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Nov 29 2012

Foreclosure Quilts by Kathryn Clark

Kathryn Clark calls her Foreclosure Quilts an “historical record of difficult times.”

The above is “A map of the Forest Hills neighborhood in Cleveland, OH. The navy rectangles represent foreclosed or abandoned lots. The green applique patches show where community gardens have been planted on top of empty lots.”

(via design skool)

3 Responses to “Foreclosure Quilts by Kathryn Clark”

  • Colleen Says:

    Sad, but also hopeful at the same time. Love the analogy of the fabric of a community — awkward, unfinished seams and all — being held together by threads. I’m also hopeful that the gardens, joint efforts of many, will make this “quilt” more beautiful over time.

  • Mfree Says:

    wow! These make an eerie beautiful statement about urban decay.

  • Brennan Says:

    Maybe you could do some “blight” quilts for the many neighborhoods in new orleans that are still dilapidated from Katrina…