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Sep 25 2012

Life List Uniforms: Attend the Kentucky Derby

This post is sponsored by eBay. From the new to the hard to find, when it’s on your mind, it’s on eBay.

If you’re wondering how I plan to pony up the cash to open a Swiss bank account, the answer is, ponies! Well technically, horses.

Attending the Kentucky Derby is on my Life List, and mama needs a new pair of shoes. Rousing Sermon, I have my eye on you from under this hot pink double-bow. Gold flats, you can say the same.

Life List Uniforms: Attend the Kentucky Derby | Mighty Girl

1. The Brass Age Bracelet | 2. Anthropologie Boucle Racerback Dress | 3. Maggie Mae Designs Hat | 4. Michael Kors Pint Ostrich Handbag (via eBay) | 5. Hello Horse iPhone Case | 6. Tory Burch Flats in Gold (via eBay) | 7. Foley and Corrina Clutch in Red (via eBay) | 8. Warby Parker Trilliny Sunglasses

Now, where can a girl get a julep?

11 Responses to “Life List Uniforms: Attend the Kentucky Derby”

  • Laura Trevey Says:

    The Kentucky Derby is definitely on my Bucket List, we watch it every year. And, Oh the HATS!!!

  • Renee Valentine Says:

    I live in Louisville and you would fit right in with all the Derby attendees! I’ve lived in this city all my life and have never attended the Derby. (Though I have been to Churchill Downs several times.) I hope you’ll make it soon. Louisville is a fun place! Have a Mint Julep for me!

  • Kelly Says:

    I too live in louavul (that’s how we natives pronounce it). Actually, the Oaks is way more fun and much less crowded but the Derby, well you gotta do it once in-field style. If you need some tips on where to go and what to see, let me know. P.S. Bring a coat, we have had snow on Derby day!

  • Stephanie Says:

    Pretty, but you forgot the most important part – the hat!

  • Christy Says:

    You had me with the iPhone HELLO HORSE case. Girl, you know how to accessorize!

  • willow Says:

    That pink confection (number 3) is the hat! :)

  • Christy Says:

    Stephanie, the hat is #3 on the list. It just doesn’t look like a hat without a head under it.

  • Debbie Says:

    I love you. Scoot over and give me sip of your mint julep!

  • MadameCydX Says:

    In case you want the back view of the horse, LOL:


  • McKenzie Says:

    A few years ago a high school friend of mine stated she wanted to Wear Big Hats, sip Mint Juleps and bet on the horses at the Derby. So two years ago we went and had such a great time that we did it again this year. We are planning on making it an annual girls trip. Such Fun – I hope you make it next year!!!

  • Scott Says:

    You know, I’ve always wanted to attend the Kentucky Derby and place a bet on a 40/1 horse that has no chance to win and cheer for the underdog with 0 chance to win. My bet? Probably $5 LOL. Heck, if the horse won, I’d be a superhero to my kids.