Mighty Life List
Dec 31 2012

Resolved, 2013

Hey, 2013. Yeah, I see you making eyes.

Here’s what. I like the way you smile, and also? I like the way you make me smile. We both know what’s coming, so let’s ease into this. No stress, no pressure — say we have all the time in the world. What should we do with it?

See more movies.
Sometimes I just want popcorn for dinner. If I have time, I’ll pop it at home in olive oil and sneak it in, because a girl has preferences. And because I am above the law. I have some root beer in my bag too, do you want one? Hell yeah, you do. Shh. Previews. Cinema! 2013.

Image credit Claire L. Evans

Eat more dim sum.
You know what I wish? I wish I could have like 15 bite-sized meals at one go. Maybe chicken, then pork, then beef, then some veggies or whatever, a little tiny soup that I could eat like it’s a chicken nugget. Wait. What’s that you say? This culinary dreamscape is a reality? Snack dinner as mandated by one of the world’s earliest civilizations? Thanks, China! As though moveable type and the compass weren’t enough. Dim! Sum! 2013.

Image credit Darwin Bell

Own less crap.
College lit anthologies, a bag of noisemakers, three sub-par yoga mats, really good empty boxes should I choose to wrap something cleverly. Ugh, all this stuff. I don’t need all this stuff. Do you want it? Purge! 2013.

Invest in good pens.
I like to write things on paper. Paper smells good, I like the way my hand feels moving across the page, I like how my handwriting unfurls while I think. And I particularly like to write with a Pilot Precise V5 Rollerball, Fine — or Extra Fine. (Let’s not be sticklers.) Anyway, this is not a crazy expensive pen. Why do I own anything else? I hereby refuse to purchase any other pen. Up yours, inferior pens. Longhand! 2013.

Image credit Brandon Blattner

Make things shinier.
Disco balls! Lip gloss! Futuristic rockets with lens-flare sheen! Admit it. Shiny things are better than regular things. For one, they catch the light. Further, they distract stupid people so you no longer have to engage in conversation with them. Finally, they really pull a room together. In 2013 I am coating everything in glitter. You! Come here. Shiny things! 2013.

Happy New Year, my lovelies. Here’s to 2013, may it find you going easy on yourself and the people around you. Good things for everyone.

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Dec 28 2012

A Few Life List Favorites from Go Mighty This Week

Life List Inspiration | Mighty Girl

I gave this postcard of encouragement to my friend Fiona before her first swim lesson. While she conquers her fear of the water, I’m learning to swim freestyle. She’s sharing the experience on Go Mighty. Our first lesson was last week.

Here are a few experiences shared on Go Mighty that caught my eye this week:

Let’s talk about confidence. What makes you feel sexy?

Watch Kathryn complete her goal in 25 seconds.

Do you have a poem committed to memory? Come share your favorite line.

Cake #3 in Elizabeth’s 50 cakes for 50 people project: Orange Butter Cake with Chocolate Ganache.

My doodling friend Helen Jane needs some nouns that begin with Q and X. Chime in, word nerds.

After a thirty-three year love affair, Sheri finally crossed this goal off of her list.

Have you added anything new to your life list, recently?

Dec 27 2012

The Particulars

Victoria and I are at work on making my bedroom the perfect place to be a girl. (We try to make decisions only while drinking wine in tutus, watching “Girls.”)

I have a new post up on Go Mighty, where I’m wondering what you have in your bedroom that makes you smile every time you see it or use it?

Photo by Bruce Turner

Dec 21 2012

A Little Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

Life List Inspiration | Mighty Girl

One of my favorite things about Go Mighty so far is reading the stories people share as they work towards achieving a goal on their life list. Here are a few that caught my eye this week:

Helena just crossed an item off of her list. She aspired to send a note of thanks to everyone she cares about. Read her stories about it here.

Elizabeth is making 50 cakes for 50 people. She had me at rum glaze, but this Cherpumple in miniature looks just as tasty.

My friend Fiona is conquering her biggest fear. Let’s cheer her on.

This makes me want to pack my hot glue gun and catch the next flight to NYC.

Another grand life list project in action. Sarah has 2 down and 998 to go.

Anyone in the mood for some light reading? Jason needs some help. Full disclosure: Disgruntled gnomes are involved.

“And really, the words themselves are not mine – but the story and the meaning is.”

Corinna wants to be rejected 100 times in 100 days. Yes, you read that right.

“There aren’t that many female violin makers, and I’m not sure why that is. One would think women would be better at handling small carving, wood shaving, purfling, and other details, but maybe the woodshop factor has kept women away. This is different than a woodshop, though – it is more of an art studio using wood as a medium. ” – As a part of her life list, Caitlin is learning to make a violin. Follow along.

Photo by Brittany taken on her scooter ride through Palm Springs at Camp Mighty. You can read about it here.

What goal from your life list do you plan to cross off next?

Dec 20 2012

Do You Know About Boys Hope, Girls Hope?

So a couple days ago, I told you about AT&T’s Camp Mighty grant. My share went to Boys Hope, Girls Hope (BHGH), an international organization that does something so cool.

They provide a home for underprivileged kids that functions much like a boarding school. Scholars apply, and the program gets them free access to a private school education at one of the local schools. Then they come to live in the BHGH house and are provided with the academic support they need to succeed. BHGH also works with families to ensure that kids receive whatever emotional support is available from home as well.

Such a cool idea, don’t you think? More information here, and if you’re interested in donating, working with them, or know of a child who could benefit, get in touch here.

I think giving kids access to education is one of the most profound ways you can shift the world, but what cause has your attention?

AT&T has been partnering with the Make a Wish Foundation to grant a wish every day for 28 days through their Wish-A-Day Sweepstakes. There are two days left, and each day’s wish with the most votes wins, so if you have a worthy wish, throw your hat in the ring.

Dec 19 2012

Hell Yeah Beards of Reykjavik

My friend Mai recently visited Iceland and made something that makes me laugh:

Hell Yeah Beards of Reykjavik

Dec 18 2012

Help Me Raise a Socially Conscious Kid

The five year old did not get why we were spending our afternoon buying electronic equipment we weren’t going to keep.

We were there because AT&T gave $35,000(!!) at Camp Mighty to purchase gifts for charities. My share of the windfall went to buy iPads to outfit the study rooms at Boys Hope, Girls Hope — an awesome organization that provides a boarding school environment and access to private school education for kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

I wanted Hank to be excited! Happy! To feel the way I was feeling! Feel the way I am feeling, 5-year-old! He did not.

Instead he was mostly grumpy about running an errand. This made me grumpy too, and a little panicky, because when I went to the United Nations Social Good Summit we learned that activism starts in childhood. Hence, I am concerned about failing in my duty to raise a Citizen. And the United Nations telling everyone I am a bad parent.

So I’m wondering how you were raised. Did your parents teach you that it’s important to help others? And if so, how? How did they do it? And if they didn’t do it, are you currently a serial killer instead? Please tell me.

And if your parents did raise you right, here’s a chance to do a little good yourself. AT&T, is partnering with the Make a Wish Foundation to grant a wish every day for 28 days through their Wish-A-Day Sweepstakes. Wishes with the most votes win, so if you have a worthy wish and a Twitter account, get cracking.

Huge thanks to AT&T for being such goodies. In gratitude I pose jubilantly with your logo!

You guys are lovely.