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Dec 5 2012

A Brief Series of Teeny Tiny Sentient Animals

Every day, my desire to hold a teeny finger monkey grows.

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Image by Burrard-Lucas Wildlife Photography

9 Responses to “A Brief Series of Teeny Tiny Sentient Animals”

  • Melanie Says:

    Yes, please.

  • Mai Says:

    You have tapped into my love of all things miniature.

  • Maggeh Says:

    Yes! What IS that? I’ve never wanted to own an octopus before, but suddenly the urge is stronger than my instinct to mate.

  • dgm Says:

    Yes to all but the lil’ snake. It’s cute, but also creepy.

  • Sarah Says:

    I want to steal the tiny tortoise. He can sit on my desk and be adorable and eat leaves or bugs or whatever the little guy eats.

  • Ellen Arthur Says:

    Shut up!!! they are so cute!! :)

  • A Day in May Design Says:

    Oh my goodness, these are so stinkin cute. Yes please, I would love to hold a finger-sized monkey!

  • Nick Says:

    That teeny finger monkey is unbelievably cute!

  • Megan | & Such Says:

    Adorable! Love the little frog.