down my favorite scene. I just love everything about it, including watching Bill make his own grilled cheese sandwich.

    Also good: the moment Neal finds the matching garage door to his opener. Devastating. Oh, and “Lady L.” Also Jason Segel in the tiny underwear at Lindsay’s house.

    Crap. Now I need to watch the entire series again.

  • Carla Says:

    Dearest darling Bill.

  • Mrs. Kennedy Says:


  • Kate Says:

    I have never seen Freaks and Geeks, but after reading about it in the new Vanity Fair, I decided it would be a great way to kill on the treadmill. But I’m afraid I’ll fall down from laughing and get the worst rubber burn of my life. Do you think it’s safe?

  • Tamera Says:

    Be careful, Kate. It’s risky mixing Freaks and Geeks with any kind of heavy machinery. It’s an excellent show. Very funny, but sometimes too heart-breakingly real.

  • andrew whites Says:

    thank for sharing the joy…