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Aug 28 2012

Let’s Do Something Good

Shot@Life Relay for Good | #Blogust | Mighty Girl

This post is inspired by Shot@Life, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation dedicated to using vaccines as a cost-effective way to save children’s lives in developing countries. (Image courtesy United Nations Foundation.)

Hi team, I need help. Here’s why:

For every comment on this post, Shot@Life gets $20 to vaccinate a kid.

Twenty. Dollars.

Twenty dollars is what it costs to give one child four vaccines that help protect them against measles, pneumonia, diarrhea, and polio. During Shot@Life’s Blogust: Blog Relay for Good, 31 bloggers have been helping to secure $200,000 in sponsor donations. We need 10,000 comments, and we’re about 1,000 away from that goal right now.

Over the years, your comments have shaped my life. Whether you were celebrating Hank’s birth with me, or cheering my Life List, or comforting me when things took a difficult turn. I know you guys care about helping other people because of how much help you’ve already heaped on me.

So let’s do this.

Can you comment twice? Yes. Yes you can. And if you have a means of spreading the word, please Tweet, Pin, link on Facebook, or post a quick link on your own site.

Let us know the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you in comments. And thanks to you for being so nice to other people. I like you.

Yesterday Fadra Nally of All Things Fadra wrote about the comments you never see. Tomorrow, I’m passing the baton to my friend Stacey Ferguson of Justice Fergie — so you can help us reach our final goal by commenting on her site as well. We have until August 31. Thanks again.

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1,246 Responses to “Let’s Do Something Good”

  • Heather Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is hard to write about. Many people were very kind when my mom died. I was nineteen. My friends showed up. Every day. Not in a weird way. Not in an annoying way. But they just kept being there. And in all of the other terrible things that have happened over the years ( and the wonderful things) they have been there, showing up always.

  • Erin Says:

    Not ever but certainly the nicest thing that happened to me this week was that my boyfriend walked to my office to bring me the lunch I forgot at home.

  • Hilary Says:

    The nicest thing someone has ever done for me was teach me to believe that wholeness and healing are possibilities for me, and not just abstract concepts available for discourse.

  • Amy Says:

    Two days after returning home from the hospital with our just-born-daughter, in the throes of sleep deprivation, hormonal swings and new-mama-panic, a friend rang my doorbell with a complete, warm, home cooked dinner. She didn’t ask to visit or hold the baby or even expect to be invited in- she just passed me the meal& gave me a hug & a few kind words. It was such a simple, generous, loving gesture.

  • Rachel Says:

    I’m way overthinking this, so I’ll go with nicest thing on a birthday (August 18th): my 8-year-old son made me breakfast and brought it up to me in bed while his father was out getting us Dunkin Donuts. I ate two excellent breakfasts, but I really liked my son’s–he was so proud of himself!

  • robyn Says:

    the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me? Every morning my son Owen gives me the biggest hugs when he wakes up, and it makes my entire world glow!

  • Jennifer Says:

    Sometimes life is just good to you. The gorgeous sunset at the end of a horrible commute home, bloggers and sponsors getting together to make a difference in 10,000 kids lives…

  • Emily A Says:

    Not the nicest thing ever, but one small thing that made a huge impact. When I was around 11 (many many years ago) I had my tonsils and adenoids removed. As I was moving in to a double occupancy recovery room another girl was leaving. She was obviously in pain and probably still a little out of it, but as she left the room she asked her to dad to go back in and give me the TV remote that was still on her old bed. Very small, insignificant thing – but for someone in their own pain to care about the comfort of another is pretty darn big.

  • Bel M Says:

    The nicest thing you can do for anyone is appreciate them for who they are and treat them with respect. Everything else is just a value added service.

    Great campaign.

  • Erica W Says:

    A very close friend of mine – someone who is fairly non-emotional – made me a Christmas present one year. It was a large wooden box that was meant to fit all of my baking supplies. We were roommates at the time and our landlord was getting a bit pissy with all of our stuff everywhere. So the box made sense, it was practical and she decoupaged the shit out of it. The best part was that the box had handles so it could move with us to our next home, and a special strap on the one side so I could easily carry it with my little arm. I’ve never received a gift that had so much thought and consideration put into it. It was perfect.

  • Katie Says:

    While working with youth in Liberia, my camera -full of amazing photos – was stolen. A very friendly and supportive shopkeeper did everything he could, including negotiating with two Nigerian gang members named Rambo and Reuben (seriously), to get it back. It was an unsuccessful effort, but it is a story I will remember (and laugh about) forever!

  • Angeerah Says:

    Most recently, the nicest thing someone has done for me is that my friend, and new neighbor, agreed to drive me to and from work because I rearended someone this weekend, the day before my move, of course.

  • Sarah Says:

    My parents forgave me for breaking their hearts, and became my best friends.

  • Lisa B. in GA Says:

    I’ve had so many people do nice things for me in my 33 years. One time, when I was in my early 20’s I got a flat tire on the side of a busy highway at dusk, during rush hour. A nice couple stopped to help me change it. It was so unexpected, little things like that help you regain your faith in mankind.

  • Jessi Says:

    I’ll just list my most recent ‘nice thing.’ My son is finally old enough to pick dandelions for Mommy and he does it every time we go out to the car. It melts my heart.

  • Joanne Says:

    Nicest thing? Someone just came up to me last night and thanked me for something I did years ago… inconsequential at the time to me, but it made a HUGE difference in her life, and she wante dto share that. Who knew? Just by being nice, and doing the right thing — that I could be thanked years later for something I barely remember.

  • Amanda @ Click. The Good News Says:

    SO happy to see this on so many blogs!

  • Amanda Says:

    I think the nicest thing anyone has ever done has been just being there, for the good AND the bad.

  • Liz H. Says:

    Last year for my birthday, my generally stoic husband wrote all his favorite memories with me on little slips of paper and put them in a jar. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

  • KitS Says:

    This is such a fantastic prompt–so overwhelming to think of how much people have shown kindness to me.

    Most recently, I was talking to my friends about how unmotivated I am these days, about how it takes an effort to even WANT to make an effort in my life and marriage. My friend, who knows me well, immediately told me to drop my young children off at her house so I could have a few hours to myself to recharge. She urged me to go to a coffee shop and just be. I was touched because 1) her reflexive response was to meet my need and 2) she has been experiencing a lot of first-time-mom stress and yet was volunteering to watch 3-under-3 in order to give me a break. So appreciate that this is par for course in terms of our friendship.

  • cat Says:

    my mom let me spread my wings and fly . . . literally, she bit her tongue and cheered me on when i told her i was planning to fly halfway around the world to basically see what was on the other side. she encouraged that spirit of adventure that has never left me and for which i’m tremendously grateful. as a parent, i now appreciate how very difficult that must have been for her to do.

  • Hope Says:

    Hell yeah! (can I just keep commenting hell yeah over & over today?)

  • KT Says:

    My friends threw me a surprise 20th birthday party (18 years ago, eek!) – it was awesome.

  • Haley Says:

    Most recently, when I was exhausted from a long weekend, my boyfriend did the dishes and cleaned up the house while I was napping.

  • Kelly Dyer Says:

    When people brought food to me after my son and daughter were born. I sign up whenever I can to help do the same.

  • Jasmine Says:

    The nicest thing ever is hard….but one that comes to mind is when my sister bought me my first Medical Alert bracelet after I was diagnosed with diabetes. It was something I needed, but didn’t want to spend the money on (since I was spending so much on doctors’ copays, prescriptions, etc.). It just showed up in my mail one day.

  • Paula Says:

    Supporting me, loving me, thanking me for my hard work!

  • Meg Says:

    I have been told that it’s hard to do nice things for me because I always do for myself and I never ask for help. I’m going to do that (ask for help) more because I love doing for others. Off the top of my head, a very busy working mother brought me a home cooked meal when I had surgery on my arm. I don’t know how she found the time. It was wonderful!

  • kelly Says:

    I totally support this goal! My husband and friends have been so nice and helpful to me these last three weeks as I walk around with my broken arm in a cast…it shows a lotta love that my husband has been helping me shave my pits and another friend helped me with my bra today!

  • Kristen Says:

    I was in junior high and it was, you know, junior high, so it pretty much sucked. But, one day I got a heartfelt letter from a parent of a kid in another grade praising me for being a good example for their kid. It is something that has stuck with me and I plan to do something similar for another middle-schooler someday.

  • Rebecca Says:

    The encouragement of my friends to take up running and stick with it. I’m forever grateful.

  • Lesley Says:

    Sometimes the nicest thing anyone can do for me is simply listen. It’s a good way to reassure me I’m not alone.

  • Jen Says:

    Shortly after I had just gotten my very first checking account at age 18, I wrote a very large check to myself to transfer money between banks. Except I’d inverted two of the numbers, which would’ve bounced that check.

    The bank manager at my new bank caught on and “fixed it” for me, since when I had opened the account a week earlier I seemed like a “good kid.” I never would have known, except she sent me a little note explaining and reminding me to double-check before I wrote checks. Thanks for protecting my credit, bank lady!

  • Cortney Says:

    my parents. they are the nicest people i know and have always, always believed in me. they have done the “nicest thing” for me a billion times in my life :)

  • LT Says:

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me happened in the throes of one of my first huge, life altering depressions. I called my friend who lived about 2 hours away and asked him to come. All he said was yes. I found out later that he’d cancelled a date with a girl he’d been pursuing for weeks to come sit with me while I cried. I’ll never forget it.

  • Nance Says:

    The nicest thing my husband continues to do for me day in and day out is to say “Thank you for dinner” each and every night that I cook. It’s a small courtesy that might seem courtly, but one that reaffirms his respect for me every day.

  • Chrysula Says:

    Neighbors who have out of the blue brought dinner and tended fussy kids so I could rest. Literal gift from the divine is what that feels like.

  • Katherine Says:

    Possibly the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is your Life List, Maggie. It’s changed the way I think, and it’s changed the way I live. Thanks for continuing to inspire me, and the rest of my crowd, every single day.

  • Jacque Says:

    My mom- gave birth to me! Thanks, mama. Giving birth is not for wusses.

  • Doll Says:

    My friend offered me a cabin in the woods of Maine to be alone with my thoughts in the wake of my father’s sudden death. While I was at this cabin, my friend’s father put me in touch with members of my father’s family I had never met. I discovered my father had a brother he never knew. Mind blowing.

  • Katherine Says:

    Also: these two little faces look just like the school children who woke me up singing every morning when I went to Zanzibar. I could not love them more.

  • sarah Says:

    my old job threw be a party when i left for a new job. they all dressed like me and brought me presents. i cried over cookie cake.

  • Miranda Says:

    My best friend gave me a place to stay for months while I looked for a new house. RENT FREE.

  • Trish T. Says:

    My best friend from high school dropped everything to help me move after an awful breakup. It was not out of character, but it was exactly what I needed.

  • CW Says:

    I think the nicest thing someone has done for me was to answer my phone call at 4am when I dislocated my shoulder and had a fever and was thousands of miles away. The comforting voice really truly helped.

  • GCarroll Says:

    Yes, indeed, as Heather said, showing up— just showing up– is one of the important things you can do for a friend or a cause. I have been touched… and changed, frankly, by all of the people who have shown up to support this Shot@Life effort! Yes, it is a very easy thing to do. Still, the willingness to take part and then come back and do it again, has been simply amazing!

  • Miranda Says:

    My parents call to check in on me once every week or so, even though I’m nearly 30 years old. It makes me feel good to know that just because I’m out of sight doesn’t mean I’m out of mind.

  • Ros Says:

    The nicest thing my husband ever did was bring my little girl back from the emergency room whole and healthy last year. One cashew nut and we suddenly discovered at 7 years old she is horribly allergic. Staying at home with the baby was terrifying but being there with her must have been so much scarier.

  • Doll Says:

    If you tune in and focus on the good…nice things happen to you every day. Especially when you surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally.

  • Miranda Says:

    The guys on my team at work make it fun to show up at the office every day. Even if they did gift wrap my desk (and everything on it) while I was out on vacation.

  • Rachel Says:

    My high school Spanish teacher sat down with me and showed me that I could pronounce any word in my Spanish dictionary as long as I remembered that the vowels always sound exactly the same. The confidence I gained that afternoon helped me go from a struggling student to eventually choosing Spanish as one of my majors in college. Being able to speak a second language has not only helped me travel the world, but also to connect to people vastly different from me in a way that would never have been possible otherwise.

  • Kelly Says:

    “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

  • Lisa Says:

    The biggest thing that made a difference for me (because I have been blessed this way so many times over) was when my neighbors told me it wasn’t my fault when my parents kicked me out of the house. Years of emotional abuse started peeling away with that simple statement and put me on the road to becoming a whole person.

  • ris Says:

    I’ve had so many kind, nice things done for me in my life. Makes me feel grateful just to think about it. The ones that stand out for me though are those that happen when I’m helpless. Strangers changing my tire (car AND bike), chasing after me to let me know I dropped my passport in a foreign country (!), etc.

  • Heidi A. Seely Says:

    I love the old fashioned nice things: thank you cards, having someone open a door for me, notes on creamy stationary congratulating me on my new baby, a gentleman allowing me to exit an elevator first. Not the biggest deal, but it always makes me look for ways to pay it forward.

  • Katie K Says:

    I’m an apartment manager, and a nice thing someone has done for me recently was when one of my residents stopped by to congratulate me on working at the office for a whole year. I don’t often interact with the residents when they aren’t upset about something, so it really meant a lot to me when she said how happy she was to have me working at the community and providing good customer service. The little things really do make a difference!

  • Martha Says:

    My son made me a grandma six months ago and she has a lovely (half) sister that is three. Such joy they have brought me.

  • Colleen Says:

    When I graduated high school a friend’s mother gave our little group travel jewellery cases and a small note. I still have and use the case, but it was the note that had the biggest impact. This was five years before I would be diagnosed with anxiety and depression and in a time of great uncertainty and stress (not happy about the college I was attending, parents wanting to move that summer out of my childhood home), her words brought me a great deal of comfort and pride. She really caught me unaware regarding my good character traits that I presented to her.

  • Lori Says:

    I host an open sewing night once a week where I make dinner and we are all crafty. The nicest thing those ladies did was bring me food, weed my garden, put in the window air conditioner and lend me movies the summer I went through radiation. I will always be grateful for all the help they provided without my even asking.

  • Ssan Says:


  • Lauren Says:

    I’m having my first baby in October, and I’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of family and friends! I am so grateful for my community of girlfriends who have provided me with advice and support, my husband whose simple affirmations like “you’re doing a great job!” make such a difference, and my family and in-laws whose excitement for the baby reassure me that he/she will be welcomed into a loving family. It’s such a special time, and I’m glad this little comment can help another family ensure a healthy future for their child!

  • raleigh-elizabeth {bunnyvictorious!} Says:

    my husband, a Marine, and I were at dinner at Gramercy Park in NYC two years ago. we’d saved up for MONTHS to go there (we’re foodies, so this was like… heaven), and because it was a fancy event for us, we got dressed up. i wore my nicest dinner dress, and he wore his service uniform. we meticulously attacked the menu based on what we’d saved for each course. and at the end of the meal, we found out the restaurant had bought us dinner. not the actual restaurant, but diners. one couple bought our bottle of wine. another bought our cocktails. another my meal, another his. and the chef threw in dessert. we left new york last year to go to a new duty station, and we had our last meal at gramercy. this time, we got to leave a big tip. : )

  • Lisa Says:

    While taking a solo road trip around the United States, everyone I met — new and old — taught me that kindness does still exist here in our own country. Friends and strangers took me into their homes, showed me around their cities, cooked me meals. Most of all, they showed me that my cynicism wasn’t warranted, and that people are generally more good than bad.

  • Christine G. Says:

    Many things are coming to mind, but one that is standing out right now is when my great friend from graduate school, who had started a demanding job, read and commented on a draft of my dissertation at a point when I had lost all confidence and helped me keep going.

    Thanks for letting us know about this excellent cause.

  • Rachel Says:

    How about the nicest thing that someone did for me yesterday: one of my students cleaned out our microwave without even being asked.

  • Marie T Says:

    When I was in the middle of divorce and separation, and money was tight and I was scared, my co-workers collected $ for me — several hundred $ in an envelope for whatever I needed to take care of.

  • jaclyn Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me was setting up a meal train after I had emergency surgery. I have a husband and 3 small children that I couldn’t take care of. We were living in far away from family and my husband works about 110 hours per week. The meal train website coordinated people bringing meals to me for about a month. It was heaven and I felt so supported!

  • Jennifer Says:

    Maybe not ever, but definitely something I will remember. We just moved in to our first house, and this weekend our neighbor dropped off some cookies and a note with her cell and her husbands cell in case we needed help with anything. I didn’t know people still did things like that!

  • Rachael Says:

    My husband and I recently lost a pregnancy, and I’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness we’ve been shown. The two things that stand out the most are the very sweet, very sincere card I received from the mother of my best friend, telling me how much I’ve meant in her life and her daughter’s, and the rosebush my sister and her family sent me to remember our lost baby.

  • Mary Says:

    The nicest thing that happened to me this week was realizing just how many people I have in my life when I need someone most– it is a great feeling!

  • Jena Says:

    I am commenting the hell out of this – SAVE THE KIDS!

    I have so many people who do so many nice and thoughtful things for me. But I think the nicety that made the most impact had to have that note. That note that changed how we felt about each other. The note that showed me how in love with him I was. It’s the little things, right?

    It’s the little things like posting on a blog to save the kids. How little a gesture. How awesome the impact.

  • Kathy Says:

    I immediately thought of something my husband did for me. I stopped working in our business when our son was born and stayed home taking care of him until he was ready for kindergarten (leaving my husband to cope with the office by himself). On a family vacation just before school started, my husband had a cake made for me with our son’s photo reproduced on it, and the words “Thanks, Mommy, for being there when I needed you.” It meant so much to me that he believed what I did was important for our child and that he appreciated it.

  • Emil Kristoffer Altoe Says:

    Nicest thing anyone every did to me. A friend once was there for me when I needed one the most. It is when your days are dark true friends shows their face.

  • Denise Says:

    After my husband had a tumor removed from his innards, a local pastor came over with two giant bags full of groceries. It was lovely.

  • Heather Says:

    Where would we be without so many big and little acts of kindness? I have been so happy recently to see a friend/colleague compliment someone who works sort of under me. It doesn’t reflect upon my work in any way, but the genuine words of appreciation and respect made me glow with pride anyway. Kind words go such a long way.

  • Erin Says:

    When my husband and I were dating, we lived around the corner from one another. One evening we had made plans to see each other, and I was going to walk over to his place. When I opened my front door to leave, he was there on my steps. “What are you doing here?” I asked. “I couldn’t wait to see you,” he answered.

  • Cj Coppola Says:

    Once, a very kind mechanic fixed my car for
    free. It came at a time when I so needed a boost. I have tried to pay it forward whenever I can.

  • William Says:

    Wishing everyone an awesome day ! Keep the comments coming :)

  • carmel mac Says:

    Wonderful family let me live with them during a time when I was floundering (early twenties) and taught me so much through their kindness and giving attitude.

  • amandaC Says:

    I’ve been lucky to have had a pretty darn good life, and to have some pretty awesome people to share it with. The nicest thing ever? Not the nicest ever, but I’ve had many students write some pretty damn nice things to me in my yearbooks. The comments make me smile and tear-up still!

  • Dimity Says:

    Last week, my parents came two hours one way to watch my sick daughter so my husband and I could go to work. Then, two days later they came back to help us clean out our basement after a sewer backup.

  • Alison Says:

    Someone who was an acquaintance at the time pushed hard to get me a job at his place of work, even though I didn’t ask for it. He just saw that I would be a good fit. It turned out to be a great job where I had boatloads of fun, and made lots of friends. This was about 12 years ago, and while I no longer work there, the former acquaintance is now my best friend.

  • Lisa Says:

    The nicest thing recently: I have been going through some major life changes in the past year. I have a friend who has been by my side every step of the way. There has been PLENTY of room to be judgmental and she instead has chosen to simply be supportive. She has been my lifeline.

  • Anne At Large Says:

    I was in a very bad car accident. To keep it short, my husband was stuck in an upside down car while I crawled out and tried to get him to talk to me. A nice Irish lady named Helen pulled her minivan over, called 911 and stayed with me in the rain until they came. The truck behind her minivan was a tow truck, the driver got out and started directing traffic away from us and his passenger came and brought me a blanket.

    My husband is ok now and we still have the blanket.

  • CW Says:

    I spent last year going to school 2000 miles away from my husband and all my family and friends. On my birthday, some of the people in my program got together and bought me a book they knew I would like. It really brightened a day that I was expecting to be a huge disappointment.

  • Katie Says:

    I can’t pick out a single event as the nicest thing EVER, but recently: I just started a new job, and even though it’s at a pretty low rank on the totem pole everybody has been going out of their way to make me feel so very, very wanted and welcome.

  • Heather Kinsman Says:

    My husband used to take the bus in the mornings so that I could have our single car for work. Without question, every day.

  • Lisa B. Says:

    Once, when I was student teaching and pregnant, my first husband made dinner. I remember sitting in traffic on the freeway, bone-tired, thinking, what in the world will I make for dinner? And when I got home, it was made–meat loaf and potatoes and carrots, which, when I think about it, felt like the kindest, most compassionate dinner of all the dinners.

  • Sam Says:

    Great cause

  • Kate Says:

    When my husband just does the dishes after dinner, or let’s me relax in the mornings, it feels like the nicest thing EVER!

  • Sassafras Mama Says:

    Well, this is a pretty nice thing and reading folks’ comments about nice things that have happened to them is also pretty awesome.

    One of the nicest things that ever happened to me was a colleague from work stepping up to carry a bunch of kids on a field trip to NYC. I was stressed out with a flooded basement and P just announced he would take the trip so I could stay home. Really, really nice.

  • FM Says:

    There’s no one nicest thing, but I sure do appreciate the random acts of kindness strangers have shown to me – opening doors when my hands were full, offering an honest compliment, helping me reach stuff on the high shelf, etc.

  • Heather Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me is to recognize my potential and to find an opportunity for me to use that potential.

  • Michele Says:

    I am blessed with a wonderful family and friends who do nice things for me all the time. I will never forget the kindness showed toward me when my dad passed away and when I moved to dc.

  • Suzanne Says:

    Being gracious to me when I was not being gracious to the world.

  • Katie Says:

    My uncle used his frequent flyer miles to pay for my flight and my fiance’s flight to Hawaii for our honeymoon in November. We’ve been saving forever and weren’t sure if we’d be able to go. Hands down, the nicest gift. So unexpected. So useful (much better than another kitchen gadget).

  • Dana Says:

    Most recently, my IVF nurse put me first on the list for my result phone call the day of my pregnancy test. We received good news. Just as the phone rang, my door bell also rang with flowers from my oldest and best girlfriends. The note simply said “we love you” b/c they didn’t know if they would be happy or sad flowers. Luckily, they were of the happy kind. It was a magical moment my husband and I will never forget.

  • Evie Says:

    My friends cleaned my apartment while I was on my honeymoon. What a freaking treat.

  • Amber, theAmberShow Says:

    I’m pretty sure Meg Keene flinging her hands up in the air and saying, “Oh Amber, just start a company!” is up there on the nicest things ever done for me.

    Because I did, and now I am very happy.

  • Leanne Says:

    It’s the unexpected things that touch me. I was at the mall recently and while I was getting the back to school stuff done with my kids my husband took my van, washed it, filled it up with gas then put it back in the parking lot. A VERY nice surprise when I came out overwhelmed from the kid’s demands.

  • Michele M. Says:

    Listened to me when I needed to vent. Have faith in me when I’ve doubted myself. Provide hope when things seem bleak. I’m a lucky girl.

  • Amy Says:

    Too many things to count. I think anyone who is simply kind to others each day is making a huge difference.

  • Kay Says:

    When I was in 6th grade, I was going to a very conservative, strict religious grade school, and I was miserable. I decided I wanted to change schools, held a family meeting, and broke the news to my parents, giving them all the reasons why I wanted to leave. And instead of just writing me off or getting upset, they took my reasons into consideration, they researched my concerns and ultimately, they decided I could change schools. I started public school the next year and it changed my life for the better, academically and socially.

    Many, many other nice things have happened to me over the years but that one always seemed like the nicest due to the trust and love that was behind it.

  • Kristina Says:

    Yesterday’s nice thing: I had a horrible migraine all day. They get to be so debilitating and I just want to cry from the searing pain. I got home from work to a dinner my boyfriend made, which he put aside right away to help me climb into bed. He laid next to me and just rubbed my head and back until I was ready to get up. I just feel so lucky to have picked a good one.

  • Carolyn Says:

    A generous alumnus from my law school endowed a scholarship fund which paid my whole tuition.

  • ememby Says:

    Helped me out when my husband was out of town, upgraded our family on an overseas flight, loved me even when I was being difficult.

  • Rachel Says:

    My parents paying for my college and car so that I could start my adult life off debt free. I totally took this for granted at the time, but seeing my friends struggle to pay off their debt has made me really appreciate my clean start.

  • Sarah R. Says:

    My grandparents left their home in Cuba to make sure that their children and future grandchildren didn’t have to grow up in a place where they would be stifled and indentured to a revolution that didn’t care about people.

  • Stacey Says:

    Both of my girls put their little toddler hands on my cheeks when they give me a kiss. That’s almost always the nicest part of my day, and they have no idea.

  • Kim Says:

    My last two weeks of pregnancy I was put on bed rest with frequent hospital visits. My parents flew out to help out. They took me to the hospital, bought an entire newborn wardrobe and indulged my tuna melt cravings regularly.

  • jen Says:

    when my college roommate’s parents gave me credit card points so i could fly home for my brother’s wedding. the wedding where i met my now-husband of 9 years.

  • Kristin Case Says:

    We are a civil rights law firm and the nicest thing that anyone ever does for us is when we help a client through a difficult situation and that client comes back months or years later to tell us thank you and to show us how we changed the trajectory of their lives. The kindest thing anyone can do is say a simple thank you.

  • Feras Says:

    Thanks for all the efforts
    Best wishes to all :)

  • Anne Phillips Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me was tell me they love me when I didn’t love myself very much.

  • Rachel Says:

    My friends/neighbors have been taking care of our puppy when we are unable to. It’s amazing to have three couples from which to choose for this task!

    Also, my parents supported me through college, but took out loans in my name, then promptly paid them when the loans were due. So my credit score went through the roof. My parents are pretty much amazing.

  • Robin Says:

    It’s great to know I/we can do something like this in the midst of a busy day!

  • MrsLiddy Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me is impossible to sum up. I guess I would just say my parents have been my parents, and I feel so lucky.

  • rachel Says:

    Last December my boss surprised me by giving me a random day off to do some Christmas shopping. And it was absolutely what I needed right then.

  • Stefanie Says:

    My 10 year old daughter stepped up this weekend and helped me handle a weekend with my mother, with whom I have a very stressful relationship.

  • Rochelle Says:

    This is awesome!

  • Lyndsay Says:

    My sister went out of her way to help us out with our older child after the birth of our second baby.

  • Rochelle Says:

    My silly little 3 year old woke up 2 hours early and was so happy to see his daddy before daddy left for work. He also wanted to put on his shoes just to be like daddy. And now he’s laying on the couch watching Adventure Time eating breakfast.

  • Elly Says:

    Absolutely just got lost in Intels Sponsors of Tomorrow YouTube videos – this one made me laugh most: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqlUZfOOS7E :)

  • Amy Says:

    My mom and I always go Christmas shopping together during one weekend in November. This year I fell in love with a ridiculously overpriced but absolutely gorgeous ornament for my tree. My sensible self left it in the store, but when I opened my ornament box to decorate my tree in December, there was a foreign object in the box…which turned out to be the very ornament I had passed up. My mom had bought it for me and took the extra step to hide it with my other ornaments so I would have a surprise when I decorated my tree.

  • Karen Says:

    My husband and I normally don’t do anything fancy for Valentine’s day, but this past year he saw a necklace with an elephant on it from JCrew. I would never have spent the money on myself, but I cried when I opened it up. So sweet.

  • Kate Says:

    The envelopes of cash that were collected by friends during two very long years of unemployment.

  • sue at nobaddays Says:

    When I flew out to see my mom who was extremely ill in South Africa, I grabbed a quick lunch in Atlanta airport. I sat next to two middle-aged sisters who were going on vacation together. We chatted and had a few laughs. When I got up to leave, my waiter told me they’d paid my bill :-)

  • sue at nobaddays Says:

    Beautiful girls in the photo above, BTW ;-)

  • aly Says:

    love my kids. so many wonderful people in my life just adore them– and it always makes me so happy.

  • Kelli Says:

    My aunt and uncle comped a hotel suite for me, my husband and mother-in-law for a week and a half when my husband had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. That single thing meant so, so much to us.

  • Meg Says:

    My parents never had a lot of money, but they always seemed to find a way to encourage my sister and I to travel and have adventures. They sacrificed so we could see the world.

  • melissa Says:

    i don’t now about “the very nicest”… but i am always so moved when people go out of their way to give simple compliments. it’s always nice to remember how good a heartfelt “you did a really great job” can feel.

  • aly Says:

    also, my husband’s family has taken me in like their own– my family was very small and not much beyond the immediate, while my husband’s family is huge and very close. well, over the years they have certainly become my own family and it is wonderful– esp now that i can watch my daughter play with her cousins!

  • Meg Says:

    The nicest thing my future husband has ever done was to love me, even when I doubted it, enough to convince me that “unconditional” really is just that.

  • J. Says:

    I can’t narrow the list down to THE nicest thing anyone’s done for me; there are so many candidates. I must lead a charmed life.

  • kathryn Says:

    a friend and his fiancée came over and made me a big, double-batch pot of soup every week after i had my baby. it was a long time before my postpartum depression was diagnosed, but these friends sensed it and mothered me in a way i could never have asked for.

  • Jen Says:

    i am lucky, so there is a long list of wonderful things people have done for me, but here is one: when, after years of fertility treatments and finally thinking we had succeeded i had a miscarriage at 9 weeks, i called my sister and asked her to tell people for me so that i wouldn’t have to go through saying it over and over again. not only did she agree without hesitation, she somehow managed to convey to all of my family and friends enough that they, too, were aware of how to be supportive without asking me to talk about it. i can’t even think about that time without welling up, but because of the kindness of my sister and the rest of my family and friends i am able to focus on the love rather than just the pain.

  • liz kaczmarek Says:

    Once I tweeted that I wanted a cupcake. The next day I was at my friends house and she goes “i saw your tweet yesterday, and i got you a cupcake!”

  • elizabeth Says:

    When I was stressed out about getting into the business school (pre req classes, etc) my boyfriend looked up all the information for me and helped me figure it out step by step

  • Melinda Says:

    Not so long a ago I was going through a really tough time with my dog being extremely ill but I wanted (needed really) to fly to another state for a wedding and to see some people I dearly love. I didn’t really have the money to fly and spent weeks stressing over the 10+ hour drive I was planning on doing instead for a short weekend. My sister called and told me she was buying me a plane ticket and I should just tell her what times. It lifted such a huge weight off my shoulders and meant so very much to me.

  • Melissa Says:

    Whoa. I’ve been so tied up with schenanigans at work that it took me a while to be able to think about a nice thing. That’s bad; time to stop that! Anyway. One of the nicest things recently has been the support of my friends. My fiancee was away for six months on a work study and I had a really hard time of it, but had several friends who made sure I got out of the apartment and did fun things with them, even if that meant taking me on as a third wheel. That helped tremendously.

  • Lisa K Says:

    The nicest thing is when someone makes you feel loved, just for who you are in that moment.

  • LT Says:

    Two other super nice things, since you said we could comment more than once. One, my parents have loved me and supported me even though they don’t always understand me, and for that I am incredibly grateful. Two, my 5 year old son handed me a note the other day. It said “I love you. Never give up.” I’m keeping it forever.

  • Lorrian Says:

    In 2004 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was terrified. The guy I’d been dating for about a month came over that night with books on the subject, wbsite references, and sugar-free chocolate. He asked friends and coworkers and found an endocrinologist for me.

    I married that guy in 2006. Mike’s still the nicest thing that ever happened to me.

  • Kristina Says:

    The year I turned 30 was a bit of a nadir for me, so I didn’t want to celebrate at all. I’m sad, now, that everyone listened to me and didn’t do anything, let me wallow in my self-pity, but my brilliant and amazing friend Amanda surprised me by flying to Chicago from San Diego, for one day, to spend the day with me. Still makes me teary when I think about it.

    There is a list as long as the Milky Way of large and small kindnesses that folks have done me, because I am surrounded by wonderful people, but I will never forget the heart attack I had when I saw her walk through my office door.

  • elizabeth Says:

    Whenever i was sick as a child, my mom would go out of her way to take great care of me. She would buy me coloring books, cook my favorite meal, and bring me home milkshakes :)

  • Michele Says:

    The nicest thing? Commenting at all! I’m such a newb to the world of blogging. The idea that someone stopped by, read what I had to say, and thought it was interesting enough to want to leave a comment thrills me! It’s like the biggest compliment to me. I loved this month, what’s easier than typing up a comment? Not much at all. I was happy to get to donate hundreds in such a simple way.

  • Rebecca S. Says:

    When my husband and I were dating, he sent me 10 different postcards each describing a characteristic he loves about me, then he routed them through the various “Valentine” post offices around the country. I got a couple of postcards a day for a whole week. It was so nice, it made me feel special and very loved.

  • Rachel Says:

    I love my dogs. After I’d been away for an intensive two week training for work, my then-boyfriend drove 3 hours round-trip to pick up our dogs so when he picked me up at the airport the night of my return, he had the dogs waiting for me as a surprise. I cried – because I had missed them and was happy to see them and because he finally understood me, and got me the present that cost the least but meant the most.

    Whenever I get mad at him in our dealings now as exes I try to remind myself of that good that is within him.

  • Becky Says:

    Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the kindness of others. I’ve been lucky to see so much kindness and receive so much myself. There is no limit to people’s kindness!

  • Sarahmia Says:

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me was loving me and supporting me for who I am, even when others around us did not. I needed to know it so much because my whole life felt like it was falling apart. Thankfully now I’m in a much better place, and I can do for other people what my friends did for me.

  • Melanie Says:

    Trying to think of the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is reminding me how many awesome people I have in my life. Thank you! One thing that stands out is when my then boyfriend now husband made me chocolate chip pancakes and asked me if I’d like to go to San Francisco for my 38th birthday. I remember being really shocked by the suggestion that we actually go on a trip to celebrate my birthday. I’d spent the previous 10 years being married to someone who didn’t really celebrate anything.

  • katie Says:

    my husband has always vacuumed and dusted our house because he doesn’t want me to get a sniffly nose.

  • Ami Says:

    I was returning from a three-week trip in South Africa in January of 1998. I asked a coworker friend of mine (with whom I had had one date, a few days before I left) to pick me up at the airport. When he found me, he had been wearing my coat so it would be warm when I put it on, and when he dropped me at my apartment, he pulled out a half-gallon on milk and a package of mini boxes of cereal with the comment that he knew it was late and my fridge would be empty, so at least when I woke up I would have something to eat for breakfast. He got the variety of mini boxes because he didn’t know what I would like. Truly a thoughtful way to pick someone up at the airport. We’ve been married for 13 years next month. :)

  • Shannon Says:

    Thank you for bringing this to attention!

    The nicest thing anyone has done happened a few years ago when my students saw that I had been crying and they asked if I saw ok and if they could do anything for me. I teach high school and I think teenagers are given a bad reputation for being kind. At any rate, their kindness really helped me.

  • Ansley Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is something that my husband often does: re-frame my critical self-talk by reminding me that I’m a human being and of course I’m going to make mistakes or be a bitch sometimes and that’s OK, I’m still lovable. That melts the shame and helps me forgive myself.

  • catriona Says:

    I can’t think of the single nicest thing, but my last year of college things in my personal life started to fall apart — multiple family members in hospital and/or with failing health, a friend extremely ill, generally overwhelming life. I wasn’t the most communicative of unhappy people (my MO is to shut everything inside and not talk about it), but my friends were incredibly patient and supportive, even when they weren’t sure what was going on. I was grateful then and I am grateful now.

  • Elena Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me? I think I would have to say my husband for letting me pursue my dream. His believing in me was a true gift!

  • Audrey Says:

    This is amazing.

  • Kat Says:

    Very cool, Maggie. Once a stranger pushed me up a very steel and icy hill when I was in a wheelchair with a broken ankle.

  • Kathie Says:

    The nicest thing that is happening to me right now is that I am absolutely overcommitted and in way over my head on volunteer projects – and two of my friends are really listening to me everyday to get me through the difficulties and my FB peeps are posting nice comments that make me get back at it. Also – I’ve been married for almost 26 years – and the nicest thing my husband does is he gets me coffee every morning- he may really never understand how much that means to me.

  • Abbigail Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was to accept me. I grew up in a broken and oftentimes emotionally abusive home, always tiptoeing around who I was in order to keep the peace, saying I’m sorry when there was no fault, and certainly not from me. When I married, my new husband knew this, and on our honeymoon he made a point to break me of the “I’m sorry” habit. Six years later, I still feel like I have been set free.

  • Kizz Says:

    I love the Blogust initiative. Thanks for participating!

    My friends who know finance are being super nice to me today. I made a really stupid mistake with my bank and now will have to spend a couple of days sorting it out and they’re being very free with their support and advice. One even basically wrote me a script of what to say in my phone calls so I’ll get the best possible service.

  • stephanie Says:

    My family gave me money to buy a bike when I only had the money to buy food and pay my rent. I burst into tears because I was so happy.

  • Emily Says:

    The nicest thing someone did for me was to throw a surprise themed birthday party.

  • Jodi Says:

    The nicest thing? Hard to say. The person who comes to mind first is my internship supervisor. She took me under her wing and taught me above and beyond the typical internship. I’m so grateful for her.

  • Kathie Says:

    The nicest thing I ever did was when standing in line at Walmart behind a new college kid coming back for the fall – she was obviously sorting items into must haves, would like to have, and dream world haves – I stepped up and paid for it all much to the shock of my children. I remembered being a college kid – broke – and it was honestly a pleasure to see the look on her face and the clerk’s face. I told her to just do it to another college kid when she is out in the world with a job. I want to do this again it was so much fun!

  • Eri Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me was notice how stressed I was and cancel our evening plans to draw me a bath. He made dinner for me, lit candles, brought me wine to drink in the tub while he cooked. Instead of doing a lot of things we were supposed to do we had a beautiful evening together.

  • Catherine Says:

    So neat! Nicest thing is my sweet husband – he loves me unconditionally.

  • Jenny Says:

    The first thing that comes to mind is so silly (especially considering that I’m 28 now and well past high school), but it still touches my heart. My friend since early on in grade school Roy, found out when we were seniors in high school that I didn’t have a date to prom. Even though Roy had already asked a girl he liked from another school, he called her and told her he couldn’t take her because a friend needed him. He then came to school the next day and asked me to the prom because he said I was a good friend and couldn’t let me not got to my senior prom. It is the simple things that people do that mean so much. It was such a small thing, but at the time, he knew it meant a lot to me. He always had such a kind heart. This past weekend he got married and I can only imagine how sweet he is and will be to his new wife. She is a lucky lady!

  • Davida Says:

    The nicest thing is too tricky, but a nice thing that made me warm all over was when my college students (who I don’t have in class this year) came by on the first day of school just to say “Hi” and tell me stories.

  • willow Says:

    My grandmother always was happy to see me, interested to talk to me, and kind, loving, and thoughtful in small ways. While not a single, dramatic instance, this really shaped who I became. This to me is the nicest thing anyone can do for anyone else, and I try to repay her by doing the same with my children.

  • Dena Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is my husband, loving me completely for who I am.

  • A Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me was my mother deciding to leave my drug-addicted father to give us a better life. She worked incredibly hard to support us as a self-employed single mother, and I’m incredibly grateful that I was able to grow up without the trauma of untreated addiction in my daily life. She’s my hero.

  • Melanie V. Says:

    This is probably not the very nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, but this summer, when one of my law school classmates learned that I was having two major surgeries between summer school and the fall semester (pre-emptive–to avoid another bout with cancer), she offered repeatedly to do something to help. Although she lives farther than I do from campus, she gladly picked up my copy of a course packet and dropped it by my house.

  • Tracey Says:

    When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, friends traveled from all over the country to stay with me when I started chemo.

  • Lacey Says:

    I was humiliated to have been dumped by a high school boyfriend, and I dreaded telling all of our mutual friends. He told me to tell everyone that I had broken up with him. It was an incredibly mature act of kindness toward a nervous 17-year-old girl.

  • Charlotte Says:

    Love this. Nicest thing is when a stranger (he is in my phone as “Mike Samaritan”) called me after my husband crashed his bike and was unconscious to tell me he’d called 911 and would stay with him until the ambulance came.

  • Jenni Says:

    One of the nicest things anyone has ever done is show {not tell} me that I have everything I need. Knowing that brings peace and frees my mind and heart to work for others.

  • Erin Says:

    I think anyone who agrees to help you move house more than once is incredibly generous – I’m very lucky to have these people around, and always return the favor.

  • Serena Says:

    Reading all the nice things that people have had done for them could not have been a better way to start my morning! Thank you for this. The world can be a crazy place but I really believe the good so far outweighs the bad.

  • Jen Says:

    My parents watch my daughter two days a week so I can continue working part time at a job I love, knowing that she’s being played with and smothered with kisses, hugs and attention all day long.

  • Rebecca Says:

    A few years ago, my business partner and my husband got together to throw me a surprise party. I’m the one who usually throws the elaborate parties, and I’m NEVER surprised, but they got me there. They’d even set up secret email accounts to communicate their plans. I was so impressed–they did a better job than I could have done myself! I still think about that evening among friends as one of the best of my life.

  • Jess Says:

    My parents are about to give me money for my first house!

  • j. Says:

    My parents paid for my college tuition so that I wouldn’t have to worry about paying off student loans when I graduated. That peace of mind, which none of my friends knew, was amazing.

  • The Odd Broad Says:

    When I was really little, someone named “The Good Deed Fairy” visited me every night for one week. She’d leave me notes under my pillow with clues to little prizes that were hidden in my room. It was my very first taste of magic. I must’ve been about twenty before I made the connection that the Deed Fairy was actually my older sister. Makes my eyes water to this day every time I think of it! I can’t imagine what I could’ve done to inspire her to do that; I was kind of a pain in the A as a kid! :)

  • Jen Says:

    Instead of choosing just one thing, how about the person who is way too good to me? My mom. Knowing I have her unwavering, unconditional support and love in all I do is such an amazing and humbling feeling. If home is a feeling and not a place, it’s there, in the comfort of my mom’s embrace.

  • Shannon Says:

    We struggles with infertility for three years before our daughter was born. During this time, my very-fertile sister chose not to conceive her fifth (!) child without telling us. We jut thought they were done with four. When my daughter was six months old, they announced their pregnancy and explained that they wanted to support us and help us through that rough time. So basically, she held off getting pregnant for four years, so as to be nice to me. Amazing.

  • Krista Says:

    The nicest thing that was ever done for me, has actually been done by several people in my life… they were just “there”… cheering me on, pushing me when I felt I couldn’t go on, celebrating my successes, and loving me – flaws and all.

  • Sarah Says:

    As a New Orleans native, I’ve been shown my fair share of kindness. After Hurricane Katrina, I became one of the 500,000 nomads roaming the US. I made a quick decision to transfer colleges for the semester since mine was in NOLA, and within a week of escaping the city, I found myself in the middle of the Bronx, starting my last year of college at Fordham. Two very sweet girls took me in without knowing anything at all about me except that I was a “refugee,” and they spent the rest of that semester supporting me and loving me through one of the darkest seasons of my life. I couldn’t have made it without them!

  • Kati Says:

    I am a firm believer that many little things mean much more than large gestures. My husband makes me a daily chocolate milk, reminds me to take my vitamins (which I always forget), and just last week bought me a card for no reason at all. Being himself is the nicest thing he could ever do.

  • Rebecca H Says:

    What a wonderful organization!

  • Kristen Says:

    Most recently? A prepared meal from a neighbor, for no apparent reason other than “just because.” Love that.

  • christine in pdx Says:

    when my daughter brought me breakfast in bed- a stale bagel, a mangled banana and a cup of water. (better than french pastries and a cup of stumptown!)

  • Rachel Deen Says:

    It’s a good sign when I can’t think of just one, right? The nicest thing lately is my husband being very thoughtful and nice even though I’ve got a very stressful situation happening in another area of my life!

    Such a great idea – commenting to help others! Thank you!

  • Kathie Says:

    I second Serena’s comment – I was having a bad start to the week and this has changed it all around. Thank you for posting!!!

  • jyl @momitforward Says:

    The nicest thing my closest family and friends have done for me is to love me for who I am… even through the ups and downs… and to remind me when I’ve forgotten.

  • Ali Says:

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Kate Says:

    I haven’t had time to think about my nicest thing but I just had to say that reading The Odd Broad’s comment has made me cry. I love stories of kids doing awesome kind things for each other. Your sister rocks!

  • c Says:

    Too many things, from my mother who answers her phone at three AM if that’s where I call, to friends who order me dinner when I’m sick, to folks who support me even when I’m in the midst of making horribly stupid decisions because they know the support is way more important than telling me what to do ever could be.

  • christine in pdx Says:

    and this vaccination campaign is pretty sweet too!

  • Shannon Says:

    I suffered from severe depression after our daughter was born. I felt overwhelmed and incompetent and told my sister, by telephone, how I didn’t know how to bathe my daughter and felt like a total failure as a mother. The next morning, my sister (who lives in a different state) showed up at my house (at 8am!) and showed me how to bathe my daughter in the kitchen sink. She also made me get out of bed, eat breakfast, get dressed, and take the baby for a walk around the neighborhood so that I could feel the sun on my face. It was a turning point for me and I’m not sure if I would have survived those early weeks without her intervention.

  • Emily Says:

    I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 8 years, and everyone close to me is being incredibly good to me. My friends let me live with them rent-free for two months while I found a new apartment, and they were supportive even when I would do bizarre things like burst into tears while cleaning the refrigerator. My mom did a lot of listening and validating — more than her usual load. And my ex is being a champ too — we divided our belongings without difficulty, he’s storing my stuff for me until I move (this weekend!), and we’re being patient and understanding with each other and are shaping up to be friends rather than partners. My brother is being particularly amazing. His marriage is breaking up, and yesterday he called to ask me how I am. Knowing that he’s thinking about me even while he’s going through so much is… wow.

  • nicole h Says:

    One of the nicest things my husband does for me is that he’ll pick up my favorite pizza when he knows I’ve had a rough day–it makes me smile and gooey cheese spells comfort in my world.

  • Cat Says:

    When I was a skinny, self-consious, awkward teenager a young guy walked up to me in a store and said, “you look beautiful today.” Then he smiled and walked away.

  • JLI Says:

    The nicest thing someone did for me recently is pretty amazing. My husband and I have been through so much this year with the loss of his job in a traumatic way, loss of a friend, and a lot of financial problems. We finally found a therapist who is helpful and kind and we both like her a lot. Money is so tight right now that I told her I didn’t know how I could see her at all or how my husband could see her more than once a month, she said not to worry about it. That we’d find a way to figure it out and in the mean time not to worry about it. That took such a weight off and really made me feel like she cares enough about our progress to keep going with us.

  • Bridget Says:

    My husband and I wrote our own wedding vows, and the things he said to me that day off that little green index card, are the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

    Great campaign!

  • Cigal Says:

    Every time my husband lets me sleep in in the morning & entertains our son I think it’s the nicest thing. But the real nicest thing was when my parents let my son, husband, and myself move in with them for a year, so we could save up and afford our own house.

  • Breakfastfor8 Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me was many years ago when we had a rapidly growing business and one month we ran out of cash. I called a meeting of 40 staff and explained the situation. It was like I was in a James Sttewart movie. People stepped forward to say ” I can wait” or ” provided I have enough to cover the mortgage I can get by for a week or so”. We survived and went on to sell the business in one of the last stock market transactions of the last century.

  • Allison Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was when my college roommate just sat with me, holding my hand and comforting me when things got tough. And then she drove me the hour to the doctor, without even a thought for repayment. And waited for me, even though it took hours.

  • nic Says:

    One of my favorite things to do to brighten someone’s day is to compliment them (on their hair, jewelry, shoes, clothes, comment made during the conference, brownies baked at home & brought in for the group). Complimenting strangers is especially fun!

  • Amy Says:

    Someone left a flower on the hood of my car yesterday.

  • Brandy Robertson Says:

    I love your Mighty Life list! I have a bucket list of my own, but yours puts mine to shame. As for the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me – I would have to say recognised the volunteer work that I do. Whether it’s something big like, “you are an incredible person with a huge heart,” or “you’ve inspired me to be a better person,” those words touch my heart so very much. Thanks for taking part in this act of kindness!

  • Tobie Says:

    I have been so very blessed with some of the most amazing friends a girl could wish for. I can’t even begin to pick the “nicest” thing any of them have done for me because they are all over-the-top awesome!

  • Gwynne Says:

    My husband took our teething 15month old to the grocery store at 5am so I could get another hour of sleep. It was lovely.

  • Molly Says:

    Three of my friends threw me a party when I got my masters degree. It was great!

  • carly Says:

    I think I’m overthinking this but a recent lovely thing someone did for me was, after finding out I was pregnant, immediately ordered all of their favorite books on the topic from amazon and had them overnighted to my house. In my hormonal state, I cried for a good ten minutes at the kindness.

  • Myfanwy Says:

    Wonderful cause! :)

  • Amy Says:

    My husband has done so many kind and thoughtful things for me – both big and small. It’s hard to pick just one.

  • Anne Says:

    My home and husband are in west Africa, but I came back to the states to have our first child. While we are apart, I have had many family members hold my baby girl when I’ve been too exhausted to even think and friends to take me out to distract me from missing my husband. It’s been a rough 5 months, but also a wonderful 5 months.

  • Leanna Says:

    My husband is washing all of the dishes and doing all of the laundry while I am in school again. So nice. We don’t have a dishwasher, which means double nice.

  • Ellen G Says:

    Nicest thing? A smile from my kids after a long hard day at work.

  • Sarah Says:

    My husband has done the nicest thing for me, which has been to support me after I quit my awful job to pursue what I really wanted to do: freelance and start a business. I could never have done it without him and his confidence in me.

  • Anna Says:

    One of the nicest was at a city BBQ, our toddler was having a fit and wouldn’t get into the wagon to go home, I was 6mos preg and my husband and I were doing our best to keep her from running into the road and trying to reason with her. A stranger came over and knelt down next to our 2 year old. She held out a handful of jelly bracelets and said that she could have them if she got back into the stroller. Magic!! Thanks again to that lovely lady.

  • Ashley Says:

    great cause!

  • Jilanna Says:

    I had thyroid surgery in June and I was blessed with generous acts of love and care too many to count, culminating with my sister and her partner bringing cupcakes to celebrate when we found out the results: BENIGN!

  • Cindy Says:

    One of the nicest things ever: a friend who stood by me during a very lonely time.

  • Shari Says:

    Welll, after reading these comments, I’m just inspired to go out and do something nice for someone today. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  • Vicky Says:

    My best friend, Amanda, is constantly supporting me in all aspects of my life regardless of where that takes us. No 1 nicest thing can hold a candle to THAT.

  • Jamie Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me were my parents, just because they’re wonderful, paying for college and helping me start out — now I’m independent and do everything I can to repay them!

  • heathre Says:

    hmm, hard to pick one nicest thing. it’s always the small, seemingly insignificant things that get me. a compliment, holding the elevator door for someone, a well-timed card in the mail.

  • Roxanna Says:

    The nicest thing is when people show you they love you every day.

  • c Says:

    Also my CRAZY busy friend who threw me a baby shower without hesitation because I asked and was scared and knocked up WAY too young.

  • Amber Says:

    In the eleventh grade my family moved to another city and I had to change schools in the middle of my high school career. My birthday was during the first week of school and I thought it would pass unnoticed since I hadn’t made very many friends yet. When I got to history class the morning of my birthday a girl I barely knew handed me a homemade birthday card. The teacher of that class had a bulletin board that highlighted student birthdays for each month and she noticed mine was that week and said she just wanted to make me feel welcome. I still remember it to this day.

    This is an awesome way to raise money for a good cause. I love that you are participating and I can’t wait to read all the comments. :)

  • Kimberly Says:

    Back when I was first married (the first time – ha!) we were broke and all of our money went to rent, bills & food. I was dying my hair blonde at the time, and because I had no money, I had pretty long brown roots going on. One night my mom swung by with a box of Nice and Easy — my brand, my color — and nonchalantly said, “Hey, I picked this up for myself, but it’s the wrong color. Want it?” I cried for hours at that touch of kindness. And dyed my hair that night.

    You’re good people, Maggie M.

  • Larissa Says:

    every morning when i look into her crib, my baby looks at me and smiles the biggest toothless smile ever – it’s the best!

  • Jen from Mom It Forward Says:

    Thank you for sharing this post. What an amazing campaign!

  • Kate F Says:

    My husband’s dad died unexpectedly while we were on our honeymoon. We were moving to NH from NYC (I was, anyway) for his 2nd year of grad school, and the little house we’d rented was a mess. He and his brother had dropped all our stuff off in a pile before the wedding, and the house itself had been left quite dirty by the previous tenant and mgmnt company. Since our arrival was delayed by the funeral, etc. his friends were already back at school, and they went to the house and scrubbed it from top to bottom and organized our boxes so we could actually unpack once we got to Hanover. We wept a lot that fall, but rarely were they touched tears like the ones I shed over that clean kitchen floor.

  • H. Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me is believe in me, look past the flaws, and encourage me to soar.

  • Emily Says:

    14 people showed up to help us move last weekend!

  • Jillian Says:

    My parents live about 3 hours away from me. While I pack up all my stuff for the drive home, Mom puts together a snack bag with sliced salami and cheese, crackers, fruit, little sandwiches and ginger ale–enough for a 12 hour drive! It is one of the nicest things, though.

  • Emily Says:

    My grandpa worked a paper route long after he retired to save up money for my cousins and me to go to college. Amazing.

  • Jen Says:

    People do nice things for me all the time – holding the door open for me at work so I don’t have to find my badge at the bottom of my purse is my favorite.

  • Kari Says:

    My parents sacrificed a lot for me growing up to give me opportunities to do anything I set my mind on.

  • Fadra Says:

    The nicest thing anything has ever done for me is wake me in the middle of the night while I was sick and curled up on a chair on the deck of a ferry to Sweden and offer me their extra cabin, free of charge. A soft bed, a warm shower… I’m convinced it was an angel.

    P.S. I LOVE your life list idea. So awesome.

  • ariella Says:

    I started graduate school this week and put my daughter in daycare. And it was hard, but it was a damn nice thing to do for myself. So here’s a $20 comment in honor of my daughter for kids who don’t have as much as she does.

  • Devon Says:

    An old teacher taught me to have faith in myself. That’s really stayed with me

  • SAWK Says:

    My best customer at work – the most regular of regulars, always ordering the same thing, always leaving EXACTLY 20% for the tip – left me a much bigger tip than usual the night before I left for a trip.

  • Beth Says:

    A friend called the other day to see if we could just spend the day together. Instead of shopping we went blueberry picking and spend time outside just visiting. Wonderful day.

  • Anneleen Says:

    One of the nicest things that people have done for me has been that they listened without judgement but with empathy when I was so overcome with grief that I almost had no words – a lot was passed between us in those silent moments. That, and the feeling that they really want(ed) me to be happy.

  • Kim Says:

    Reading all these responses is making me cry. People are good.

    When I was in the hospital for an emergency c section my sister came to my house (accompanied by her young children) and cleaned it top to bottom. She then decorated the whole thing with “It’s a Girl” paraphernalia. Since this was my first child she knew how overwhelming those first few weeks could be and made sure I had less things to worry myself with.

  • Kathleen Says:

    One of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me was taking me in to their home when I was an exchange student. I now realize that it isn’t an easy thing to take in a young stranger for a long time. You don’t know this young person, you don’t know their entire background. Still, my host parents took me into their home and treated me as a daughter. They taught me things that my parents would never teach me because they are a completely different sort of people with a different background and a different mindset. It was an mindblowing and eye opening event for me, staying with a new family.

  • Natalie Says:

    I would have to say my husband’s patience when we started dating. I was hesitant (that’s putting it mildly; when he first asked me out, I said, “Let’s give it a shot.” Still makes me cringe…) But now I can’t imagine my life without him. If he had thought I was being cruel or snobbish, I wouldn’t have gotten to marry my best friend.

  • Patsy Says:

    When I was unexpectedly induced with my son 3 months ago not one but THREE groups of family and friends came in to my house, cleaned, stocked the fridge and pantry, decorated everywhere, left gifts for me, my husband, the baby and the dog(!).

    I am surrounded by good people…I am so very very lucky!

  • Kate Says:

    A well-timed compliment or nicety is about the nicest thing anyone can do for me. I can be having a crappy day and then I get a sweet email from a friend and *poof* everything is better.

  • Gena@BakeAllTheThings! Says:

    I have a group of friends who have shown me how to accept and embrace being ME, with all my quirks and faults and mistakes and regrets AND fabulousness! It has been revolutionary to figure this out and it’s definitely the most awesome sweetest thing anyone has taken the time to do for me.

  • Amy Says:

    I am so happy to help out. What an awesome cause!

  • Danielle Says:

    Of course I’ll comment a bajillion times. Love this work.

  • Lauren Says:

    I’ll never forget sobbing in the backyard at my first boy-girl party because the boy I asked to dance said he had a headache and then immediately started dancing with my best friend. Another boy in my class, who I didn’t even really know, brought me tissues and said I didn’t need to cry because he would always dance with me even if no one else wanted to. Probably not THE nicest thing anyone’s ever done but not every sixth-grader gets the same reassurance after their first rejection, so that one stuck with me.

  • Suz Says:

    It’s hard to pick the nicest ever, but here is something fairly recent. When my baby was born she had some complications and we needed to watch her 24 hours per day. My husband and I were stressed and exhausted. Many people helped and fed us, but at my worse moment, my sister flew into town and her and my husband arranged it so I was able to sleep for 8 hours (with just breaks to feed the baby). :)

  • Amy Says:

    My co-workers recently threw me a surprise bridal shower and gave me cash as a present to use on my honeymoon to Panama. They know me very well.

  • Elizabeth Says:

    I’ve been sick for over a month now, and my husband has done everything for me: made all of my meals, kept me comfortable and entertained, helped me with all the things I have to do, and provided emotional support. It’s the nicest thing anyone has done for me since I became an adult.

  • Mom101 Says:

    The nicest thing I can think that people have done for me is listen without judgment. My parents, my friends…it’s so rare to find those people who know just what you need when you need it, and sometimes all you need is to be heard.

    I love this prompt Maggie. Beautiful. Can’t wait to come back and read all the comments.

  • Amy Says:

    I love that this post asks us to think about the good in our lives. A few weeks ago I was grateful to the woman behind me in line at the cash register when she gave me the quarter I was frantically searching for in my diaper bag while my baby was crying on my hip. It was the end of a long day and that small gesture renewed my spirit and gave me the extra energy I needed to get through the night.

  • Sherri Says:

    I started a life list a few years ago and there are a few things that are on TOP of the list that I really want to accomplish. Due to many “life circumstances” I haven’t been able to save enough money to do them, but always had the positive thought in my head that “one day” I would get to do it.
    I met someone randomly…. and they have made that dream a reality, without them even KNOWING me. So THIS weekend, I will be jumping out of an airplane, solo, parachuting to the earth. I am out of my mind excited…. and this is the most amazing gift from a stranger that I have ever received, and I am thankful. So so thankful.

  • L Says:

    A planning retreat for a college group once got hugely emotional. I spent a lot of time in tears, and I’m not usually a crier. A staff member was there to facilitate, and I thought he was making the situation much worse.

    He eventually left the room for us to talk amongst ourselves. An hour later, I went to the kitchen to supervise the dinner preparation. I discovered that that was where the staff member had gone when he left us to discuss. He had found the notes I had made for myself, figured out what needed to be done, and started in on cooking dinner for 30. the discovery hit me like a punch in the gut–in a good way. It made me realize that, while he and I differed on our views, his heart was in the right place, and he really did want to help and serve us.

  • Erin Says:

    So many nice things over the years with difficult times — all my friends, relatives, and virtual strangers who helped us, prayed for us, and remembered us through my son’s very early birth and hospitalization, and after the death of both of my parents. Wonderful people in this here world!

  • Lauren Says:

    This whole project is wonderful and the “nicest thing” comments have given me some good ideas. Thanks for this! Best $40 I’ve ever made. :)

  • Alana Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was hand me a piece of chocolate. It may sound trite, but at that very time I was feeling the deepest misery that I have in my entire life. A teacher of mine saw the sadness within me that everyone else missed and I could see true compassion in his eyes as he extended his hand. I will never forget that gesture of kindness, nor how important it was for me to feel cared for at that particular moment.

  • Sherry Carr-Smith Says:

    When my first husband died, friends and strangers raised money that paid for some hospital bills and bought a rocker/recliner. Every time I sat in the chair to rock our 6-month-old son, I thought of all of those people. Long after the money was gone, and the chair even, I think of the kindess that helped me get through a very hard time.

  • jen Says:

    Just this past Saturday I was flying alone to visit my parents with my 5 year old and new 6 week old sons. I somehow managed to get our 2 suitcases, 2 carseats, and 2 children to the check in desk and the computer told me I couldn’t check my bags more than 4 hours before my flight. Whaaaat?! The lady behind the desk confirmed that my flight was, indeed, at 4:50pm, not 11:25am. That was what time I was departing to come back home. Whoops! Well she miraculously was able to get us on the next flight, and even waived the $260 fee it should have cost me to switch, saving us either 5 hours in our home airport or a trip all the way home and back, lugging all that stuff with us!

  • jessica Says:

    There are too many nice things that have happened in my life to pick just one. I just feel fortunate and blessed to encounter such amazing people in my life.

  • Anita Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done is love me unconditionally. Pretty nice!

  • Carrie Says:

    When I was in the Marines, I broke my legs and was on bed rest for 6 weeks. In the Marines, they separate men and women so I was completely alone in a corridor. It was awful. I was also in S. Carolina while my family was in Texas. My sister surprised me by coming to visit. One of the best moments of my life.

  • Caitlin Says:

    My sister threw me a surprise birthday party and invited all my friends, which was nice since I had gotten accustomed to not doing much to acknowledge my birthday. I’m not sure if it’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me, but it’s the first thing that comes to mind.

  • Alison Says:

    I am so lucky, because I have too many nice things to choose. The one that stands out to me at this moment is how, on the day of our first date, my then best friend, now boyfriend dropped off the face of the earth, only to show up at my door that evening with a bouquet of paper flowers that he had folded that day. It made me feel so special.

  • Superfantastic Says:

    When I was devastated after a break up, a friend flew up from Texas to meet me in Chicago and paid for a hotel for the weekend to take my mind off it. It gave me something to look forward to in those first dark days, which I really needed.

  • Katie B Says:

    After my daughter was born and my husband was back at work, I had a hard time adjusting to solo newborn care. One morning I called my sister in tears and she said, “work can wait…I’ll stop in with lattes and bounce the baby!” And she did, on many other occasions as well. Just one of the ways I am lucky!

  • Katie Says:

    What a wonderful opportunity! The nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me is love me in my darkest times and on my hardest days. That’s all we ever want, right?

  • tina Says:

    It’s pretty awesome when my mom in law offers to watch my kids for a few days so my husband and I can have a break. That is NICE, because they are a handful!

  • Jennifer Says:

    I couldn’t even begin to list the kindnesses of my parents and my sister. I am a very lucky woman.

  • Ashleigh Says:

    When my mom was in the hospital, my aunt took me out for a nice dinner at one of my favorite greek restaurants. She handed me a glass of wine and let me bitch about everything that was annoying me/ making me sad at the moment. It was a long list!

  • Alison Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me would have to be the giving me the gift of education, from my parents.

  • Erin Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is driving 2 hours every weekend for 6 months to see me just because I was lonely.

  • Barbara Says:

    As a bridal shower gift many moons ago, my soon-to-be sister-in-law gave me a wonderful framed collage of pictures of my hubby as a kid. The second I opened it up and saw the first picture I turned into mush.

  • Jen Says:

    Someone’s saved my life, and I can’t think of anything nicer than that.

  • Erin Says:

    My husband is so patient with my craziness. Last week I was sobbing for no reason but hormones, and he just hugged me and said, “I’m really sorry it’s hard to be a girl.”

  • Christy Says:

    The first thing that popped into my head…recently, the person ahead of me in the drive-thru paid for my coffee. What a nice surprise when I got up to the window to pay!

  • Shannon Says:

    When my husband and I got engaged a few years ago, we knew we were going to need to scrimp and save every dime to pay for our own small wedding. One day we got a very generous gift card to a fancy local restaurant in the mail from my brother- and sister-in-law with a card that just said “Go out and celebrate.” It was the first time we were able to do so without fretting over expenses and made for such a nice note of congratulations.

  • Megan Says:

    When I was a broke student in New York somebody in front of me at a bridge tool booth paid for my toll. It meant I could afford a bagel for lunch that day and it made me ridiculously happy.

  • meg Says:

    Pretty much anything my parents have ever done for me, all the time, continuously, without expectation, ever.

  • Josh Says:

    I have had many nice things done for me, so I just wanted to post to do my part. That was easy.

  • Lucia Says:

    When I graduated college, my dad put together a book of his corny sayings as a graduation gift. I still look in that book 15 years later and smile – it’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. :)

  • Julie Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was to continue to reach out when I have shut down. I never learned to ask for help. I am lucky that my husband taught me to be okay with being human just by showing up.

  • Maggie Says:

    My parents raised me well. Better than anything else!

  • Rebecca Says:

    My parents paid my way through college and law school, giving me the ability to work a job that I really love without having to worry about the relatively low salary – because I have no school loans to pay. Best gift ever.

  • Erin Says:

    My best friend can always tell when I take extra time to look cute or when I put together a new outfit, and then she always complements me on how I look. It never fails to make my day because I know she’s sincere and that she’s paying attention.

  • Jo Ann Says:

    This is so lovely. Being that I am very lucky to surround myself by nice people, I’m always impressed and touched by the little nice things people do. Like, all the time. Nice people are awesome.

  • Melissa Says:

    There have been a lot of nice things done for me, but the most critical nice thing was when a friend came to my rescue when I’d been mugged in a foreign country. I ran into him at the airport and he gave me as much cash as he could so I’d be able to get a new passport and get home.

  • Rachelle Says:

    Usually I am the one helping others, and it gives a good feeling about myself; however from time to time its nice to have something done for you. Given my situation alot of my friends cannot help my physically or financially but they are always there for me emotionally. This in itself means alot to me. Sometimes you just need to have a “bitching session” over coffee, wine, or lunch. So for those who have listened to me complain about various things..thank you for lending me an ear to yap into :)

  • Sheri Says:

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me was courtesy of my dad. When I was 20 and broke, stranded in Las Vegas where I’d been living for 6 months, he flew to Nevada, helped me pack and we drove back to Oklahoma.

  • CeCe Says:

    My cancer kiddo patients have thought me how to live my life to the fullest. They have taught me how to live.

  • Jen Says:

    My husband always writes me really nice cards for my birthday. They have become the part of my birthday that I look forward to most!

  • samantha Says:

    When I was getting ready to graduate from high school I couldn’t afford the senior fees, which meant that I wouldn’t get a cap and gown and graduate with all my friends. Someone anonymously paid them for me. It was all in the middle of a hugely turbulent time with my abusive stepfather, and it meant a lot to me that someone noticed that I was struggling.

  • Jen Says:

    My dad helping my write my paper for The Trial in second year university. I really needed help, and it became one of my favourite memories when WE got a good mark!

  • katie Says:

    Reading through the already-posted comments and loving all the nice things people do for each other. It gives me hope! My husband and kids tell me they love me every day, which is pretty much the nicest thing ever. Yay for vaccines!

  • Kelly Heisler Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is on the worst day of my life I found out my brother had an accident and was in the hospital on life support. We knew he wasn’t going to ever wake up and would soon be pulling the plug. I was living in Jacksonville and I needed to get home to Pensacola.
    I found out while my best friend and roommate was home for lunch. After I found out I needed to get home and couldn’t handle getting to the airport and getting on a plane due to shock. My friend dropped everything, called work said she was going to be gone indefinitely put me in the car and drove me the 6 hours straight home. Another good friend immediately called when she found out and was about to get on a plane to come to Jacksonville and escort me home on the plane. Both of those girls made me realize how amazing my friends really are. Thick and thin. I will never forget their generosity on that day. Forever indebted.

  • Jen Says:

    Pretty much everything my mom does for me.

  • Nora Says:

    These are all wonderful. I’m having trouble thinking in terms of superlative, absolute nicest things, but someone did randomly just give me a glass of wine on the ferry home the other night. Which was nice.

  • Caroline Says:

    nothing earth-shattering, but after moving cross-country, my old and new friends in my new city were so generous in letting me store my stuff in their apartments and letting me crash for weeks while i got settled. i’m not good at letting people help me, but i was so stressed from moving and the anxiety that i’d have to do it on my own, that it felt like they’d lassoed the stars for me.

  • Sheri Says:

    The other nice thing I love is getting flowers. I know it’s hokey but whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, to say “I’m Sorry” or as a thank you, I just love them. (And I rarely get them so maybe that’s why they please me so.)

  • Dominique Says:

    The nicest thing that someone has done for me is put me first and worry about me without having a selfish thought in their mind.

  • Carole Says:

    My dear & bestest friend sprang for a trip to NOLA back when we were footloose and fancy free and she had a career and I was broke.

  • Ari Says:

    When I don’t feel well (physically or otherwise), my boyfriend tucks me in. I guess this is a little thing, but it’s not something I remember anyone else doing for me, ever. It makes me cry sometimes, it feels so caring.

  • LivLaughEat Says:

    After my son was born, my mom stayed with us to cook for us and hold the baby. It was awesome, when I wasn’t confident at soothing him or couldn’t take the crying, I just handed him over and she would rock and sing and sush him to sleep. And when it was time to eat, all I had to do was sit at the table and tasty food magically was placed in front of me. It was a total life and sanity saver.

  • Christian Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is accept me for who I am.

  • Alissa Says:

    The nicest thing people do for me is showing me love. Very simply. Hope this helps show some to others.

  • Sam Says:

    Its a constant thing with my mom. She is always there for me. No matter what. In big ways and small. If its little she’ll send me a sweet card or funny email. If its big then she’ll spend time with me and talk to me. She always makes me feel better, and I know she will always be there for me.

  • Alicia Says:

    The nicest thing someone has ever done for me (and it was done for mw by my husband ) is forgiven me for something I couldn’t forgive myself for.

  • Beth Says:

    The nicest thing I can think of right now is this:

    When I was a senior in college, I had taken a retail job to pay my rent. I was insanely busy, with a full-time course load, a thesis and a 20-hour/week job at a bookshop. Of course, the bookshop didn’t allow time off for Christmas. All my housemates were leaving town to visit their families, and I couldn’t.

    My grandmother heard that I was staying home alone for Christmas, and soon a card arrived in the mail with a check, and the note, “If you have to spend Christmas by yourself, you should at least decorate for it.” I am so grateful to my grandmother for making the loneliest Christmas I’ve ever had much more cheerful. I love that she was the kind of person who saw the need for increasing beauty and joy and helped make it happen.

  • Chels Says:

    A 15 year old girl gave me up for adoption. That takes balls, y’all.

  • Nicole Says:

    Although I’ve been blessed with many kindnesses in my life, I am especially touched by the smiles, hugs, and encouraging comments given to me by both friends and strangers.

  • LivLaughEat Says:

    Now that my son is in daycare full time, he gets sick regularly. (Ugh.) But! Never once have my co-workers complained when I have to run out of the office in the middle of the afternoon to go pick him up and leave them to cover for me. They are so sweet and supportive and always ask how he’s doing. Knowing that they are so supportive makes it much easier for me to put my son first.

  • Erica Says:

    The list is very long. Gifts of forgiveness, kindness, love and generosity when I did nothing to deserve them are cluttered around the top of the list, and seem to obfuscate the grand gesture. It is wondrous to try to pick one, as there are many, many moments tumbling around my memory. Thank you for reminding me to look and see. And to do what I can to make those kinds of memories for my sweet circle of souls.

  • Clarissa Says:

    What a charmed life I lead that I’m struggling to identify THE nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. When I was pregnant with my son, I went through a pretty rough patch and my dad sent me flowers, just because. It was one of the many loving and nice things he has done for me over the years.

  • erika Says:

    Yay for easy good deeds! Sharing this on fb now.

  • Jenna Says:

    When I turned 30, a friend secretly organized a bunch of other friends to buy my a KitchenAid mixer. Even my boyfriend’s mom and aunt chipped in. I cried when I opened it, and every time I use it I’m reminded of all the people who love me. Best gift ever.

  • Carole Says:

    And I returned the favor by talking her into buying overpriced pig bookends that make her ridiculously happy. That’s actually a draw in our world.

  • Christian Says:

    The 2nd nicest thing anyone has ever done for me (since I am commenting twice) is my landlady in graduate school telling me that the garage called, and there was nothing wrong w/ my pickup truck after all, and it was ready to go. She told me years later that she when she answered the call and found out the repairs were $600, she paid for it and told them to tell me nothing was broken. She knew I was a poor student living on Ramen noodles and she told me later she thought I would have been too proud to let her pay had I known.

  • erika Says:

    Oops. Forgot to include nicest thing. The nicest thing ever done for me was giving me an interview for my current job. Someone put in a word for me because I was having a hard time getting the interview with no college degree. Now I have a job I love at a company I never want to leave. What could be better?

  • Chelsey Hancock Says:

    Oh man, too many things to remember…that is one of my favorite parts of riding the train every morning – seeing strangers do random acts of kindness!

  • Terra Says:

    The nicest thing….the morning my father-in-law passed away, my husband, 3 month old & I stopped off to get coffee for the family. They stayed in the car while I tried to keep it together while ordering all the drinks. When I got to the car, ready to cry, a stranger opened my car door for me. It was such a small thing, but exactly the gesture I needed at that moment.

  • Ashley Says:

    My husband has always been incredible. He has done a million nice things for me but a few are: giving me $1,000 only 5 months into dating so I could get my car fixed, waiting on me hand and foot after I had oral surgery, and always dropping everything to talk to me about something that’s been bothering me.

  • Sheryl Says:

    My 15 year old daughter will still crawl in bed with me, or into my lap, a couple of times a week for a snuggle and a chat. Best thing ever.

  • courtney Says:

    I had a man who did not know me grab my shopping car from me and offer to take it back to the store, as I had my 7 month old son with me. It’s a small gesture, but it was sure thoughtful. Nice things don’t necessarily have to be giant or life changing. It’s the little things that matter.

  • Ines Says:

    Strangers all across this big earth have helped me in times of need–with rides, mechanical assistance, a place to sleep, a cup of tea, a hot meal, a hug.

  • Kristin Says:

    So many people do nice things for me! I’m a lucky girl. But every day my husband does something nice for me, whether it’s making me a fresh-baked cookie to enjoy with my favorite show or just giving me a hug when it looks like I need it.

  • Lauren Says:

    This isn’t anything crazy or life-changing, but I still remember when my husband and I first started dating and he drove across town, BEFORE he had to go to work, just to shovel my car our of the snow. He didn’t even come up to my apartment and say hi… I discovered it later when I went to work! I’m glad I married him :-)

  • Chiara Says:

    It’s hard to think of the nicest — I live a blessed life. But it’s the little kindnesses that I think make the difference, when you add them all up.

  • Gary Laverty Says:

    i saw a rainbow today ..

  • Gary Laverty Says:

    i saw rainbow today ..

  • Wendell Says:

    My sweetest of friends, MJ, took off work to be by my late husband’s and my side during his last weeks. It was kind and generous and so very much needed. The truest gift I may ever receive. Man, I needed it.

  • Gary Laverty Says:

    i like rainbows

  • Sarah Says:

    For twenty years my parents got up every weekday morning at 4:00 am – they fought traffic, worked long hours, and saved like crazy so that my brother and I could each get through four years of college, debt-free. I can’t think of a more incredible gift.

  • Gary Laverty Says:

    sunshine an rainbows

  • Gary Laverty Says:

    rainbows an sunshine ..

  • Gary Laverty Says:

    sunshine after the rainbow ..

  • Maureen Says:

    I’ve been reading you for years, Maggie. You do good things.

  • Maureen Says:

    Really good things.

  • Sheryl Says:

    I’ve got another one: A couple of years ago, I was struggling with depression, struggling at work, and barely sleeping at all. I really felt like I was circling the drain, but didn’t know who or how to ask for help. My office mate recognized what was going on, called her wonderful doctor (who wasn’t taking new patients) to get me an appointment, and even offered to come to the appointment with me. I really needed someone to take charge, and she was the only one who recognized that. I’m on the right meds now, and I’m more even and enjoying life more than I have in years. That simple act of seeing that I needed someone to take control for a moment, and not being afraid to do it, saved my life.

  • Maureen Says:

    Yes indeed.

  • Kristin Says:

    What you’re doing here is pretty nice!

  • Carly Says:

    I love this!

  • ruth Says:

    nice things that happened today: my colleagues are funny. always.

  • Megan Says:

    My BFF took me in during a time in my life when I was deeply lost and desperately needing some help and love. I will always be grateful for her kindness.

  • KD Says:

    Maybe not the nicest thing ever but something that sticks with me over and over again is that my parents offer to take care of my dogs whenever we are out of town. My two large dogs are a pain in the ass in general and my parents come over every day (they live a half hour from me) to take care of my grumpy animals when we are not around. They never complain and usually water all my plants. So nice! Love the campaign!

  • Debbie Says:

    My husband dutifully packed and changed the dressing on my c-section wound when it reopened after my staples were removed. That was the nicest thing.

  • Andrea Says:

    I got a lot of help when both my kids were born. I try to “pay it forward” but i don’t know if I feel as generous as the generosity I felt.

  • Rachel H Says:

    My husband brought me popcorn the other night when I had a craving, even after I told him not too bother because he was busy.

  • Erin Says:

    One evening I was feeling particularly sad and ill and my hands were dirty but I didn’t have the energy to get up and wash them. My husband brought a tub of warm soapy water over to me and washed my hands for me.

  • Heather Says:

    I felt so loved after my cousin died, since my best friends couldn’t be there in person, they checked on me constantly until I was ready to talk. Then we spent a long weekend together holed up in my girl’s apartment and they just showered love on me.

  • Stephanie Says:

    There is gonna be a theme here. The nicest thing my husband has ever done for me is surprising me with brie and sushi after having our baby…oh, and getting up with him in the middle of the night – every night.

  • Maureen Says:

    I can’t think of the nicest thing ever but just yesterday a really lovely, nice thing happened so I’ll share that. My good friend moved away a few months ago and sent me a postcard. I sent her one back. Yesterday I got a two page letter on adorable stationary proclaiming us pen pals and promising another letter to come. It was so sweet and special to receive.

  • Heather Says:


  • Stephanie Says:

    The nicest thing a friend has done for me recently: Showing up with frozen pizza, ice cream, diapers and wipes after I had a baby. The woman wasn’t even a mom herself, but she knew.

  • Jamie Says:

    What a fantastic project!

  • natasha Says:

    I honestly can’t think of just one “nicest” thing because I feel like my friends and family are always doing lovely things…i am a very lucky woman!

  • Rachel B Says:

    Nicest thing ever: telling me everything wasn’t going to be okay, it was just going to be what it was after my son died. Honest. To the point. And it was followed by a hug.

  • Ange Says:

    My mom let me go away to boarding school when I was 14. I got an amazing education because of it – better than any since then, and I have a doctorate now. The local public school was no good and even though it was difficult financially, and a nightmare emotionally for her, she still let me do it. Having a daughter of my own now makes me realize what a nightmare it must have been for her to let me go, but it was such a gift! Thanks mama!

  • Ariel Says:

    This is the kind of thing that one wonders WHY would anyone NOT do this?
    I had one teacher, last summer semester, who was not only supportive of my going to school and having a baby during the semester, but brought me supplies at home, was flexible…He was so kind, and I really appreciate it, and think of him often. He went out of his way to help me succeed.

  • Brynne Says:

    Probably the nicest thing that has ever happened to me was my good friend offering to buy me gas when I was absolutely tapped out and needed to get to and from work for another week.

  • Em Says:


  • Robert Cockerham Says:

    An aquaintance noticed that I had begun standing at a bus stop in the morning. He sent me an email and let me know that he had an ugly, but solid Ford Taurus he could let me have for almost nothing. I bought it and it made a huge difference.

  • Gary Laverty Says:


  • jbc Says:

    i went with my fiance, who was my boyfriend at the time, to buy flowers for a female friend of ours whose birthday party i could not attend, but that he would. we picked out these truly lovely iridescent pink roses, and i swallowed back feelings of wanting-ness, telling myself how ridiculous it is to feel jealous of my boyfriend giving flowers we’d picked out together to a woman we both like very much. on our way back home he pulled the car over abruptly and told me to wait for a minute. he ran across the street and came back with a nice bouquet of white flowers, saying, “these are for (our friend.)” then offered me the roses and said, “these are for you — i saw the way you looked at them and they’re meant to be yours.” i started to cry because i couldn’t believe the incredible blessing of being with a man who would recognize my shambly feelings in that situation and then go out of his way to respond to my feelings — to be gracious toward me, more gracious than i’d been toward myself after trying to internally talk myself out of having those feelings. anyway, that was when i knew for sure i would marry him.

    hard to convey the lovely truth of that moment, and of course flowers are a blip compared to the importance of vaccines for those who can’t afford them, but thought i’d share one of the most meaningful, undeserved ways i’ve experienced another person’s kindness.

    love that you are doing this!

  • traceyclark Says:

    happy to chime in here about how much our connections, conversations, and comments can make such an impact. glad to be a part of Blogust with you. xo

  • heather Says:

    Great! Love it.

  • BBS Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me this week is to donate money to my dog-rescue fundraiser, so I know how good it feels when other people support our efforts to help!

  • Daffodil Campbell Says:

    Many people have done man kind things for me….but one that I distinctly remember was when I was 20. My husband had left me, my rebound guy had treated me like dog poo, and I was basically in the fetal position, unemployed and miserable. My uncle, a man I had very little contact with outside of Christmas dinner, called out of the blue and offered me a spot in his bartender certification course. He gave me the training so that I could support myself, and I have tended bar off and on every time I have needed money ever since. It was the ultimate example of “give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” He gave me a little help and a lot of confidence at a time when I had none. Plus, he got me out of my bathrobe and out of the house again.

  • Judy Says:

    In 2003 I was unemployed, very broke, and being courted by a nonprofit near Philadelphia (I lived in SF). If I took the job they’d help with my relocation expenses, but couldn’t do that AND fly me out for the interview. Friends of my family donated airline miles to pay for a ticket, my parents paid for my hotel, and a friend of my dad’s sent me $150 cash so meals didn’t have to go on a credit card (months earlier she had offered to pay me to sell some stuff on ebay for her but then ended up not selling it, and I hadn’t wanted to do it anyway, but she knew I needed the money so she just gave it). Everyone knew this was an amazing opportunity for me and gave what they could and made it happen. Let’s do the same for some kids.

  • Elizabeth Says:

    Loved me through my weakness, faults, mistakes, anxieties and abuses. My parents and my fiance have done that for me. Being taken to Italy for a birthday present wasn’t too shabby, either.

  • KC Says:

    My husband and I have three sons. He does all of our laundry – every last stitch, every time, without complaint.

  • Elizabeth Says:

    Also, yay for vaccines!

  • George Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me is give me life. I love you mom!

  • This Confetti Life Says:

    Started thinking of nice things people have done for me and am sitting here feeling incredibly lucky.

  • Lillian Says:

    Nicest thing was my husband during our wedding prep. He kept saying “Whatever you want it to look like, I’ll make it happen for you.” Even when I wanted him to hang flowers from the ceiling without a ladder. He made a stressful day lovely and made my unreasonable requests seem reasonable.

  • TJ Says:

    I’ve been jobless for a year and my family and friends have been trying to pull strings to help me get my foot in the door wherever they have connections. Finally got another job this week thanks to one of them. And the congratulatory messages have been touching.

  • KateMc Says:

    Maggie, thanks for sharing opportunities like this with all of us! I remember a post you wrote about the impact of helping others reach their life goals, this is such a great example of your commitment to making the world a better place. You rock!

    When they discontinued Sr. class trips at my high school, my high school history teacher took me and one of my best friends to Washington D.C. for spring break. It was my first time to fly and ignited in me a love for not only history, but also traveling.

  • Nestra Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me is my husband loving me everyday and making a beautiful baby with me. My two favorite boys are the nicest thing to ever happen to me.

  • Cheryl Says:

    I have had so many nice things done for me by family, friends and strangers that it is hard to pick one but . . . I will. I was in despair my marriage was breaking up. My husband would disappear for days on end and I would be frantic. My inclination was to hibernate and wallow in my tears. But, my fried and co-worker, Linda, wouldn’t let me do it. She invited me to her house every weekend to cook for me and listen to my rants. By the time I actually got divorced, I was much more emotionally stable than I would have been had she not been a true friend. That was the saddest period of my life and she got me through it.

  • Andrea Says:

    I don’t have the mental space to come up with a “nicest thing” today, but I wanted to comment!

  • Mara Says:

    My parents bought me a U-haul rental for my college graduation present so that I, their only child and my then-boyfriend, now-husband could move half way across the country to see more of the world, stretch our sense of independence and find a city that feels like home. A home a long, long way from my parents who I love so much it hurts. I sort of thought we’d move back, but just before we left my Dad hugged me and said he knew I was leaving for good, that Minneapolis wouldn’t be home any more, and he was right. At the moment, I didn’t appreciate their gift, but oooh as a few years pass I start to understand in a tiny, tiny way how big of a gift that was, and what a kindness to not make me feel beholden or guilty. They did nothing but share in my excitement and finance my ability to leave.

  • michelle K Says:

    It sounds super small, but once my ex-husband refilled my favorite lotion bottle. It was my least favorite task and my most favorite lotion. Long divorced now, I always think back at his kindness in doing that without being asked.

  • Christy Says:

    Once in college I wrote a paper that won an award. I had to present at a large conference and I was really nervous. I visited a professor I liked to ask for pointers and when I told her what I was doing, she smiled HUGE and interrupted me by saying, “Your essay won?! That’s fucking sexy.” High fives. Best reaction ever – I had been feeling nervous instead of proud, but her comment turned that around.

  • Robert Cockerham Says:

    Oh! I forgot about one time someone anonymously sent me two $100 bills in the mail. Cash, with good wishes typed into the margin of the bills. I was at a very low, very broke, and it felt like $2,000 at the time.

    Never figured out who it was from.

  • Anna Says:

    our new neighbor, whom we really don’t know well, mowed our lawn after he mowed his own — just pushed the mower right over to our side and kept going! i ran outside to say, “what the?” and “THANKS!!!” and he just said he’d noticed we had crazy hours, and that we didn’t have much time or energy because we have a new business. it was so kind, observant, thoughtful, selfless, and simple. and it made a huge difference in my mindset and to-do list!

  • Emily Says:

    Having friends and family there to support me during the toughest time of my life will always be the nicest thing to happen to me.

  • Steven Says:

    i hope this is legit! The nicest thing was my wife saying I do!

  • Jenny Says:

    The list is so long, but one of the nicest things was when my parents paid for my husband and me (broke at the time) to go on vacation with them to Ireland. It was a charmed vacation, gorgeous, perfect, and we hadn’t been on vacation for years, and it was right before my husband got very sick and wouldn’t go on vacation again for years. It stands out in my mind as a golden week, an absolute gift.

  • TRS Says:

    One of the nicest things anyone has done for me was my parents sneaking my sister in to the hospital to visit me when I was 16 and in for a week of stressful observation. She was too young to visit, and they lied to the security guards. She had been sleeping in our bunk bed alone, and I wanted to see her more than anyone.

  • Christy Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was to anonymously pay for my bill as I had lunch at the airport with my boyfriend (in his Army BDUs) before sending him back to the Middle East in 2004. I was already so emotional that day, so the thoughtfulness of the gesture has been forever planted in my heart.

  • Lindsey Says:

    oh, so many nice things here. Can’t say the nicest thing ever but most recently, how my little guy put both his hands on my cheeks and turned my head to give me a kiss after I got home from work.

  • Katy Says:

    thanks for doing this!

  • Trissy Says:

    I didn’t get asked to Prom in high school and I was feeling a little loserish and angsty. A friend dropped a flower and a sweet note on my doorstep that evening. I’ve since lost touch with her. Thanks Nancy Soares,wherever you are!

  • Hope Says:

    Oh darn it – I didn’t read the directions carefully enough for my first comment.

    So: I’m having trouble coming up with THE one (too many) but a sweet, small niceness was when a clerk at Panera held my baby while I got coffee. The little ones are sometimes the best :)

  • Mandy Says:

    Always happy to see this kind of thing.

    When my daughter was a few weeks old, she got very, very sick. I took her to the doctor and he prescribed a medicine. The pharmacy gave me the wrong kind of mouth syringe and I accidentally gave my tiny baby ten times the dosage of medicine. I realized it and rushed to the emergency room. The ER told me it would be a four hour wait since it was not immediately life threatening. I sat in the corner of the waiting room, sobbing and thinking about how I didn’t deserve this sweet baby of mine. The nurse came in and called the next patient’s name. It was an elderly man who looked terribly ill. He pointed to me and said, “that baby is going to take my room. Put me at the end of the line.”

    My daughter ended up being alright with no liver damage. I tried to find the man after we left the ER, but I couldn’t. Who knows how long he waited in that waiting room.

  • Elizabeth Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me is love me!

  • BBS Says:

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me was my husband asking me to marry him.

  • Julie Says:

    We are in the final days of Blogust! Will we make it? Everyone needs to comment. Let your voices be heard. Save a child and save our future.

  • Carrie Says:

    One of the nicest things I can remember is my dad comforting me when I was crying by telling me that tears ‘clean all the crap out of your eyes.’ He made me laugh, and made it ok for me to feel all at the same time.

  • Christina Says:

    Though it’s a tiny thing, I still remember fondly the day I was stood up for a date at starbucks and the barista comped my self-soothing sugar bomb of a frappuccino.

    (($20! This is AMAZING!))

  • Ann Says:

    Nicest thing? My neighbors held the school bus for me and my son this morning. That was pretty nice of them.

  • Andrea Says:

    The nurses who were on my floor while I gave birth to my baby boy last year. They were doulas and sisters and oh such wonderful women. I will always be grateful.

  • Leatitia Says:

    The nicest thing for me was reading the comments people left after the birth of my son. So much love, so much caring. I felt incredibly blessed.

  • jami Says:

    What a great way to help kids!

  • leandra Says:

    My husband (when he was still my boyfriend) brought me freshly picked wildflowers wrapped in a damp paper towel when he picked me up at the airport. We had been dating three weeks and it’s obvious why I married him.

  • Ann Says:

    My friend helped me move my giant dresser up three floors. No elevator. Thanks, Dan!

  • jami Says:

    I’m having a hard time coming up with the nicest thing, but here’s one: when I turned 40 this year, my husband surprised me and flew my two oldest friends out from the east coast to celebrate with us.

  • Jenny Says:

    I really think the nicest thing — or maybe I should say the best thing — anyone has ever done for me is to forgive me for a terrible mistake I made. Not that there were no consequences, but I was really forgiven. Amazing.

  • Naomi Says:

    I find that the friendships I’m making through my blog and various online classes have filled a part of my heart that I never knew needed filling. I am so content and confident because of it.

  • Kate Says:

    My husband and I just bought our first home and when we arrived at the house just ahead of the moving truck, my mom and sister-in-law had stocked the fridge with dinner, dessert, champagne, wine, and beers. Angels.

  • Rachel Says:

    My mom put a handmade “love note” in my lunchbox every day from 8th-12th grade. That was so nice.

  • Mary Says:

    The nicest thing people have done for me is to just love me and never stop. Even when I don’t deserve it. People who have never given up on me.

  • Amy Says:

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me was give me a place to stay when it wasn’t safe for me to go home growing up.

  • Andrew Says:

    A very nice thing that a friend did for me recently was on my last day of work before moving to another job, he secretly got everyone to wear plaid, which I was notorious for. I was kind of choked up to see that so many people were willing…

  • Margaret Says:

    Every time my boyfriend has helped me move and said “Of course” when I thanked him.

  • Penelope Says:

    I don’t know what *the* nicest thing is, but I have always been so touched that my parents helped support me financially my first year out of college so that I could take an internship I really cared about at a human rights organization, rather than a job I hated somewhere else. They called it a “loan” but asked me to “pay it forward” rather than pay it back. I’ve been doing that ever since.

  • Liz Says:

    Probably has to do with all the naps I got to take with my first baby due to my mom offering an hour here and there when she’d see how exhausted I was.

  • Arrie Says:

    My Nicest Thing is an ongoing thing. I’m struggling through a bout of depression and anxiety right now, and a few select friends have access to my personal blog where I write about all of the horribleness. After they read it, they don’t ask me talk about it, but they will send me encouraging texts and emails with their support and love. It means so, so much to know that they’re with me through this.

  • Michelle Says:

    My partner taught me about unconditional love.

  • Allison Says:

    In college, right after Katrina devastated the gulf coast, I traveled down to do some volunteer work with our alternative spring break program. The first day we got there, we were all very, very upset at the damage. All incredibly shaken, no one spoke to each other for hours. We’d gone to the one standing restaurant for miles and miles – a crappy taco place, even though none of us could afford a meal out. A man came over and asked us what we were doing here in Mississippi, and he chatted with a few of us for a moment and left, none of us thinking anything of it. When we went to pay for our meal, we found it had been paid for and we’d been left a note that just said “the people of Mississippi thank you.” We were all so touched that this man, in the midst of tragedy and losing his home, would take the time to pay for our meal.

  • Jenny Says:

    My best friend has helped me move across country many times – she’s pretty awesome!

  • Christen Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me has actually happened several times…when my babies were born (the last one 5 weeks early), and when I had surgeries for a herniated disc and gall bladder, my “village” of WONDERFUL friends brought dinners…lots of them. It is amazing how helpful a hot, prepared meal can be for a Mom that is not functioning at 100%. :)

  • Megan Says:

    I have been blessed by far too many wonderful people doing nice things. But in recent memory, my best friends cooking an amazing potluck and bringing it over with champagne on New Year’s a couple years ago. I had just got my heart broken and literally couldn’t figure out how to organize plans let alone face midnight and a new year in my new paradigm. Their care in creating a place for me to be that night and feel loved still makes me tear up. Doesn’t seem like much – but I’ll be forever grateful.

  • Kiera Says:

    The nicest thing? Just being my friend.

  • Penelope Says:

    And the second comment is going up to say that the nicest thing someone i never met ever did for me is invent vaccines against horrible afflictions like Measles and polio. We take for granted being able to grow up healthy in places like the U.S. these days. Thank you to those research scientists who gave me the blessing of a healthy childhood!

  • Jeannie Says:

    I’m pro-vaccination! I would love to support other kids being healthy!

    As for the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me … That’s a hard call. I guess I’m lucky there have been some great things over the years! The nicest inadvertent thing would probably be casually mentioning my name, ten years ago, to someone who happened to be looking for a writer which ended up launching my career. Which was awesome. The nicest “on purpose” thing was my now-husband who I met on the re bound who believed in me enough to create a life with me. And now we have two kids and a mortgage. :)

    Thanks so much for doing this. It’s a very very nice thing.

  • Kelsi Says:

    I was in the hospital on strict bed rest while pregnant with my twins (now 9 years old). My friend Priscilla would come over twice a week at lunchtime and put lotion on my feet. It sounds like such a small thing but it was so kind.

  • Shasha Hampton Says:

    There have been numerous nice deeds committed on my behalf. Two incidents stand out from the rest. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was on the verge of homelessness days before delivery & my mother-in-law saved the day and provided the deposit I needed for my new apartment. The second incident involved moving. A friend’s father helped move all my things from the dorm to my new apartment. Had he not done me this kindness I would have been forced to lug a shopping cart up several blocks. I will always be extremely grateful to them both for their generosity in spirit.

  • Megan Says:

    A second thing involves one of the same friends – back when we were 13 and part of the “popular” group…which just meant that every few weeks someone was made the sacrificial lamb to receive the maelstrom of emotions and hormones that revolve around being a pre-teen. I was on the axe at one point and as the group hurled insults and general meanness my way, one friend stood on my right, the other on my left, creating a little fortress as they defended me in the face of such terrible words.

  • Kendra Says:

    My husband rubs my feet when we sit on the couch together.

  • Kelsi Says:

    And another…
    I have a friend who will do anything in the world for me. I have gone to Europe and Sundance with her twice. We’ve gone camping together and taken our kids to disneyland together. And all of those things are really, really wonderful. But the nicest thing she has ever done for me (and continues to do for me daily) is to love me unconditionally. I am completely free to be myself around her, without fear.

  • Lydia Says:

    One of the nicest things my parents did for me was to get me vaccinated as a child!

  • sophie Says:

    my parents were always my best allies.

  • Erin Says:

    I <3 vaccines!

  • Shauna Says:

    I recently moved to NYC and I am surprised consistently by the kindness of New Yorkers. :)

    This is great post – Maggie, you are an inspiration!

  • Chantel I. Says:

    My sister-in-law bought me a very nice picture frame to congratulate me on my recent engagement; an engagement that the rest of my family has totally ignored with no words of congratulations or encouragement.

  • Mfree Says:

    yesterday a stranger came to my rescue with an air compressor when my tire was deflated. maybe not the nicest but certainly worth a comment.

    yeah for good things!

  • Flora Says:

    When my husband is patient and gracious when I am not deserving of this behavior in that moment. I try and do the same when the roles are reversed!

  • Karin Says:

    The nicest thing done to me has been the quiet, persistent refusal of my fella to let me believe the stories in my head. No other act has challenged me as much to be the best person I can be.

  • Shannon Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was to be honest with me through the most difficult experience of my life – honest advice and honest opinion about what I had done – which enabled me to get real and face the situation and take action to move forward. It literally meant my life.

  • Abby D Says:

    The nicest thing ever done for me? My stay-at-home-dad/husband makes my day daily!! Oh, let me count the ways…he makes the bed so I feel civilized when I lie down in the evenings, he does the laundry so I don’t have food on the shoulder of every piece of clothes I own, he cleans off the kitchen island which maintains my sanity, he even cleans bathrooms on occasion.

  • Laura Says:

    My best friend has bought me a ticket to fly to Anchorage, & drive & camp down the Canadian coast with her. I leave next week!

  • Snow Gray Says:

    When traveling with my wheelchair bound Grandmother in Spain, we took the Metro a lot… but there were almost no elevators. So I, at age 11, had to take her wheelchair up and down flights of stairs to get to the stations. A ton of kind strangers helped me with carrying it, and it really helped brighten my days.

  • nycwhofan Says:

    The nicest thing/surprise was when I won a cruise on the QEII in 7th grade. First vacation I remember my mother ever taking.

  • meg Says:

    When I try to come up with one big thing someone has done for me, I end up contemplating the million small and amazing things I’m the recipient of nearly every day. Friends’ snail mail letters, my child’s smooches, work colleagues and mentors who give you great advice. It’s all the lovely minutia that makes me grateful.

  • kasaro Says:

    nicest thing? i couldn’t narrow it down enough, but i am lucky to have many wonderfully nice people in my life. nice things happen daily, and that’s pretty nice in itself.

  • Rhiannon Says:

    When I was going through a particulary hard time when my dad was dying, my freinds would send me hand written cards telling me how much they love me, so that I would have kind and loving thoughts when I would get home. Their kindness fills my heart every time I think about it.

  • Liz Says:

    Lots of things. But one that comes up (for good reason) is that my fiance is building me a house.

  • KEL Says:

    This is a tough question… I’m remembering so many nice things people have done, but I having a hard time choosing one as the nicest. It always seems like the small gracious gestures are the ones that are the most surprising and best.

  • Kathy H Says:

    To make a very long story short, someone (who is now a dear friend of mine) recommended me to teach a class through the park & rec. I was a very unlikely candidate as I was very shy and awkward. Through the teaching gig I have gained self confidence and self esteem that I never had before. Now these years later I am a better person and have a better job than I would have if I had never started teaching. She changed my life with that recommendation!

  • Heather Says:

    After leaving an extremely stressful and unfulfilling career, my boyfriend is supporting me while I figure out what I want to do with my life. No pressure, no guilt, just…letting me figure it out. I’m grateful every single day for this.

  • Evani Says:

    I’m in! Count my comment for a good cause!

  • Eithne Says:

    Hard to choose the nicest thing any of my family and friends have done – but on a slightly different note, travel has really affirmed my faith in the niceness of strangers. So many people have helped me out along the way: top of the list is the Lufthansa gate agent at Munich who was super sweet to me after a hellish journey. She went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that I – and more importantly my 1 year old nephew – were looked after.

  • Rhiannon Says:

    Also, I am going through a tough break up, and my friends text every day to tell me how strong I am and how I deserve better. Even thugh I already know it, it means the world that they think it too.

  • Katie B. Says:

    Hmm. I am hard pressed to decide on the nicest thing anyone has ever done fir me, so I’ll go with a nice thing someone did and didn’t realize: when I was going through a hard time in life, I often stopped on the way home from work to see my middle nephew, who my folks babysat once a week. Every time I stopped by, he would see me and run towards me full tilt for a hug. It’s no wonder he’s my favorite.

  • Tara Says:

    It’s hard to come up with the nicest thing ever. How about the nicest thing today? My manager gave me a day off next week, for free.

  • Elisabeth Says:

    What a wonderful and simple way to fund raise. I’m more than happy to help. Great cause!

  • Alaina Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me recently (ever is just too hard to decide) is spend lots of time listening and reflecting with me as I sorted out a difficult situation. Friends are so good.

  • Sheena Cotton Says:

    My little girl telling i am beautiful is enough for me – kindness from babes :)

  • Erin Says:

    The nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me is a bit too personal for public consumption. But! This year I met the nicest friend ever, so just having her in my life is probably one of the nicest things anyone has done for me. (Yay vaccines for kids!)

  • Katie P Says:

    My girlfriend did all the dishes last night after I made dinner – it was really nice.

  • Elisa Says:

    One of the nicest things I remember was how my sister came to visit me when I was terribly depressed. She made sure I ate and we watched lots of light-hearted movies. It helped.

  • Alyssa S Says:

    There have been so many great kindnesses done to me, that I don’t know if I can pick just one. But for now, the best thing that someone most recently did for me was reflect to me how important my dad was to me. She told me that she knew because of how I spoke of him and the little things I’d told her over the last few years that I’ve known her. Hearing from someone else that they knew he was my friend and not just my dad means the world to me and I know it would mean the world to him to. That was an amazing kindness that I doubt she even knew she gave me.

  • Stephanie Says:

    I love reading about all the nice things done for and done by everyone above.

    I can’t think of one outstanding nice thing – but thinking in general about how family and friends came to help with time, meals, supplies once our baby was born, made me feel so loved and less overwhelmed about the new experience of being a mom.

  • B Says:

    Not the nicest thing, ever, but the nicest thing recently comes to mind: my mom is being treated for ovarian cancer (and kicking its ass!!!!) and my boss’s wife made my mom a lovely quilt. And one for me. And one for my sister! I was overwhelmed.

  • Kim Says:

    Teachers helping me to believe in myself when I was young.

  • Nikki Says:

    My mother-in-law took the kids so I could sleep in. And there was coffee made for me when I woke up.

  • Margaret Says:

    My friends did my dishes for me when I was very depressed and couldn’t face them.

  • A Says:

    Being told that I’m more than I think I am from a true-blue friend. Again and again.

  • Veronica L. Says:

    Nice things happen to me all the time, I’m very blessed. I am lucky to have great friends and a solid family. The best thing that ever happened to me was my son, He is now 18, graduated from high school and about to start University, and very nice. My amazing stepsister is how I came to this blog, and definitely among the nicest things to ever happen to me, thank you Rhiannon for being an amazing person and sister. Hugs and smiles go along way and are so very nice.

  • Michelle Says:

    Its such a long list, but one of the nicest things someone has ever done for me was introduce me to my boyfriend. She had a hunch we’d be great together and she was SO right. We’ve been together for an amazing three years and he the love of my life.

  • Andrea Says:

    My mom constantly does nice things for me. She recently sent me a diaper bag and sewed me the perfect crib skirt. I’m a lucky lady to have such a wonderful mother.

  • Sarah Says:

    The nicest thing I ever received was the gift of life.

  • Morra Says:

    The un-nicest thing a commenter said? That I looked like John Malkovich.
    The nicest is when I write about having a tough working mom day, terrible mother guilt, you name it, and my commenters are wiser than me and say, “this too shall pass.”

  • Nicole Says:

    When I was 19, my best friend passed away. My mom had just started working at a new school (she’s an elementary school teacher). All of her coworkers heard the news, and they brought me dinner over the next few weeks. I was brought homemade soups, biscuits, and yummy desserts by people I had never met in person. It was one of the darkest times in my life, and I’ve never felt so loved or so cared for. Six years later, and I still tear up thinking about their kindness.

  • Kirsty Says:

    Every time my exhausted husband gets up with one of our kids so that I can sleep…best gift ever.

    And this is the nicest blog post ever. Yay you! Way to flex those mighty muscles for good. You rock.

  • Sarah Says:

    I’ve had so much good in my life it’s too hard to pick the nicest! Yesterday two of my good friends helped me move things into my new apartment. It was wonderful that they graciously offered to help, followed through and did not complain about the broken AC. The best part of all was their enthusiasm and encouragement for my new place! Moving sucks but great friend make it so much better!!

  • Jodie Says:

    24 hours after giving birth to my first child and eight hours after her hungry screams began, I went to a la leche league meeting for help to get her to latch. The entire group stopped what they were planning and instead helped me get Ella to eat. They rubbed my shoulders while I sobbed – more sleep deprived and physically exhausted than I have been ever. I’d forgotten a diaper bag, can’t even imagine what I looked like and was more vulnerable than I can recall being.

    I remember leaving that meeting thinking that sometimes just when you need it, the universe sends you the people you need to get through the hardest trials.

  • Lauren Says:

    I just love this!

    I have a really hard time thinking of the nicest thing, but here are some nice things…

    this week: my boyfriend came to bring me lunch today on his midweek holiday. wawhoo.

  • Roxy Says:

    It’d be hard to pick the nicest thing anyone’s ever done, since there are so many nice things that people do for me each day. But the one that stands out the most happened a few years ago, when my husband and I were moving out of our San Francisco apartment. During all the craziness the morning of the move, hubs accidentally left my brand new macbook on the sidewalk next to the car (instead of putting it *in* the car, as he meant to). By the time we realized it was gone it was hours later and we had already unpacked all our stuff in the new place. We were both totally panicked and freaking out when, moments later, he got a phone call from a Muni driver who had seen the laptop while on her early morning bus route. Since this was literally a brand new laptop, there was only one document on it – which happened to be el hubbo’s resume. She called the number listed, and we got the laptop back! Amazing. We tried to give her money but she wasn’t interested. There are really some awesome people in this world.

  • Lauren Says:

    and longer ago…

    in college my very generous best friend once bought all my books for me when I didn’t have the money before classes started

    and the same wonderful person helped me get a plane ticket for my 11 year old (at the time) bitty sister to come visit for little sibs weekend.

  • B Says:

    Another comment and another vaccination! And another nice thing: as a young dumb kid I rear ended a guy’s car and he let me off the hook. I did the same for a young girl last year and it felt great :-)

  • jenny Says:

    My husband helped me peel and chop apples this morning so I could make a batch of gluten free muffins. He’s pretty nice.

  • Sarah Says:

    My friend brought my family snacks and lunch, and looked after my (and her) kids in my home when I had pneumonia last week. Love.

  • Sasha Says:

    Thanks for supporting Shot@Life! I used to be a social worker and had an HIV positive kiddo on my caseload who couldn’t be immunized for many things we take for granted. one of the nicest things: the first thing that comes to mind is the many friends who came to my aid when I was on bed rest and subsequently had a c-section and appendectomy. I try to pay that forward as often as I can!

  • Alexa Says:

    Picking the nicest thing ever is too hard, so I’m going to share a quick and nice story. When I lived in Seoul, South Korea, I would go to a little mart around the corner to get groceries. One day, when I was paying, one of my ID cards and a metro card fell out of my wallet, and I didn’t notice. Two to three weeks passed, and I figured I had lost them. Then, one day, I walked into the mart, and the lady working behind the counter handed me my lost cards. She could have thrown them away, but she waited until she saw me again. So nice!

  • Katie Says:

    Impossible to pick! KIndnesses small and large should be the predominant texture in all of our lives!

  • Ashley Says:

    After a very rough breakup with my high school/college boyfriend, a guy I knew took me out on a date. I had been so devastated by the breakup it helped me to see that he was just one person and I would have a bigger, and even better life ahead.

  • Emily Says:

    My three-year-old son will say, “I like you, Mommy.”
    I’m 100% certain that I like him, too. My six-year-old daughter likes to draw me pictures all the time. They make me feel pretty darn special.

  • aweb Says:

    My awesome husband is kicking ass at nice during this pregnancy.

  • Cindy Says:

    I don’t even know if I can think of the nicest thing. I have these people in my life that without them I wouldn’t have made it this far after Chris’s death. Those people just being there is the nicest thing ever.

  • Nic Says:

    Like so many others, it’s hard to pick just one nice thing when I have so much to be grateful for! I have wonderful parents who are always willing to help by talking through things with me. They offer a great balance of practical advice, tough love, and warm support depending on the situation. (Yay vaccines!)

  • mmmmm Says:

    My mom took amazing care of me while I was on bed rest after surgery. She is superwoman.

  • JennRoy Says:

    How can I pick just one nice thing, when I’m surrounded by so many? I’m so very grateful for them all.
    Thank you for taking the time to post this, and bring to light, this amazing opportunity to help :)
    You really are a good egg!

  • Nicole Says:

    One of the first that springs to mind is my then-boyfriend (now husband) getting my fellow RA to let him into my dorm room while I was gone at the funeral of my grandmother, who died unexpectedly before Christmas. When I got back to school after break, my room was covered in pink post-its that said “I Love You.” It was the sweetest ever.

  • Anne Marie Says:

    Recently, I went through a scary health crisis. I had so many people send me cards, notes, gift baskets. I had a friend I had not heard from in years send me a very heartfelt letter, just letting me know she was thinking about me and wishing me the best. So, I think the nicest thing ever is to be reminded how much you are cared for in your darkest moments.

  • Brooke Says:

    There are too many wonderful people in my life to thank, so I will go with thanking this mission! Cheers1

  • Beth Says:

    In the throes of a marriage that was ending, my friend (and her husband and her daughter and her son and his girlfriend) drove across country with my son and I. Partially to make sure we got here ok and partially to delay having to say goodbye :) An enormous gesture I will never forget!

  • Jenny Says:

    I feel like I’ve been the blessed receiver of many random acts of kindness. But, most recently, I was in a 7/11 in Japan, looking for medicine to cure a wicked headache. I asked the sales clerk in broken Japanese if they sold any. The clerk didn’t really understand me, but a customer standing on line did and translated for the clerk. When the clerk replied that they didn’t have any, the customer told me to wait a moment. He ran out of the store. When he returned a few minutes later, I realized that he had sprinted to his nearby apartment to fetch me some aspirin from his own supply. I was floored by his kindness. He even tried to translate the “take as directed” instructions into English! Imagine going to those lengths for a total stranger with a headache.

  • Jennifer Says:

    I’ve been very lucky to have wonderful, kind people in my life. I think the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me is when, after giving birth to my second child, finally back home in Chicago, my mom came over every day for 4 months at 6 a.m. to get my older child up, dressed, fed and occupied so I could get a few hours sleep. This was no small thing after being up every 2-3 hours with the baby EVERY NIGHT. I honestly don’t know where I would be without her help. Probably in a mental institution. No kidding! I was also suffering from bad PPD and her help kept me off the ledge.

  • Elli Says:

    This is SO nice!

  • kimberly Says:

    I’ve experienced too much kindness to choose! All the more reason to always remember, “So shines a good deed in a weary world.” -Shakespeare (and Mr Willy Wonka of course)

  • Andrea Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me was to give me a chance.

  • Mags Says:

    Too hard to pick the nicest moment — but all of my friends, far and wide, secretly chipping in to give me a generous gift for my 30th birthday always makes me smile.

  • Am Says:

    My Aunt/Cousin took me to the hospital to visit my Dad every weekend for 2 months even though it was a 30 minute drive in the middle of winter in Michigan.

  • Emie Says:

    a smile from a stranger…….

  • Joanne Says:

    I broke my arm when I was at university and my roommates tied my shoes, fixed my hair and did my nails for me for three months while it healed. That was pretty nice!

    What you’re doing is pretty nice too.

  • Jennifer Says:

    During a medical emergency in which I didn’t have time to call someone to take care of my beloved pets, a friend sprung into action, got a spare key from my neighbor, and took care of them for the two weeks I was unconscious in the hospital. I woke, terrified about what had happened to them. I was so happy they were cared for.

  • ginger odom Says:

    my fiance agreed to try to have a baby with me, not because he wanted a child, but because he knew i wanted a child and that i would regret never having tried if we did not. three years and one amazing son later, he is still the nicest person i have ever met.

  • Nancy Says:

    Lots of nice things have been done for me..so to choose one is tough, my Mom doing my laudry when she comes to visit or she makes me pastry and freezes it to use later or when my girlfriends arranged for me to have 2 weeks of meals after foot surgery:-}

  • Kristen Says:

    My mom rocks it out for me. It’s not a moment, or a “thing” that she has done, but it’s a long list of little sacrifices and extra steps that opened the doors of the world for me, even though I came from a mostly blue-collar family, was being raised by a single mother, and was not likely to have those opportunities were it not for her.

    Hooray for good comments doing good things!

  • katie Says:

    when i was in high school, i had “like the worst day ever.” (gah, i know EVERY day is like the worst day ever in high school). but this particular day was awful because nothing separately was the worst, but all the little things kept piling up and by the time 3:00 hit i was in tears.
    but it all turned around when at work that night, i got not one, but TWO flower deliveries! both my sister and friends that knew i was having a bad day sent them. they didn’t even talk to each other about it. i don’t care who you are, flowers are the best.
    AND a great reminder that small gestures can make a HUGE difference : )

  • Lamisa Says:

    I’ll always remember when my friend came over and gave me a manicure while letting me word vomit on her after a tough day.

  • Jen Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me? It was actually from someone who was being paid to help me — the anesthesiologist during my son’s birth, in fact. It was an emergency c-section with a high likelihood I would need a blood transfusion. After one brief discussion with him, he could tell this terrified me — so when my husband went to be with our newborn son, the anesthesiologist took over comforting me.

    He didn’t have to do that. It wasn’t his job. He could have sat back, monitored my vitals and gone about his merry way. But he saw a woman (and new mom at that!) in need — and realized there was something he could do to help. And he acted on it. It still brings a tear to my eye as I think of how much this meant to me.

  • Kate Says:

    Honestly I think the nicest thing anyone has done for me has been my mom, just being herself. She is the kindest, most generous person I know… and while she isn’t this way “for me” per se, she has completely inspired me, my sisters, nephews and nieces to be more thoughtful and caring people.

  • Elizabeth Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, is love me without judgment! It saddens me to think that there are people who can not say the same, but I am lucky enough to have parents, siblings, and a husband, who all love me for me. Who let me be who I am. I am forever grateful and thankful for this.

  • Felisa Hilbert Says:

    I have been very lucky to have so many people surrounding me with love and kindness but a memory who still in my mind is when I moved to this country and my husband was deploy overseas after 6 days in a new town. New home, new baby and very little English skills. I was very nervous and scare no relative around to ask for help, but 2 ladies show up my front door and offer to help me, smile, give me a hug. They didn’t speak any Spanish and I speak little English but I can feel their love and sincerity. We have been friends and sisters for 25 years…they still don’t know Spanish…but love can communicate in any language!

  • Lisa Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was be with me via text as she drove across Canada as my dad was dying. It was such a relief to look up from the difficulty right in front of me and get these “thinking about you…from Saskatchewan” texts.

  • Jean Says:

    Thank you for hosting this. I have loved reading peoples wonderful comments.

    One of the nicest things was when my husband absolutely supported my decision to move across the country and start my graduate program. His support and unwavering belief in me was essential. And he made our lives out there so marvelous, with good friends, a cute little house, lots of adventures. He rose to the challenge splendidly.

  • Debbie Says:

    My mom doing her every day every time niceties. I am such a better person because of her.

  • Nita Says:

    My friends threw me a surprise 18th birthday party a month early, because otherwise I would’ve spent it alone in my dorm room watching Netflix. It was my first birthday party, and my best friend, knowing that I hated cake, made me a pile of French toast instead.

  • kristen Says:

    My best friend does many, many nice things for me, but one of the nicest was back when we were high schoolers. She went through a phase where she worried I wasn’t getting enough hugs at home (my mother was suffering from inadequately treated schizoaffective disorder, and my father was trying to deal with that and raise my brother and I), so she gave me extra hugs every day.

  • Cristina Says:

    The nicest things that anyone has ever done for me are the things my husband does for me every day. Little things, like preparing a lunch package and leaving it for me in the kitchen. Getting up early to clean so that I don’t have to. Stuff like that. I wish everyone had someone like him in their lives.

  • Kari Says:

    People who love me have collectively done an incalculable number of nice things for me, but when I think of the nicest, I find I think of things done by people who didn’t know me at all.

    Once, many years ago, during the morning rush hour, I fell in the Powell Street subway station–a bad fall; I thought I may have actually broken my back. A young man whose face I never saw (I was facing the wall and afraid to move) knelt down next to me and held my hand until the paramedics came. He didn’t abandon me to the ineffectual MUNI personnel who were first on the scene. I know staying with me made him very late to work. He is my hero.

  • beth Says:

    Would it make more sense to let these kids get exposed to these diseases instead of tainting their bodies with the evil chemicals found in vaccines?

  • Jessica Says:

    When I was a 7th grader the popular girls were talking to one of my teachers after class but before the period was over and they asked her who the prettiest girl in the class was and she said ME. 7th grade was a really awkward, overweight time for me so to have a respected teacher choose me over all the supposedly pretty popular girls has stuck with me ever since.

    Other nice things have happened to me because of the generous things in my life, but that one was powerful.

  • Lisa Says:

    When my Dad died, my Mom flew to my university to tell me and bring me home. A friend of hers drove her to the airport, arranged for someone to pick my Mom up when she landed and bring her to me, and then took care of all the phone calls and arrangements while we made our way back home. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for us.

  • beth Says:

    That was a joke.

  • Shannon Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me? Well, the nicest thing lately was a new friend who watched my two kids on Saturday so I could go to work for a few hours…she made it a little party for them and was just awesome!

  • Jessica Says:

    My mom’s pretty selfless. She’s taught her daughters how to be the same and without sharing between the three of us I wouldn’t be where I am today. Go mom!

  • Natalie Says:

    About a week after my second daughter was born a woman who was the parent of one of my husband’s students made us a wonderful home cooked meal and sent it home with him. All of the early help was gone and he was back at work, but we were both exhausted and surviving on take-out. It was an amazing meal I still think about it a year later.

  • Yvanka Says:

    When I was a high school senior and couldn’t afford a yearbook, my friends chipped in and bought me one, and presented it to me, already signed with such sweet notes. It was lovely.

  • Isabel @alphamom Says:

    I love reading your comments. They are always so smart and inspirational to boot.


  • Cristina Says:

    My parents have allowed me to leave my home, my home town, and my country, travel more than 2000km, pursue university studies abroad, and eventually settle far away from them. All of this so that I can lead the life that I wanted. I hope I will find the strength to do the same for my children, if that is their wish.

  • Rachel Says:

    I cannot count the number of nice things my parents have done for me over the years.

  • Katie Says:

    Well I’ll totally be crying by the end of this…When I was 20 weeks pregnant our unborn son was diagnosed with a birth defect that would require him to be immediately transferred to a hospital 90 miles away. He would need surgery and would spend about 8 weeks in the NICU. The month we received the diagnosis was, by far, the hardest time of my life. I cried every few hours. I could not see the light, which was of course, always there. Through the chest-beating and hormonal sobbing, I could not hear my friends and family and their words of hope and encouragement. It was a dark, dark time for me.

    My wonderful, blessed family worked a vast web of prayer throughout the country. I was put on prayer lists by people I will never meet. My son was lifted up and held by the amazing spirit of these people. I will never get to hug all the people who helped to heal my son.

    Because, don’t you know, 8 weeks after the original diagnosis, we were told Jack’s defect had completely disappeared. And yes, I believe that he would have healed himself on his own. But the gift I was given by my amazing family and their amazing friends is something that has reshaped my life. It is, far and away, the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

  • Hippittee Says:

    How could I say no!

  • laura Says:

    Every person who has professionally taken a chance on me.

  • Jen Says:

    My mom took her vacation time so that she could watch my kids while my husband and I took a trip to Mexico. And while we were gone, so organized my house and all of the kid clutter. So thankful!

  • MariAnne Says:

    So many nice things to appreciate – one of the most unexpected, a high school boy who overheard my birthday was coming up and made me a fantastic birthday cake!

  • Siobhan Says:

    People who had been evacuated from their own homes in the Australian floods last year came to sing in the choir at my father-in-law’s funeral. Some were wearing mud-spattered clothes.

  • Geri-Ayn Says:

    This comment not only provides $20 worth of child vaccinations, but also $20 worth of adult smooches at no extra charge. Charity never felt so good.

  • Camille Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was to love me.

  • Bonnie Says:

    The niciest thing anyone ever did for me was buy my kids x-mas when I couldn’t afford to.

  • Liz S. Says:

    My husband’s agreeing to let me take two years off work to pursue my grad school dreams was the nicest thing he – and anyone – has ever done for me.

  • KB Says:

    Everyday I wake up is another day to marvel at God’s work.

  • Maren Says:

    My teammates have always been there for me, through every up and down. They always greeted me with a hug before practice, cheered for and supported me through practice, and always included everyone in team activities.
    Now that we’re all playing volleyball in college, we still keep
    In touch to support each other and cheer for each other from miles away.

  • Jessica Lee Says:

    My Mother cleaned my house while I was on vacation. Such a nice treat to come home to!

  • Diana Says:

    When I was feeling a little down at turning 35 my boyfriend surprised with a stack of 35 cards each with a different reason to be happy =o)

  • Heather Says:

    One February morning a good friend showed up at my front door with a bunch of fresh tulips. She’d seen them at the market and thought of me, thought she’d noticed I was kind of down lately, and got the flowers for me. I have never forgotten this act of genuine kindness. Every time I buy tulips, I think of her and the bright spot the tulips made in that February long ago.

  • Caroline Says:

    Being forgiven. That’s the nicest thing anyone has done for me. I mean, I try really, really hard to be nice and a good person, but let’s face it–I’m human and sometimes I can be a jerk. To be forgiven is one of the best forms of niceness because it makes certain not to perpetuate the unkindness.

  • Jenni Says:

    My friend sends me hand-me-down clothes for my son. Perhaps not the absolutely nicest thing ever done for me but a really, really nice thing. It’s not even about the clothes. It’s just so nice to know we’re thought of.

  • M Says:

    It’s not the nicest thing ever done, but it’s recent and it meant something to me, so it came to me. I spent time with one of my best friends and her son (my godson) the other night, and once her husband came home, he sent us out for ice cream so we could have some adult conversation. She treated because she knows I’m a poor grad student. We spent almost two hours sitting in her minivan talking about things both important and inconsequential, and having a lovely time, and we both ended the night feeling a bit better about life.

  • Caroline Says:

    And if I can comment twice and it counts then BY GOLLY I will!

    Go team, Go! You’re doing great! And we love you.

  • kate Says:

    I’d say it was when my husband described me as “buoyant”, and said that I help him and all who know me to be lighter. I love that beyond words.

  • AmyBeth Says:

    One of the nicest things I have experienced would be the time a counselor gave to me. She was assigned to me in high school to help with my less than stellar grades, but she really gave me much needed self esteem. She taught me that I was important – A simple, yet life changing lesson in a very difficult time. She started a new practice my first year of college and I was concerned about how I would pay her as a counselor. She told me she would work it out with the college which doesn’t make sense now, but it did in my eighteen year old brain. I later realized she was just seeing me on her own time. Your undivided attention, concern and time is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone and I will be forever grateful.

  • Dena Says:

    Whenever a car stops at the crosswalk and waits for me to cross- it’s the little things.

  • mk Says:

    when i was attending university overseas, i got a call that my grandfather was dying. the only phone in our dorm was in the very public hallway.
    as i sat there. alternating talking to my parents and sobbing, one of the girls on my floor came and sat by me and held my hand. a simple gesture, but it made a huge difference

  • Beth C Says:

    Forgiveness. That is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

  • Paula Bertels Says:

    I hope this will help ;somedays are hard.But someone is alway having a crazy one to.Just not feeling well.

  • Patricia Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was to understand me. In middle school I had a teacher who understood my perfectionist tendencies. She gave me a bit of slack when I was stuck rewriting a paper until it was just right. She made exceptions for me that gave me a chance to work through my issues.

  • Sarah Says:

    It is hard to find the nicest thing when I am surrounded by loving family members, friends, and acquaintances. I think my parents raising me, my teachers guiding me, and my friends supporting me must all tie. <3

  • Sher Says:

    A hug when I’m feeling down.

  • Peter Boersma Says:

    My kids got shots and are mostly healthy. I want others to get theirs too. Thanks Maggie.

  • Frances Says:

    My mum has supported and encouraged (and challenged) me in everything I’ve done. She’s been the nicest thing in my life.

  • Jackie Dropek Says:

    Health is everything. If one comment can keep a child healthy, how could you not?

  • Krista Says:

    What a marvelous idea!

  • amanda Says:

    one of the nicest things anyone’s ever done for me was when my husband threw me a beautiful surprise 30th birthday party with all of my favorite people out there.

  • Elis Says:

    People do nice things for me all the time, and I try to do my best to notice. The nicest thing that anyone has ever done is afford me the freedom and security to be myself, just as I am. Too broad? Maybe, but it counted so much.

  • AmyBeth Says:

    You can comment twice! I will pass this link along and hope this post not only brings vaccines to children in need, but inspires people to be the nicest thing for someone else. It has for me. Thank you!

  • Katherine Stone Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me in the comments? I’d have to say it would be defending me from a troll so I don’t have to. That’s always a lovely thing. ;-)

  • Amy Says:

    Yay vaccines! My mom did the nicest thing for me, by raising me to be happy and loved and reading to me every night before bed.

  • gunter Says:

    My parents were happy to take me and my sister everywhere they were going. They didn’t believe in ‘date nights’ or ‘me time’. I am so thankful they liked being with us :)

  • Anne Says:

    Oooh, doggies, I am all over this. A single act does not come to mind, but my husband, daughter, and sister (who lives with us to help take care of the baby — nicest thing ever, eh?) every day are so nice and pleasant and wonderful to build a life with that I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate.

  • Anne Says:

    Second comment to BUY MORE VACCINES! and to say that the nicest thing happened to me today was a coworker bringing me a yummy scone for no reason.

  • Summer Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me just happened on Saturday. My mom is going to pay for a test I really need. She offered because a similar test changed her life, in her mind. I am still bowled over at how kind & unexpected it was.

  • Lisa Says:

    The nicest thing someone has ever done for me?

    My husband told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

  • Helen Says:

    My wife built me a sheet fort in our living room for us to cuddle under and watch movies on a day when I was having a bad day. It was spectacular!

  • Lisa Says:

    Second comment because I want more vaccines!

  • Linnea Says:

    Seriously awesome. Thanks for spreading the word about a great cause!

  • Summer Says:

    the nicest thing someone who is not related to me did is:
    an acquaintance, after the birth of my second child, came & cleaned my house (including scooping all the dog poop outside) simply because she had wished someone had done the same for her when her child was born. it’s a big reason why we are friends now, and have been through rough times.

  • Debi Says:

    One of the nicest things someone ever did for me was to reach across the back of the couch and hold a stranger’s (my) hand when I was quietly being miserable watching my boyfriend flirting up a storm at camp.

  • Laura in Milwaukee Says:

    I work one of those jobs that involves taking care of others and managing fairly serious crises all day long on behalf of other people (though, I suppose that could be said of anyone’s job…). Anyway. Often enough, I fall into that terrible habit of taking care of everyone but myself and my partner has the greatest way of gently reminding me to pause and eat, or put down my laptop and sleep, or moving my car so I can get out of the house more quickly in the morning. It’s the little things, you know?

    I’ve always wanted to buy groceries for the person behind me. Just someday. Without them thinking I’m a creep or looking for payback or anything.

  • zan Says:

    Someone once asked me if I was okay when I looked like I wasn’t. I thought it was such a nice thing to do that I ended up marrying him.

  • Debi Says:

    My youngest daughter has a bleeding disorder and spent 3 weeks in the hospital suffering complete renal failure as a result of an allergy to her medicine. $125,000 later, we owed just $2000 more and my husband’s friend took a collection at his store where complete strangers donated the final $2000 dollars.

  • Julia Roberts Says:

    Love this campaign so much and thanks for letting me witness it and comment!

  • jenijen Says:

    The nicest recent thing: My boyfriend sent me a text saying he’d come spend the night and get my four kids up and fed and dressed and to school the next morning so I could go to the early morning yoga class I’m missing so much now that school’s back in session. And he did the same thing this week, too. :)

  • Summer Says:

    My three-year-old-son tells me often that I’m nice and I have nice hair.

  • Gary Laverty Says:

    jessica gallagher you are pure sunshine ..

  • Gary Laverty Says:

    im gonna have some toast now ..

  • Gary Laverty Says:

    an tea

  • Maureen Says:

    My husband used to leave a glass of orange juice on the bathroom shelf for me while I was in the shower. I loved that. Then our morning routines changed and now I have to get my own. But, man, I loved that he did that.

  • Gary Laverty Says:

    just gona go put the kettle on ho hum ..

  • Min Says:

    My five year old leaves me little notes to tell me she loves me.

  • Kelly Says:

    YAY for Shot@Life and Mighty Girl!

  • josh a cagan Says:


  • Chemjobber Says:

    My wife used to keep me company when I was working late in the lab when I was in graduate school. She is so good to me.

  • Noelle Says:

    My husband took my father and I for a short road trip around my father’s childhood spots about 2 years ago. A few months later, my father was placed in a nursing home and he has not been able to be outside ever since. I will always be thankful to my husband for taking us on that trip. Challenging day but great memories!

  • Melissa Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me is marry me, love me, start a beautiful family with me and still believe in me and laugh with me everyday – Thanks, Matt!

  • Court Says:

    Believed me and believed in me.

  • Michelle Says:

    Yes to vaccines and nice things.

  • Doug Says:

    Watching this wave of Social Good arise in the three short months since Liz’s “Up With Comments” presentation at Mom 2.0 has been flabbergastronomical. Which should be a word.

  • Brooke Says:

    Loved me unconditionally even when I couldn’t myself.

  • margosita Says:

    I was incredibly lonely during my sophomore year of college. My mom had been pressuring me to go out of state with her over the holidays to visit the man she left my father for and I was a bit of an an angry, anxious mess. And when, during a party, I felt overwhelmed and went to sit in a room by myself two of my friends followed and sat with me. They were both guys and even though there were girls they liked in the next room they both hung out with me, listening to me complain and telling me how much they cared about me and offering to go with me on the trip, for support. I don’t know if it is the nicest thing anyone has ever done, but at the time it was exactly what I needed.

  • Ari Says:

    I’ve been wondering where to go with my second comment–my head’s so full of stress and disappointment lately that it’s hard to consider all the nice things. Hard, but vital! So here goes: When I broke off an engagement and had horrible surgery all in the same month, some good friends came and moved everything out of my old place for me, and let me live in their spare room for a few months. I know so many kind people, it’s humbling and wonderful.

  • Lacy Says:

    I’m sure there are many things I could put, but one that happened recently – a man saw my husband and I and our newborn baby at a local cafe. When it came time to pay, the waitress told us he had paid for our meal. He said he remembered someone paying for his meal after he had a baby nearly 20 years ago and he wanted to pass on the favor. It made our day!

  • Rachel Says:

    nicest thing? Not sure if I want to single some moment out as nicest. A very nice thing though, was when my cousin sent me a letter of condolence when I had a miscarriage.

  • Maggie Says:

    The nicest thing? My mom and dad bringing me into a loving home.

  • Laurel Hammond Says:

    My mother and father have never said to me ” you owe me.” Although I do…. tremendously.

  • Amy MacIver Says:

    Sometimes a little wink from a friend or colleague, in the midst of a regular day or a difficult meeting, is just the perfect amount of kindness. It says, “I’m with you. It’s going to be ok.”

  • Jessica! Says:

    I will be forever thankful to my Midwife who rubbed my back for hours while i labored with my first child.

  • Sadie Says:

    Though we don’t vaccinate our own kids, I think this is a great cause. Good luck at reaching your goal.

  • Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Says:

    this is an awesome program!!!

  • Lizza Says:

    “Bless the beasts and the children for in this world they have no voice…they have no choice.” BRAVO Tieks!

  • Kristan Says:

    The moment that’s sticking out for me right now is when my boyfriend told me he knew I was the one when we first kissed. Heart. Melter. I guess it’s technically the nicest thing someone’s ever SAID to me, but I don’t think technicalities should matter.

    GREAT IDEA!!!!

  • CJ Says:

    I can’t think of a ‘single’ thing but my mom loved me unconditionally. The most selfless love ever. I cannot remember a time she got mad, and yet us kids did whatever she asked so as not to see her disappointed. Now she has Alzheimer’s and does not know me, hasn’t for 2 years. Now it’s my turn to love her. I visit her for 1-2 hours 4-5 times a week, hold her hand and tell her I love her. She truly is the best mom in the world. c:

  • Laura Says:

    Shortly after being diagnosed with cancer my amazing friends not only set up a meal train to ensure my little family was fe but also set up a schedule where a friend would spend the night to watch over our one and a half month old daughter. Never have I felt so loved as then.

  • Laura Says:

    While trying to re-do my house I needed to put new baseboard covers on…..My (non-blood) Uncle came over to help me finish the job (while my Dad just wished me luck). Uncle Chet was suffering with cancer and he wanted to be there for me! I still get tears in my eyes when I think of how selfless he was! I miss him very much! <3

  • mim Says:

    I can’t think of a single nicest thing, but I think the little daily nice moments add up!

  • Haley Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was to give me a second chance. It has happened many times in my life and I strive give others second chances abundantly. They have changed my life drastically and I am ever grateful.

  • Melissa Says:

    It seems petty, but the nicest thing someone has ever done for me was to help me get out of a really crummy relationship and move on.

  • Laura Says:

    I am so blessed that God gave me my healthy daughter! xo

  • Monica Says:

    let’s give thee kids a chance:)

  • Michele Chaves Says:

    When my Autistic daughter tells me she loves me and asks me questions about anything and everything, I know I’m truly blessed.

  • Jill Says:

    Awesome! Good luck!!

  • Jackie Says:

    Recently, the nicest thing anyone has done for me was to listen to me vent. Totally first-world problems, but the stress has been piling up, and yesterday my mom listened to me without judgment.

  • Rebekah Maher Says:

    We really take for granted what we have here in the states. The vaccinations so desperately needed around the world are given to us before we’re old enough to know what an amazing gift we’ve been given! Thank you for doing this! :)

  • Raina L Says:

    My mother was in the hospital, dying. The doctors said there was nothing more that could be done. I had been sitting at her bedside for days. A co-worker took vacation time, drove 120 miles, to sit with me and hold my hand. And I will be eternally grateful.

  • Stella Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me…I honestly can’t single one out, but I keep thinking about my grandfather, who loved me unconditionally no matter what.

  • liz Says:

    My husband’s father is a minster, he married us six years ago, and he said the nicest things about me and my husband on that day during the service. I still tear up a little bit when I remember how much heartfelt love was in those few words and tears. It’s a great thing to love someone with all your heart, it’s even more amazing when someone else gets it and can celebrate it with you.

  • Jessica Says:


  • jen Says:

    there are a lot but…one of the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was drive three hours in one direction to come and pick me up when my car stalled out in the middle of nowhere. then we had to drive three hours back. i think that was pretty nice.

  • Nicole Says:

    This is such an amazing cause.

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is provide me unconditional love and support.

    Thank you all so much for doing this!

  • jen Says:

    and i think this is pretty nice too.

  • tracey Says:

    the nicest thing you can do for someone is to give them something without alternative motives….just give it!

  • Erin Says:

    Sometimes it’s the small things. My husband once bought one of those “quotable” greeting cards and wrote a heartfelt message inside and left it on my bedside table to find while he was at work. He’s the kind of guy who jokes around a lot and doesn’t often get sappy, but what he wrote was so sweet it made me cry.

  • Laura Mayes Says:

    Hooray for Shot@Life. What a smart, easy way to better a life.

  • Summer Says:

    My mother in law (who is wonderful and kind) coming to my home 3 days a week to care for my daughters while I work and she does it selflessly and will not accept any money or extra anything for it because she tells me she does it for herself…that it is actually me giving her a great gift.

  • Emily Says:

    One more: In middle school, our teacher asked us who we thought had the most integrity in the class. One kid said me! Dude didn’t know me well, and owed me nothing — and this wasn’t some offhand comment either, because he signed my yearbook with the same comment years later! I was, and am still, honored. And I try to prove him right.

  • KTM Says:

    My best friend asked me to marry him. 10 years and 1.5 kids and it’s still the nicest thing.

  • gracie Says:

    One of the best things that happened to me was that my grandpa woke me up with a song on my 15th birthday!

  • Auntie G Says:

    I am blessed to have lots of examples to choose from. I will pick: I left my script on the El one day and a stranger found it and worked through enough of the cast list and info therein to get it back to me a few days later.

  • Blair Says:

    My honey bringing me my pillow and blanket when I start to drift on the couch.

  • shoshana Says:

    what a great gesture

  • gale Says:

    In my early 20s I was very unhappy, having just moved to a new city where I didn’t know anyone. My sister asked for a list of interests (just 3 or 4 of them). She returned it to me a few days later with ideas under each interest of activities or ways I could pursue them. It meant so much that she recognized my loneliness and took the time to think up some ideas for me.

  • Tina Says:

    My parents’ unconditional love and support. They’re the best!

  • Jennifer Hornbeck Says:

    Loved me for living from my heart!

  • Rema Says:

    People who take the time to listen. Really stop and listen and process what you’re saying.

  • Tia Gubler Says:

    Often when I travel to other parts of the world, I realize how thankful I should be for every. little. thing. I think this is a wonderful opportunity.

  • elsiroomom Says:

    I have been blessed by so many nice things – it is hard to pick the nicest. Here are three near the top of the list:
    When I hosted my parents’ 25th anniversary as a dessert buffet, my then boyfriend (now husband) went to my apartment after I left for the party 250 miles away, and washed all the dishes I had dirtied cooking for the party.

    When my father died, friends called specifically to tell me what my dad meant to them.

    When I was at a party recently, graciously accepting compliment after compliment about how beautiful my daughter is (and she is, and I never tire of hearing it), one of the women leaned over and whispered quietly in my ear, “She looks just like you, you know.”

  • Rema Says:

    What my husband does every day: treats me as an equal partner and works as hard as I do to make sure our visions for the future are aligned and exciting for us :)

  • Kath Says:

    I am a single mum, and my son does the nicest things for me every day. Every day when he gets home from school, he cleans the kitchen and gets dinner started so that when I come home exhausted from work, a lot of chores are already done. At fifteen, I know he would rather be out with his friends or practicing guitar, but he is the absolute best kid in the world.

  • Alina Bradford Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done has been to take care of me when I’m sick.

  • Anabelle Says:

    My friends and family give me their unconditional love and that’s the most I could ever ask for!

  • Megan Says:

    When my husband and I got married, I was a first-year teacher and he was a grad student. Our next door neighbors, a married couple with kids of the own who I had occasionally baby sat for, without asking, paid our rent for the first two months of our married life. They sent a small card explaining that they remember bring young and poor but in love, and that they wanted to pass on the kindness others had shown to them. We’ve been married almost 10 years and have a small savings account set up so that we can do the same thing for our friend’s children in the future.

  • MsHuisHerself Says:

    There have been so many, but last Feb, my good friend & her husband retrieved and babysat my children overnight when I called them while lying on the ground outside my garage with a broken wrist. (My husband was out of the country on a business trip). She also picked me up from ER late that night, brought me to an all-night pharmacy to pick up pain meds, and did my sinkful of dirty dishes when she brought me home. It was so reassuring to know my kids would be well taken care of while I was taking an ambulance ride to the ER and that they would mind them as long as necessary. What a blessing!

    Side note: You know how the top step of a ladder says, “Not A Step”? They really mean that.

  • BethES Says:

    In college, my grandma died suddenly and unexpectedly. My boyfriend (now husband) was going to school in another city, 3 hours away with no car. I called him in tears as I was driving back to my hometown. After calming me, he asked me to give him 15 minutes to call me back. After that time, he called and said he was on his way. He convinced his roommate to let him borrow his car. I’ll never forget the comfort I felt to have him there.

  • Trisha Says:

    The best thing my son (now an adult and a father) ever said to me when someone complimented him on his amazing parenting skills was “Well I learned it from my Mom”. Still makes me feel like the most lucky person in the world to have such an amazing child – and grandchild.

  • BB Says:

    Right at the start of college, my class got out late. It was pitch black outside, and being new to the campus, I was terrified that I had to find my car in the giant, dark garage. A stranger in the class must have sensed my fear, and offered to walk me to my car (in a genuine, nice way). Such a random, greatly appreciated act of kindness.

  • Megan Says:

    Lord– I need to proofread:
    Kids of *their own
    They remember *being young

  • Keane Says:

    I probably don’t know the nicest thing anyone has done for me because it was something done so discretely I probably didn’t notice. I hope I did. Every day, my parents and friends do nice things for me and I’m very grateful.

  • Shanna Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me is donate to the alzheimer’s association in remembrance of my grandpa. He is like my second dad and the fact that a random friend would feel so kind to donate such a large amount of money meant the world to me.

  • Anne Says:

    I am lucky to have been surrounded my whole life by kind people who do nice things. I don’t know if the big things mean more than the little things. My grandmother would wake me up when I was a child with a song that would set my day off right. I sing it to my child now and it puts us both in splendid moods. After my grandmother passed away another student in my university class made a point of taking me out for walks and to do things when I was too depressed to do anything for myself. She didn’t really know me before but what she did helped me through that period of my life. We lost touch but I will always admire her for what she did. I’ve made a point of doing the same for others since. Being nice means sharing in the beauty of life, big and small.

  • Rich Says:

    Yesterday I had to put my wife and two little girls on a plane. The ticket agent gave me a pass to go with them to the gate, then personally came and let them onboard before the “preferred/elite/gold member” passengers to make sure they were comfortable. Thanks Wayne of American Eagle.

    That being said, I’m not entirely clear why those donating the vaccines make it dependent on numbers of comments. Why not just donate the maximum amount of money or vaccines? I mean, it lets me pat myself on the back, I guess but still . . .

  • Kate Says:

    Count me in!

  • Jon Says:

    I moved back to SF a few years ago, and had no place to stay when I arrived with my car full of possessions. Without hesitating, my buddy said I could stay on his couch as long as I needed. Having great friends makes all the difference.

  • kristin Says:

    my dear friend took me and 2 other girls to bali for vacation–that was a dream I probably still would not have made come true but beyond that she is the dearest friend ever.

  • Vera Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me was leave their home, travel thousands of miles, go to my home, knock on my door, and teach me the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I then joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which changed my life forever. I cherish my life and those of others because of the Gospel of Christ.

  • Sarah Says:

    A good friend offered to hang out at the house with my sick monther-in-law so my husband and I could go out by ourselves.

  • Megan Says:

    I am so lucky to have people in my life who make me feel loved and appreciated every day just by being nice. I couldn’t possibly choose the nicest thing anyone has done for me :-)

  • Cora Says:

    I’m not really a commenter by preference, but this seems like a worthwhile cause. I’m in!

  • Maeve Says:

    This is such an amazing idea!

    The nicest thing is the unwavering love and support I receive from my family and friends everyday. I know that I am incredibly lucky.

    Thanks for doing this, Maggie!

  • Blair Says:

    I’m an event planner, and at the end of my biggest event of the year (which takes nearly a whole year to plan), I came home to a spotlessly clean house, jazz music playing, and my smiling soon-to-be husband, who swooped me up in one of the best hugs ever. Heaven.

  • Lacey Says:

    I’ve been involved in so many discussions with friends lately regarding the AWFUL, hate-filled comments posted online after almost any sort of article (especially given an election year)… it makes me so happy (and hopeful) to see nothing but wonderful comments for once! (I realize I didn’t follow directions here – but I hope my comment still counts haha).

  • Lydia Says:

    So hard to pick just one. It’s always nice when a loved one acknowledges your hardship and provides a listening ear.

  • Jane Noir Says:

    My husband drove 3 hours to see me before we were dating, while I was still dating someone else, just to see me for the day at my cousin’s grad party. Just to see me. :)

  • Bethany Says:

    Without fail, my husband loves me unconditionally and without strings everyday. That’s pretty nice.

  • Adriana Says:

    I can’t pick just one, but I’ll go with my parents putting up with me and supporting me through all my never ending nonsense and ridiculous plans and ambitions (which change weekly).

  • Rachel Says:

    Nicest thing EVER is pretty hard, so I’ll go with flowers. Someone sending flowers is always so touching, especially when you’re not expecting it.

  • Shannon Says:

    I have nothing to add, but wanted to post a second time. :)

  • jobonga Says:

    Someone I didn’t know well insisted on being my friend when I was new in town and struggling with grief and depression. She made me dinner and continued to invite me out even when I wasn’t great company. Now she is one of my closest friends.

  • Amanda Says:

    My husband to be stood up to my parents for me
    when I left a lucrative job for an unpaid once because he believed in my purpose and my abilities.

  • Renee Says:

    When a friend ran with me when I felt that I could go no further. It may not seem like much but in that recent moment I wasn’t sure I could continue (even after 6+ months of prep).

  • nicole Says:

    Wahooooo!!! this rocks!!!

  • cjm Says:

    Aww, I can relate to Heather, the very first comment. Same story, down to our age. But probably the nicest thing anyone did for me was my parents adopting me as an infant. Even though they both died by the time I was 19, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Best family ever.

  • Renee Says:

    Okay, since we can leave two… I will. ;) Being forgiven… and not made to feel worse in the moment. These are the moments that shape how you treat others in the future.

    Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us and for sharing the beautiful photo.

  • aubrey Says:

    I’m thankful for amazing friends and family who are always there to comfort me.

  • Caitlin Says:

    Well, the nice thing right now is being flooded by memories of nice things people have done over the years. But for just one, I’d have to say how my husband wakes me up every day. The alarm makes me angry (obviously not a morning person) and so he wakes me up instead (very much a morning person). It’s a little thing but sweet as anything.

  • Jessica Says:

    Awesome cause. The use of vaccines is a cause worth fighting for for EVERY individual around the world!

  • Michele Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was give me unconditional love and support when I was diagnosed with cancer at age 30.

  • Nick Says:

    The nicest thing was when a colleague’s family gave me a meal to take home when I felt very alone in a new city. It seems so insignificant, but it was profoundly moving to me.

  • Mia Sorensen Says:

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with an aggressive form of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. My family, friends and neighbors have all jumped in to make sure that I am smiling at the end of the day!

  • Roselyn Says:

    The nicest thing my parents have ever done for was moving to America, working hard, and giving me all the opportunities America had to offer.

  • Liz Says:

    The nicest thing this week (so far) is that the local barista took the time to learn my name and saw I was having a stressful day–without asking she comped my drink. My latte never tasted better and it was a bright spot on a Monday.

  • Carrie Says:

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for was to marry me. I have the greatest husband in the world!

  • Duffy Says:

    My daughter got locked in the car. Two men stood in the rain and worked on getting the door open for me.

  • Amy Says:

    My husband took me to Italy for my 40th birthday!

  • molika Says:

    this is a nice thing to happen.

  • samantha Says:

    When my husband gets up with our kids and lets me sleep in!! I love him and that he does that for me!!!

  • Ebony Says:

    As a grad student in NYC I had no furniture, so all of my friends banded together and bought me furniture for my bedroom as a surprise birthday gift. Nicest gift I’ve ever received, hands down.

  • Lisa Says:

    I’m too overwhelmed by all the nice things people have done for me in my life to pick the very nicest, so I’ll just go with the nicest thing this week: my boyfriend borrowed my car and brought it back filled with gas AND washed! Such a sweet surprise.

  • Jill Says:

    It is so hard to pick one nice thing, but the first really good one that came to mind is that my sister made and/or finished all of my very fiddly wedding decorations and favors by hand.

  • Tiffany Says:

    Wow. This has absolutely made my day! I love reading everyone’s comments.

    My husband has been unemployed basically for the last two years and I’ve been supporting us both… Everytime my mom can tell the stress is getting to me she shows up with a new shirt or pair of shoes, or slips me some grocery money, or just takes me out to lunch (which is a luxury we can’t afford). I don’t know how I would have made it through these long months without her.

  • Heidi M Says:

    My husband paid for my grown kids, spouses, and grandson to all vacation together with us in Hawaii!

  • Senica Says:

    The nicest thing that ever happened to me : God gave me a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful sons to complete my life.

  • Caroline Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was when a family member allowed me to move in with them to leave an abusive relationship. It changed my life, and I’m so grateful.

  • Stephanie Richardson Says:

    They are simply adorable. Million dollar smiles.

  • Cheryl Says:

    When the situation with my (then) husband got too bad, my sister let me and my kids stay in her home until I got my feet under me. She was very ill and mostly bedridden and my two year old son knew a captive audience when he saw one and would sit and talk at her for what had to seem like hours. When I apologized and tried to distract him she just said to leave him be, he was fine. We lost her a year later.

  • mrs. white Says:

    The nicest thing, the best thing, was when my husband left a writing conference in PA where he was to receive an award and drove through the night back home to NC to take care of me when I was severely depressed. I didn’t know he was coming and he just walked in the door and was there.

  • Cathy F Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was love me unconditionally. There are a number of people in this category, and yet it’s so rare and beautiful.

  • Laura Says:

    I don’t know what the nicest thing ever is….but one of the very nicest things lately has been the emotional support my husband has given me as I struggle with trying to leave a job I’ve needed to leave for a long time. It’s especially nice since he’s been going through a lot lately too.

  • Jan Says:

    My sister hopping on a plane on a day’s notice, crossing an ocean to come take care of me and my newborn baby after an unexpected surgery. Sisters rock (especially ones that stock your freezer with nummy things to eat and who are happy to get up in the middle of the night to feed the baby so you can sleep).

  • dani Says:

    When I was a kid I fell off my bike and my tire got stuck under the fence of the neighborhood crazy lady with the mean barking dog. This was on a fairly busy road and a family stopped to help unwedge my bike and gave me a ride home. Probably getting in the car with strangers was a bad idea, but they were incredibly nice and didn’t kidnap me. I know that there are plenty of other nice things people have done, but this is the first one that came to my mind.

  • Nicole Melancon Says:

    Thanks for supporting Shot@Life! It is an amazing cause!

  • neo Says:

    My life took a turn when I had an academic advisor listen to me when I was in college. I was struggling in college, almost failing out. My parents are immigrants and had no idea what college was or what it required and how to support me. This advisor just listened and helped me get support and resources that I needed. She gently asked me to consider if I had learning struggles, and with her help, I discovered I had adhd. I learned study strategies and got accommodations. I went from almost failing to being an Honors student and going on to grad school. I can honestly say she changed my life. I now work with college students with disabilities and being able to give back has been immensely rewarding.

  • Megan Says:

    When I was 18 and a freshman at college 3000 miles away from home, mildly depressed and clearly not ready to be at college right then, my parents let me drop out of school in January, come home, and transfer to a different school the following fall. It was the best decision for me at that point in time, and not only did they make it possible, but they supported me unconditionally, from start to finish.

  • lisa Says:

    i think my boyfriend (now fiance!) proposing was pretty nice. :-)

  • Maia Says:

    I don’t think anything stands out at being “the nicest thing ever” but people have done nice things for me. Here’s to $20!

  • elicia Says:

    Nicest thing recently: After borrowing my car an Aunt left wine and camping wine glasses in it for me. Small, but very thoughtful!

  • Terri Says:

    Thanks for supporting this cause, my daughter is going to Kenya next week to help treat wounds in a remote village. These financial contributions help programs like the one she is going on with medical supplies.

  • Jenn Says:

    My best friend listening to and truly caring when I’m and absolute mess over something.

  • Elizabeth Says:

    You know what’s really nice? Trying to think of the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, and realizing that, man, I know a lot of nice people doing a lot of nice things for a lot of other nice people. What a gift.

  • Lisa May Says:

    Out of the blue from the back seat of the car a few weeks ago, my 4 year old said, “I love you even when you’re angry.” I wasn’t angry at that moment, but that was one of the most generous gifts I’ve ever been given.

  • Jen Says:

    The nicest thing any one has ever done for me was when my sister planned a full day of (relaxing) activities for our family on my canceled wedding day when I would have otherwise been a complete mess.

  • eliza Says:

    It’s difficult to pinpoint the _nicest_ thing anyone’s every done for me, since I feel quite blessed, but the nicest thing today was my supervisor insisting I go home from work early because I wasn’t feeling well.

  • Melissa Says:

    When anyone brings me iced coffee without asking

  • Genesis Says:

    So many things…but the way our friends rallied around my family when my dad died (suddenly, and much too young) is something I will never forget. They brought meals, took care of stuff that needed doing, loaned us a vacation home so we could take a break from the craziness, gave us lots of shoulders to cry on, checked in on us regularly – just gave us lots of love and care. I will always be grateful for that support during such a difficult time.

  • Lauren Says:

    One of the nicest things – some friends had our wedding cake refrosted day of (it had been damaged – they had to drive to another town to get it fixed). Didn’t say a word until long after the wedding and the cake looked perfect. Often the nicest things people don’t even take credit for.

  • Jessie Says:

    One of the nicest things that my boyfriend has ever done for me is just laying with me as I cried and attempted to make sense of my grandfathers death. We all lose people who have made huge impacts on our lives and the best way to cope is to be reminded of all the love we will always have.

  • Cori Says:

    The nicest thing… My old friend and roommate did not believe me when I told her I was OK and didn’t need medical attention. Instead she drove me to the hospital, and I had my appendix removed the same day.

  • Jon Kotinek Says:

    The nicest thing that anyone has done for me has been to believe in my when I didn’t (and don’t) believe in myself. My parents were likely the first to do this. I’ve had some amazing teachers who have done this, among them Patty Frey, Finnie Coleman, and Joyce Juntune. I’ve had bosses that have done this like Scott, Ed and Suma. My wife, Ashley, is a regular champion and my sons think I’m a superhero and I don’t have the heart to tell them I’m not.

    Efforts like this one remind me that that kind of encouragement is something we all need, and I hope I am and will be the believer for others.

  • giulia Says:

    when i went to camp and my mom took care of my stuffed bunny rabbit

  • Julie Says:

    My parents gave me so much. If I am a nice person, it is down to them.

  • Julia Says:

    All the generous meals left at our house after baby #1, baby #2 and baby #3!

  • Sara Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is let me know I am worth all the great things that are happening in my life, and that the hard struggles are worth persevering through.

  • Beth Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me was to support me when I didn’t think I deserved it. Turns out I do deserve it!

    This is a great project and I hope they reach their goal!

  • Yana Says:

    After my son was born friends and family came over our house and offered food, it was wonderful!

  • Yana Says:

    My parents stocking up my fridge and feeding the cat while we were away on vacation.

  • stacy Says:

    Nicest thing: homemade cookies :-)

  • M C Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me was tell me that they thought that I was a fantastic parent, and didn’t believe any of my daughter’s quirks are my fault.

  • Lindsay Says:

    My sister came through for me on my graduation day when nobody else could.

  • Neena Kiran Says:

    {FreeWill} In every circumstance,

    * you can choose to make a situation better or worse.
    * You can encourage or discourage.
    * You can offer compassionate assistance or withheld help.

  • Traci Says:

    I’m a teacher, and the nicest thing is when a student comes back to say “Thanks.”

  • Peeps Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is to be an unmoving rock of support and faith in who I am and what I am capable of in order to let me come apart and undo long years of abuse. The man I’m marrying hasn’t saved me, exactly, but he has made me a safe place to save myself, to learn that I am worth investing in and caring for.

  • Jenni Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is to stick by me, even in my darkest moments, when it would have been so much easier for him to run away.

  • Qayaqueen Says:

    the year my husband was deployed abroad, I was alone at Christmas in Colorado. my best friend, who is Jewish, flew out from Seattle, and made it one of the best holidays ever….blending traditions from both sides. I felt so loved and valued just for being me.

  • Neena Kiran Says:

    It is hard to pick one person as who has done nicest thing. World is with many nice people.

    My favorite memory, my grandmother who on sweltering hot south indian summer afternoon got dressed to walk to market to pick beetroot for her 5 year old grandchild.

  • Carla Says:

    This is so amazing! Everyone deserves access to life saving vaccines.

  • Julie B Says:

    Commenting so another kid gets jabbed!

  • Peeps Says:

    The nicest thing is having friends who are really honest with you when you need to hear it but don’t say “I told you so” while they help you pick up the pieces.

  • Kristy Says:


  • Andrew Says:

    Nice! I’ll delurk for that. The nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me in my comments was “You write so well, darling, that it makes my head hurt.” (I don’t know about that, but I’ll take it.)

  • Jen P Says:

    I heartily approve of vaccines as a great investment in children’s futures.

  • Brenda Says:

    My friend gave me a really heartfelt thank you for being who I am. It made my week.

  • Meg Says:

    I’m having trouble coming up with the nicest thing EVER someone has done for me, but the nicest thing lately happened this weekend. A friend of ours showed up early for a party, saw we were still running around trying to finish cleaning the apartment and preparing food, put the food he’d brought in the fridge, and asked if we wanted him to take the dog for a walk to get her away from the vacuum and tired out before the other people arrived.

  • Sara Says:

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me? My Mom moved her whole life to a different state so she could help me pick up the pieces after my relationship inevitably ended. She did this 10 months before it happened. Moms rule.

  • Beth Says:

    When I told my husband the thing I’d never told anyone, he supported me in exactly the way I needed him to.

  • a. Says:

    This has made me remember so many nice things big and small; I feel very lucky.

    One small nice thing that has always stood out was when I was in my early twenties, perpetually unemployed, and constantly finding myself in the position of being at parties with new friends of friends of friends who always asked, “and what do you do?”. Their jobs at the time seemed so incomprehensibly impressive, and I hated being the automatic loser of their little pissing contests.
    My best friend at the time had been pretty tough-love with me in private about my lack of a career path, but when he overheard someone ask me about my work for the umpteenth time and saw the look on my face, he jumped in from across the room and said, “she’s freelancing”. It was enough to move the spotlight on to someone else, and I can still remember how grateful I felt.

    (I wish someone could have told me then that I’d find the job I have and love today.)

  • Lyssa Says:

    I love when a parent thanks me for teaching their child something. I smile just thinking about it!

  • Susie Says:

    So many nice things have been done for me, I really can’t recall the nicest! My daughter, at age 3.5, when she was in the hospital on IV antibiotics, held my hand and took ME to get a snack because I was getting hypoglycemic. That is way up there.

  • LizP Says:

    My best friend traveled 500 to see me :-)

  • Hannah Says:

    My parents raised me to be independent, strong and kind. When my Dad was dying of ALS (ALS sucks, talk about it.) Our community gathered and brought countless meals, cleaned, showed up. I’m trying every day to pay that forward.

  • jess @ fushmush Says:

    One of the nice things that happens in my life is my husband making me a coffee every morning. With a 15 month old daughter I really need that coffee to get going in the morning.

  • Sarah Says:

    I suppose the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me wasn’t directly for me, but for my son. One day when he was 2 months old I couldn’t get him to stop crying. I called the pediatrician with 5 minutes before close. He got on the phone and listened to my son cry and told me to bring him in. He stayed with me and my son in that closed doctor’s office until well after hours, waiting for test results and closely observing him. Without his help that went so far above and beyond the call of duty, we never would have been able to figure out that he had a urinary tract infection. My son would have gotten gravely ill before we could have helped him. My son’s pediatrician believed me when I told him something was very wrong, and stayed with me until he found an answer. I will forever, forever be grateful to him.

  • Meg (MIMI+MEG) Says:

    1. My husband bought me an easel.
    2. My friends threw me a surprise birthday party in college.
    3. Certain bloggers & entrepreneurs have given me amazing advice or linked to me. They didn’t have to, but it meant a lot.
    4. My roommate in college paid for a lot of things for me when I couldn’t afford to, and never said a word about it.

  • Laura Says:

    *The* nicest is really hard to pick (so lucky), but definitely one of the nicest was my friend coming over to my apartment every Sunday for about six weeks to spend the day helping me prep, paint and redecorate my place. It was during a period in my life where I was desperately in need of some major changes – I was, in fact, making major positive changes – but the apartment re-do was an important part of a whole plan. It was an exterior, aesthetic symbol of the internal re-do I was wrapping up and it was like gold to have her support, physically as well as emotionally. Not only did she help me get the work done, she made it fun and she brought sandwiches and fritos. Best friend ever.

  • Lindsey Says:

    The stranger who waved to me every single day on my bike ride home from work. 12th and Navasota. You got me through one of the toughest times of my life. You’ll never know how much I needed someone to be there to show me they cared every day. Thank you!

  • Sam Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me would be my parents in raising me. Its such a selfless act that gets so little recognition. It deserves a lot more than the annual mothers and fathers day, but even as I write this I feel it would be awkward to just call them up and say thanks… But I’ll do it anyway. They deserve it.

  • Jennifluff Says:

    My parents taking my family and me in while we deal with the short sale of our house and giving us the opportunity to figure out what we want the future to look like.

  • Britta Says:

    My husband said “yes” and got married to me… :-)

  • Jennifluff Says:

    Also! My husband being ever so patient while I struggled to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

  • Tat Says:

    Listen. It seems so easy to do but it’s the one thing that can really help on so many levels.

  • kate Says:

    I don’t know if I can say ever, but lately is my husband allowing me to freak out over little things so I don’t have to freak out about the big ones.

  • alongfarview Says:

    Been there for me, unconditionally.

  • Kat Says:

    Jesus took on the sins of the world so that I (and everyone) could be forgiven. We know love because He loved us first.

  • Rhiannon Says:

    My coworkers taking me for lunch and being extra friendly shortly after I got a promotion that I was underqualified for. That first year was tough, and the kindness of people who stood up for me and mentored me will never be forgotten.

  • Nora Says:

    @Rhiannon, can I have your co-workers? Because they sound awesome.

  • Amy Kelly Says:

    A stranger once bought me two new tires when I popped them on a shoddy construction job a couple hundred miles from home. I never even said anything about not having the money for them (which I of course didn’t. I was 17 and driving home from college to do laundry).

  • Lindsey Says:

    A guy held the door open for me at school today wih a smile on his face as I was carrying a ton of books and about to drop my coffee. :)

  • Tiffany Josephs Says:

    Ha Ha I was going to mention my husband. Glad to see I’m not alone :-)

  • Laura Says:

    What a great initiative. Thanks for sharing! laura

  • Kristin Says:

    My youngest step-daughter included me in her wedding ceremony. I walked down the aisle after her soon to be in-laws, and just before her mother. It felt so good to be accepted and included as family, especially because I don’t have much of my own biological family.

  • Jeff Says:

    God bless us all.

  • Kelly Villere (formerly Windmiller) Says:

    Hi Margaret,

    Mia posted your website on facebook so how could I not come over and say hi.

    One of the nicest thing anyone has done for my family is Mother-In-Law watching my daughter while I work. She truly is a blessing.


  • jaclyn Says:

    Back for my second comment. I started talking to my kids about what they do that’s nice for each other. Thoughts were: sharing juice pops, letting the other one pick out the bedtime story, sharing a hug. They are 5 and 3.

  • kelly Says:

    after my stepdad passed away, i was consumed by grief, taking care of my heartbroken mother, and was in charge of planning the memorial service. my stepfather’s death brought out a lot of drama that hadn’t been in my family before and i found myself trying to manage many relationships as well. a dear, old friend called and asked to meet me for a burger and some beers. they were well-needed, but i was afraid to leave my mother, to take time for myself and my duties. having lost her father the previous year, thankfully, my friend knew that me declining her invitation was unacceptable. a few minutes after i got off the phone w/ her, there was a knock at the door. my friend susan said, “come on. we’re going. you cannot say no.” she knew better than i did how much i needed that escape. i will never forget it.

  • Karen Says:

    My husband letting me nap on the weekends. He takes the kids….so nice!

  • Karen Says:

    And I’m back for a second comment for a great cause. :)

  • Lucia Brawley Says:

    This is awesome!

  • Erikka Says:

    What a great cause! And a great lady’s blog to support it through – so good luck!

  • Sheila Says:

    The nicest thing today: I have been helping a co-worker on a high visibility issue as she has been on business travel and didnt have computer access. She publicly thanked me for the support, copying my boss and all upper management. Very nice

  • Meg Says:

    My friends accepted honorariums or volunteered weeks of their lives every summer to help me create and run a Young Artist Retreat for teenagers interested in theatre when I had no funding. We got little sleep and and worked non-stop, but we had time for an evening beer once the kids were “in bed” every night, and we laughed a LOT.

  • Stephanie Says:

    This may be the best comment I’ll ever make!

  • sarah Says:

    My dad, who worked construction to support me and help me with college, telling me that he didn’t care if I decided to be a barista after I got my degree. He just wanted me to be happy and have choices.

  • Sheila Says:

    My dad died suddenly when I was 25. My college friends just showed up at the viewing to take care of me. They drove 5 hours to spend a few hours with me. I am not in touch with them anymore but still think of that and am thankful for their love.

  • sarah Says:

    And, since you said we could respond twice… my friend running eight ugly miles with me this morning and my other friend/ running/ life coach, having a gigantic, healthy breakfast ready after the run.

  • Sarah Says:

    The nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me….is my family and friends back home (1200 miles) still loving me despite how terrible I am at keeping in touch. And when I go home it’s like I never left.

  • Leah Says:

    The nicest thing someone has ever done for me…my husband being right behind me when my brother created an irreparable rift in my family. It felt like a divorce, a death, and a break up all at once, and I was struggling to hold it together for my parents, and at home I just couldn’t anymore. My husband was there for me every night whether it was to let me rage, hold me while I cried, or to help my try to make sense of our new life. I can never thank him for all those nights.

  • Emma Says:

    A few years ago, my boyfriend made a hand-knit scarf for me. It took him many hours to complete and the scarf is longer than I am tall!

  • Yolanda M. Gordon Says:

    Thank you for this post. It’s awesome!

  • Karen Says:

    There are so many blessings in my life. It is hard to choose just one. Keep up the acts of kindness.

  • KK Says:

    When my uncle (mom’s brother) passed away shortly after my parent’s divorce, I was across the country and didn’t have the funds to fly home. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to be with my family to grieve, or be there to support my mom. My dad, without my asking, paid for my flight home and back, and threw in a side trip to see my boyfriend (later fiance) who was unable to attend the funeral as well. It was an amazing thing to be able to be there for my mom at a really hard time for her.

  • Crystal Says:

    The man with the most beautiful blue eyes in the world said he loved me too, just as I am, and we decided to spend forever together.

  • Debra Says:

    Too many to decide on one…the encouraging teacher, the welcoming new friend, the small kindnesses that make me feel blessed.

  • Erin Says:

    My parents decided to pay for graduate school for me.

  • Leah Says:

    I just love that the internet makes something like this possible. Woot for doing something good for children!

  • Jessica Says:

    This is the best comment I have ever made. =) It makes me want to go something really nice in person.

    The nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me is this stranger who drove me across Nevada because my car broke down. I swear she was an angel.

  • Rebecca Says:

    When my partner and I were struggling along our fertility journey – my mom jumped in and sent us enough money to cover a full round of IVF. The gift changed our life and gave us the opportunity to try again. Amazing beautiful generous nice gift. Thanks mom!

  • Rebecca Says:

    And another for good measure and the good work!

  • Jennifer Says:

    the kindest thing was the simplest thing, a thinking of you card from my aunt at a time when everyone else felt they should just stay radio silent in my life

  • Alex Says:

    My girlfriend has stuck with me through the most tedious, frightening ongoing illness and never complains. She constantly offers me support and help, and I honestly didn’t know people were that nice in a practical way until we met.

  • Tracy Says:

    The nicest thing that was ever done for me was done before I was born. A scared, pregnant, 15 year old girl decided to reach out to her high school teacher, who connected her with the beautiful people who ended up being my parents. 23 years later, I have moved up to Oregon to get to know her, and my siblings. Open adoptions are a wonderful thing, which open doors, create families and increase the amount of love in the world.

  • Rachael Says:

    My grandparents have supported me (and my more than 20 cousins) unconditionally throughout my (and our) life. When my then fiance was working overseas, and I couldn’t join him, they let me live with them rent-free for over two years, most of which I spent unemployed. They fed me, housed me, and my grandpa gave me a $20+ a week “allowance” that allowed me to pay my student loan bill every month. I moved away a year ago (this week, actually), to marry my husband and move with him to another state. My husband is a student, and I struggled to find a job in our new town. Every few weeks, I get an envelope in the mail with a note “Here’s a little something to keep the wolf away from your door” and a random amount of cash, signed, “Love, Grandpa”.

  • John LeJeune Says:

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me was say yes.

  • John LeJeune Says:

    She still says yes even with the slightest touch of her hand. I’m very lucky.

  • Leila Says:

    Such a wonderful idea! Not only is it a great cause that will hopefully affect kids across the world, but its also a reminder about those small moments that remind us of the importance of kindness!
    One of the nicest things I remember was when an old man I had never met before could tell I was having a bad day, so he told a joke to make me laugh and told me I had beautiful smile that brightned his day. But really he made that day for me!

  • n Says:

    I don’t know what the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is– I’m going to have to think about this more (and count my blessings). A couple years ago, I broke my foot and an acquaintance drove me to the ER rather than making me call a cab or hop across SF one-footed. That was pretty nice. But I bet I can go bigger if I give it a little thought.

  • Cindy L Says:

    Thank you for this important post!

  • Jane Says:

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me was pay for my insulin when I couldn’t afford it.

  • Ashley Says:

    I was overwhelmed with the kindness of my friends and family when I got married. They were there for me every step of the way, helping me with everything that I needed.

  • Simone Precrustrius Says:

    I think the nicest thing done for me was when my impoverished friend picked me up from work, drove me to a secret waterfront destination, and played acoustic Spanish guitar for me under the full moon. Anyway, it took my heart and breath away.

  • Becky Says:

    Thank you for this partnership and all the other good you do.

    The nicest thing anyone’s ever done is scare the pants off of me, a scant month after we began dating, with three little words. Now I’m married to my best friend.

  • Jessica Says:

    My brother sat with me when I was nine while I gave a statement to a police detective about a man who sexually molested me.

  • Jackie Says:

    My children are the best thing that anyone ever did for me!! That’s why I had to post a comment. Keep up the good work!

  • Kimberly Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was every time I’ve moved around the country for work, people have come to visit. I appreciate those familiar faces so much.

  • Amy Says:

    My ex-husband gave me my child. He might have been a subpar husband, but as a dad and person, he’s kind of amazing.

  • Amy Says:

    Also, long distance high five for this one!

  • kiki Says:

    I love all the little nice things that people do for others – anything that shows they are really listening, or really understand.

    The other morning my husband made me bacon when I really needed it, and that was pretty awesome. :)

  • Beth Says:

    I had surgery this past April. My brother and his wife came to the hospital and stayed with me and my husband before/during the surgery. This was a 3 hour drive for them and they stayed the night. No other family lives closer so this was super nice of them.

  • sheri silver Says:

    My husband looked past the fact that I was separated and had 2 kids to give me the opportunity to meet and get to know me. He didn’t “assume” and pass me by. That was, by far, the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me.

  • Andrea Says:

    I appreciate all the people that have forgiven me and stayed my friend even when I was completely obliviously self-centered.

  • Rachel Says:

    A friend was there, holding my hand during a moment in my life when I really did not want to be alone. This is big, because I know she did not want to be there any more than I did.

  • Sara Says:

    Ok, I can’t think of one specific extra-nice thing that someone has done for me. In general, I think it’s nice when someone who has been in my shoes remember what that feels like, anticipates problems I might have, and takes steps in advance to head off those problems or at least make inevitable struggles easier. I am excited to think about all the nice things people have done for me over the next few days, so I can identify the nicest and leave my 2nd comment with that.

  • Shukri Says:

    Little things that go a long way :)

  • Karen Says:

    The nicest thing is many nicest things from many nicest people! I was on medical leave, post-mastectomy and in the midst of chemo, and I got a steady flow of cards and letters from people I work with… including retirees who had left my workplace two or three years before. It helped keep me feeling like I had a wider world than my home and the hospital. But even better, after I came back to work and was doing well, it was a reminder of that people are more important than things!

  • Justice Fergie Says:

    gosh! what a hard question – i really needed to stop and think about this one. i’ve been blessed with SO many nice things that i can’t think of just one.

    most recently? being voted as the recipient of the Hallmark Card Shower at Mom 2.0 Summit. thanks @CiaoMom and @HelenJane!!!

  • sheri silver Says:

    The 2nd thing I’d add would be the unconditional love, help and support my parents have given me for the almost 5 decades I’ve been on this earth.

  • Lynne Smith Says:

    I was part of the first generation (1950’s) of American children lucky enough to be immunized against Polio. I remember standing in line at the town fire station waiting to get my sugar cube. I am so glad current and future generations will be protected from disease by receiving immunizations.

  • helmetnona Says:

    Good begets good!

  • Laura Says:

    Both my sons saying, “I love you Mommy” completely unprompted. Has to be the nicest thing ever.

  • Elizabeth Says:

    When I was four, I tripped in a grocery store in a remote beach town, hit my head, and stopped breathing. There happened to be a pediatrician in line and he gave me CPR. I have no memory of him or what he did, but I’ll always be grateful.

  • Anne Says:

    Someone married me.

  • kirsten Says:

    This is an amazing thing.

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is my husband marrying me and taking my daughter on as his own. He accepts all the joys and responsibilities of being a dad to her, 100%.

  • Conni Says:

    I hope this is real and helps, as I’m a BIG believer in vaccines!

  • Elizabeth Says:

    I should also mention that my husband is always nice, and I am very lucky to benefit from his unending generosity, patience, and forgiveness.

  • Sarah Rose Says:

    “Ever” is a long time… But I am always deeply touched when total strangers at the sewing store stop what they are doing to enthusiastically answer my novice questions.

  • Ellen Says:

    Thank you for supporting Shot@Life!
    And kudos on the well-designed page!

  • Sabrina Says:

    This is why they call you mighty girl.

  • Martha Says:

    I had a spinal cord injury at age 15 (gymanstics) and spent weeks in the hospital, then a couple of months in rehab. My core group of friends came every day and say me songs from the Muppet movie and told me what was going on in school. It was an amazing gift from them, and now that I am older, I realize from their parents as well, bringing them back and forth so many times.

  • annabanana Says:

    In my first year of college, a new friend saw that I was struggling immensely with a research paper; she couldn’t help me with the paper itself, but she said, “I am going to help you with this!” So, we went out to buy a long night’s worth of snacks, and she sat on my bed and did her own reading while I sat at my desk and wrote the paper. Just having someone there was exactly what I needed!

  • raych Says:

    When I waited tables and sort of hated my life, this lovely young man came back after paying his cheque to lend me two books that we’d been discussing while he ate his dinner and which I couldn’t afford.

  • Loren Says:

    I’m getting married soon, and my fiance and I live across the country from our families and most of our friends. I continue to be humbled and touched by how many people have offered to help us, even though so many of them only see us a few times a year.

  • annabanana Says:

    I told my therapist a secret that I had been carrying around for a long time, and her response was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.

  • Caroline Says:

    I had made a life choice that my mom, who had once said would back me up no matter what, wasn’t dealing with well. I thought for sure I would get a lecture from my dad. Instead, he went out and got me a font pack for my computer, and never said a word to me about the decision. I bet he has no idea just what that font pack meant to me.

  • Chelsea Says:

    Wow. I just can’t figure out the nicest thing – but here’s one nice thing. I was doing a project in my house; trying to get rid of half of what I own. I was stuck on my bedroom – too many clothes in various states of disarray (baskets full of both dirty and clean clothes) that I just couldn’t get past. My friend, Liz, who seems to know the best way to help in any situation offered to take whatever I didn’t want – dirty or clean. She said she’d wash everything and donate it. Amazing!

  • Travis Says:

    Daily niceness. My wife got me a cookie. I love cookies!

  • Lauren Says:

    My in-laws have let my husband and I live with them rent free for the past three years. I have over $100,000 in student loan debt and without their support my husband and I would either be homeless or bankrupt. Thanks to their generosity I’m able to pay my loans on time every month and we’re saving for a home.

  • Elaina Winter Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done: Smiled!

  • Casey Says:

    One really nice thing *someone* did was to give me a quick and easy way to help others. Thanks, Maggie.

  • Casey Says:

    I liked it so nice, I did it twice.

  • Nellie Says:

    Spectacular idea, Maggie! Friends who care deeply and are careful with my feelings are the ones who have done the nicest things for me.

  • Stacey Says:

    This is a hard one, as I’m blessed with an incredibly nice mother and an incredibly nice husband (as well as other lovely family members). To be honeset-but-also-gross, I think one of the nicest things was when my now-husband (who was then my new boyfriend) cleaned the entire bathroom after I got food poisoning and projectile vomited everywhere – without a peep of complaint. He’s a wonderful man. And this is a wonderful project!

  • Jackiev. Says:

    My 54 years have been filled with countless (literally! Katie, countless) “kindest” things. I wouldn’t know where to begin in listing them. But, the knowledge that every day will bring more kindnesses, make each day the “nicest thing” that I could hope for.

  • Kate Says:

    My 63 year old dad helped me pack up my apartment in New York and move…to Hong Kong.

  • Reagan Says:

    I just received a card in the mail today. It was white with black letters. The words said, “You are a good mom.” Best. Card. Ever. Made my day, month, and year.

  • Amy Says:

    The story that comes to mind immediately is that, one time in 1994, I got suddenly, violently ill and oy parents rushed me to Emergency. My boyfriend, when he found out, got stopped for speeding on his way to the hospital. That always makes me warm inside. :)

  • Amy Says:

    I don’t know what THE nicest thing anything has ever done for me, but here’s one that sticks out that I will never forget.

    In 2006 I had an ectopic pregnancy. When I thought I was 10 weeks along, my fallopian tube burst while I was at work causing me to collapse (my first Dr’s appointment was scheduled a mere 2 days away). Thankfully I made it to the hospital, and had emergency surgery including 2 blood transfusions due to so much internal bleeding. After the surgery I was in so much pain, both physically and emotionally. My husband was with me most of the 4 days I was in the hospital, but one afternoon he went home to feed our dog and get a few things done around the house. While I was alone in my hospital room, the anesthesiologist who was there during my surgery came to visit me. I expected to hear a medical update about my surgery, etc. Instead, he sat down on the bed, held my hand and told me that he was so sorry that I had to go through this. He told me that everything was going to be ok, and he looked into my eyes with such kindness and sincerity that I lost it and started bawling my eyes out. He gave me a hug and told me that he thought I would make a great mother someday.

    Is that not amazing? He didn’t have to do that, it wasn’t part of his ‘job.’ His thoughtfulness and words are still with me today. Such a simple gesture, but what a powerful impact it had, and I’m so thankful that he chose to reach out to me.

  • Raquel Says:

    The nicest thing anyone did for me: I got a scholarship to attend a school in Arizona I never thought I’d be able to attend. The class I took will help me make more money, work less and spend more time with family. Good luck on the vaccinations!

  • Kim Says:

    My husband married me

  • Kim Says:

    Nicest thing? My Mom forgave me for being the epitome of ages 2, 13, 16, 18, 21 etc. I miss her beyond words.

  • Jennifer Says:

    I’m lucky to have so many nice people in my life, but the most recent nicest thing someone has done for me was to bring in timothy hay for my classroom guinea pigs (without me asking). It may sound like a small thing but it saved me a trip out of my way AND a lot of time. Those small nice gestures are really appreciated!

  • kim Says:

    a simple smile is the only thing i need. why do so many people scowl all the time?

  • melanie Says:

    Someone already said it, but my husband marrying me – I appreciate it every day.

  • Jack Says:

    In 2010, I was mugged and I was really badly injured and out of work for 3 months. My friends put together an online donation that provided me with money for rent and living expenses. It was amazing. I was able to focus solely on healing and not on financial stress.

  • Lauren Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was when my wife gave me the ultimatum that I was too afraid to give myself to get help when I needed it most. My life (our life)is forever for the better because of that.

  • Noel Says:

    Today my best friend offered to help pay for my family’s plane tickets to her wedding so we could all come!

  • Meredith Says:

    One of the nicest things anyone ever did for me was to tell me, at age 24 and in the throes of self-doubt, that I am a smart person and make good decisions. I call up this memory every time I doubt myself.

  • Rachel Says:

    My husband told me and then told me again how gorgeous I am at 8 1/2 months pregnant :)

  • Schaun Says:

    So glad to see so many comments!

  • Allison Says:

    Great project! Good luck!

  • ryan Says:

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me was a girl who got me to quit doing cocaine because she loved me.

  • Lisa Bernard Says:

    Vaccinations will help keep these beautiful children and others just like them healthy

  • Caroline Says:

    The times when friends and family are kinder to me than I am to myself, and remind me who I am in the process.

    Also, my husband’s night of driving to bring home to Virginia a ridiculously heavy and awesome chair that I bought at a yard sale. In Buffalo.

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Down and Out Chic Says:

    Nicest thing anyone’s ever done? Whew, that’s a tough one. I think the time I moved to a new city and didn’t know many people and I had a miscarriage and needed to be taken to the hospital. My husband was two hours away working and I called my neighbors whom I didn’t know well and they not only took me to the hospital but stayed with me, picked up my husband (did I mention he was two hours away?) and offered me love and support on one of my darkest days. Pretty.stinking.nice.

  • Caroline Says:

    Also, the time this summer when my husband’s co-workers left a cooler full of homemade meals after he was ill and needed a special diet. That was awesome.

  • Niamh Says:

    When I was a junior in high school, my uncle died very unexpectedly. My mother immediately left to go to Ireland for her brother’s funeral. My father, my younger sister, and I decided to still go on our planned trip to see my older sister in her college play that weekend. Since we had room for one more, I called my best friend and asked her to come. Without hesitating a moment, she agreed. She came on a three day trip to listen to me and my sisters cry, and didn’t utter a word about it. She was just THERE. When we needed her. It’s the nicest, most selfless thing anyone’s ever done for me.

  • Tracy Says:

    The nicest thing lately is that my brother and SIL made a trip to Arizona two weeks ago just to see my son and me while we are visiting from Helsinki. Really, I think more to see my son, who is only 17 months old, but that is ok by me!

  • Dinah Sanders Says:

    My mother, father, and step-father all made super clear to me through words and deeds starting when my folks split up when I was six years old that I was allowed to still love all of them and that nobody was the bad guy. That foundation of love and recognition that people change (without it having to be someone’s “fault”) has served me in every relationship since then.

  • Danielle Says:

    One of the nicest things… my Dad telling me, from as far back as I can remember, that he’d always support my decisions. So far, he has.

  • lesli Says:

    Awesome idea!

  • Nicole Says:

    I recently went on my first ever business trip and was a bit nervous and homesick. At the end of the first day, I called my husband to say good night. Before we hung up, he told me to check the music player on my phone. He had apparently saved a song on my phone before I left–a song that he wrote, composed, and performed himself. It was a beautiful surprise, and I still tear up when I hear it. :)

  • Lauren Says:

    Nicest thing ever done:

    Psalm 116:
    1. I love the Lord, because he has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy, 2. Because he inclined his ear to me, therefore I will call on Him as long as I live.

    Also, of course, John 3:16

    God so loved the world he gave his only Son, so that whoever believes in him should never die, but have eternal life.

  • Rebecca Says:

    The nicest thing that happened to me today was a great conversation with a friend where we could be completely honest, but still tactful and loving, towards one another.

  • Shani Says:

    Loved me no matter what

  • Rosa Plascencia Says:

    Sólo quiero ayudar con mi comentario e informarme más de estae

  • Miss K Says:

    Supported me unconditionally!

  • MJ Says:

    Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed at work or with life in general, and I get home to see that an old friend has written me a letter or left a chatty phone message… that’s a reminder that even the littlest tokens of friendship are priceless.

  • Manders Says:

    So many things: When I was at a particularly low point in my life, someone I had just met told me how loved I was; my parents adopted me when I was a baby and have loved and supported me ever since (27 years and going. BOOM); one of my professors in college gave me one of our textbooks for FREE (I still have it and plan to return it to him someday). Lots of things, but I could fill pages. :)

    What a great goal! I think we could hit 1000 comments tonight.

  • Cheryl Says:

    When I was young, a teenager, people in my town – my friend’s parents, my employers, my coach – were always looking out for me. At the time I don’t think I knew it was happening. As an adult looking back, I realize they could see clearly that I had problems at home. Thinking about the advice I received, the compliments, the rides home, even the “holiday bonus” I got from my boss that no one else got. . . it touches me to the core to know that the community was looking out for a young girl with no guidance and no support. All those things added up to me becoming a stable and successful human being, when the odds really were not in my favor.

  • Emily Says:

    The nicest thing that happend to me today was lunch at the MN State Fair.

  • jaclyn Says:

    I am so happy to be able to do something for a cause. I get caught up in thinking that I can’t do something because it’s not big enough, doesn’t help anyone really, or it’s something I just can’t step away from my real life to accomplish. With so many of us with lots of kids, lots of jobs, lots of responsibility, no extra money and lots of debt, I enjoy having the ability to do something that will actually make a difference. Thanks Maggie. Thanks for letting us all DO something to help.

  • Nicole Says:

    Just before I moved out of my parents’ house to move in with my husband (then fiance), my mother surprised us with a huge bin of odds and ends for our new apartment. She had apparently been assembling it for some time, picking up a few items here and there as she was out running her own errands. It was nothing fancy, just items like dish towels and soap and toilet paper, but it touched me to know that she was thinking of us . And, three years later, she still always has a little something for us whenever we visit. It’s the little things that shows she cares. :)

  • Jaime Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me is to forgive me.

  • Holley Says:

    A friend came over almost every day for a week after my new baby was born and cleaned. She did it in a non annoying way. She wasn’t in the way and didn’t ask questions or try to hold the baby. She just cleaned and did laundry.

  • Dana Says:

    “Just” being a friend…and believing in me:)

  • Lisa Says:

    It’s hard to know what the nicest thing anyone has done for me. So many small acts of kindness mean so much.
    One thing I do know for sure, however, is that vaccinations save lives.

    Excellent work, Maggie!

  • Tuyet Says:

    We were at a busy theme park and I was juggling three trays of food with two kids dancing and tugging at my legs. An elderly lady behind me grabbed one of my trays and helped us to our table. I could not thanked her enough and was blown away by her kindness.

  • T Says:

    The nicest thing someone did for me was get me vaccinated, thanks mom.

  • Tina Says:

    My nicest thing is probably the kitten my boyfriend gave me when he had no interest in cats at all. While that particular relationship is no more, my cat Poppet has given me ten years of companionship and pleasure.

  • angie Says:

    My husband does the nicest things for me every day. Since I am trying to nurse my hands from overuse syndrome (I type all day!) he does the laundry and cooks dinner for the family!

  • Amber Says:

    I’ve already shared a nice thing. I just wanted to save another life.

  • Melinda Giacalone Says:

    I went to college in northern Idaho and getting to class in the winter, even when you lived on campus, could be perilous. Early one morning I fell on a frozen puddle and it knocked the wind out of me. A guy doing food deliveries nearby pulled me and sat with me for 5 or 10 minutes while I cried and caught my breath with his arm around my shoulders. It was the most genuine, caring act from a stranger.

  • Jayna Says:

    I was having a down day, one of those that I just couldn’t shake, and my 2 year old daughter stayed by my side the whole time. She worried over me and offered to get me everything from water to kleenexes. It was so touching and honestly she was able to cheer me up. :)

  • Severine Says:

    A nice thing… sending me a gift, for no reason. This was nice.

  • Jamilla Alani Says:

    The nicest thing someone ever did for me was my friend, who bailed me out of jail. I’m sorry I wish I could think of something better, which I’m sure there is a better example. I will try to think of it and comment again. I really appreciate the offer that this company is donating.

  • Marlina Says:

    The nicest thing someone ever done to me is to help.
    A lot of times a little help will mean a lot, so help your friend!

  • Jean Says:

    brought me home made chicken soup when I was sick :) It made me feel instantly better

  • brigid Says:

    last year i spent 3 weeks researching in Nantucket and was super lonely. My birthday was not long after I got back and my boyfriend (who knows I am a maritime history nerd) made me out of beautiful wood a little boat with three whale stamps that fit into it. I almost cried when he gave it to me. it was so special and unexpected

  • Karen Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is what my mom told me before she died. She told me she was proud of me and that I was a great daughter. We often had a strained relationship and it was exactly what I needed to hear before she passed.

  • Heather Says:

    I think it might be those friends who have said “call anytime,” and really meant it. Here’s to saving lives…

  • Mallory Says:

    My grandparents paid for my rent all through university, so that my debt load could be a lot more manageable.

  • JulietH Says:

    My husband always brings me something (flowers, a coffee, a cookie) to cheer me up when I’m having a rough day. And my parents are endlessly supportive and loving – which is a very nice thing to have in one’s life (and for which you become aware of how wonderful it is when your husband does not have the same experience).

  • jc Says:

    they didn’t give up on me, long after they should have…

  • Alicia Says:

    I’m a teaching student and one of my professors spent an entire tutorial sharing a whole heap of tips and tricks as well as resources for our own classrooms. Definitely the nicest thing done for me this week.

  • Kathie Says:

    It has been amazing reading these posts all day – it changed my day. Thank you to everyone who posted…what a difference it made!

  • Michele Says:

    When I was a little girl growing up, we were extremely poor. My Mother was a single mom raising 5 children while going to nursing school and working nights. Our Dentist, Dr. McVay, was so kind to us. He not only provided free dental care but one year for Christmas, he bought us all gifts “from Santa”. My gift that year from him was a lime green Sting Ray bike (remember those?)
    It had streamers coming out of the handle bars and a banana seat. I was in HEAVEN. I only found out many years later that the bike was not from Santa but from Dr. McVay. He was an amazing man and I wish he was still alive so that I could thank him in person.

  • Kara Says:

    my grandfather gave me $5,000 when he found out i was moving to new york

  • Adina Says:

    My parents adopting me was probably the nicest thing that anyone ever did for me.

  • Kara Says:

    a stranger overheard me looking for a dropped/lost $20 bill, then ran 2 blocks after me to give me his own $20

  • Anana Says:

    My mom very often took care of my lovely and now grown daughter when I could not. Everything eventually turned out okay largely because my mom is the awesomest.

  • christina Says:

    How could anyone deny a child these things? Your amazing Maggie – truly amazing! You have a heart the size of the moon…may all the goodness you spread…may all that you inspire come back to you 10 fold….seriously.

  • wendy steere Says:

    A nice person once picked me up and gave me a two hour ride into town when my car broke down.

  • K Says:


  • christina Says:

    Nicest thing anyone has ever done for me? When life took a turn towards the difficult (crapy) they didn’t ask what they could do (because they knew i would say “nothing” because i’m terrible at asking for help) they just showed up and did…(because they knew me well enough and loved me anyways)

  • christina Says:

    reading these posts simply inspires me to be a better person – to realize the real joy is in the giving not the getting….

  • kathy Says:

    keep it up!

  • amanda Says:

    Genuinely listened when I needed it.

  • Sandra Says:

    Nicest thing anyone has ever done for me? The sponge bath that the nurse gave me after 26 hours of labour and a c-section. It was THE kindest thing and exactly what I needed at that moment.

  • Lindsey Says:

    I was flying with my six-week-old baby and when we were getting off the plane, a man behind me commented that my son had been really calm on the flight. I said something like, yes, we are lucky that he is a good traveler. The man said, “he is calm because he feels so loved and secure.” Now, of course loved and secure babies can cry on airplanes, but I was so grateful to this stranger for giving me an unexpected moment of grace as a parent.

  • elif Says:

    Have never seen a better reason to comment on anything!

  • elif Says:


  • elif Says:


  • Aimee Says:

    A new mom, I was on a crowded bus in San Francisco with my 6 month old son who all of a sudden started throwing up. Startled, I didn’t quite know what to do. But then, a complete stranger sitting beside me helped wipe down the gross mess trickling down my shoulders, my clothes, on my baby, on the seat. It was one of the most unexpected, selfless and kindest thing someone did for me.

  • christina Says:

    Okay one more nice thing – when life did turn difficult (crappy) and I had to move back to California (with no where to go) my old boss did not hesitate to move mountains to get me hired to work for him again (against economic and company obstacles) I am forever grateful to that man.

  • Anjali Says:

    Anyone anywhere who has given me honest words of encouragement when I’ve been having a rough day. Those words have given me an extra boost when I’ve needed it most.

  • Andrea Says:

    The nicest thing is pretty rough to pick, but my husband surprised me with a proposal in the sweetest and nicest possible way. I guess many women think that … :)

    Thanks for being super nice and participating and for permitting us to join along!

  • Jennifer Bruneau Says:

    This is so awesome! Go Maggie! Go vaccinations!

    The nicest thing folks have ever done for me – my coworkers who pooled enough money to cover my flight home, out of country, when my mother unexpectedly died. I still can’t quite believe they did that for me. I could’ve covered it myself, I am good with my money, but they wanted to do something for me, and the reminder of that generosity still moves me to tears, over a decade afterwards.

  • rebs Says:


  • Megan Says:

    Yes to vaccines! They do provide such life saving prevention, and everyone should have the chance to vaccinate their kids.
    I have a friend who had polio as a kid and the reason he’s still able to walk is because he had been partially vaccinated when he contracted it. So yes to vaccines!

  • Wendryn Says:

    I don’t know the nicest thing anyone has done for me; I am lucky enough to have a lot of choices. A dear friend showed up for a week about a month after our baby came home. She cooked, held the baby, made sure we were okay, and just helped. It was incredibly sweet.

  • Alicia Says:

    The first one that came to mind was an experience at a French Consulate. I was already in Europe when the law changed to require a visa to visit France (it’s since changed back, don’t worry), and I had plans to go with my parents to France for their first and only trip to Europe. In the meantime being the klutz I am I’d dropped my passport in the rain. It was bent and had ink stains so that it was partially illegible, and could easily have been mistaken for a forgery. I had only one day to get a visa, and got up at 4:00 AM to take a train two hours away to wait in line for the consulate to open. At about lunch time I finally got up to the counter, and they immediately refused to give me a visa. No way, not gonna happen on a damaged passport. I was exhausted, and stressed about my parents’ trip being ruined, and frustrated with myself for damaging my passport, and trying to communicate in a language I don’t speak. I backed away from the counter, turned around, and burst out sobbing. After a couple of seconds I realized people around me were laughing. I looked up to glare at whoever could be so unfeeling, and realized they weren’t being mean. They were laughing at the passport official whose bureaucratic reserve broke down when he saw me cry and was trying frantically to wave me back over. He quickly stamped a visa in my passport and then shooed me away, saying as best I could tell “you got that before the damage, remember!” Thanks to that one man’s decision to bend the rules I was able to have an amazing experience traveling with my dad, who was diagnosed the following year with the brain tumor that eventually killed him. I will always be grateful.

  • Michelle Says:

    I was obviously not terribly qualified, but I was enthusiastic, and she gave me a shot. (Obviously, I totally succeeded!)

  • Melissa Says:

    Those kids are so cute!

  • Meghan Says:

    Too many things to name.

  • Summer Says:

    I was 17, alone, and, having just given birth to my son, scared shitless in a world full of judgment. A teacher from the high school I had recently graduated sent flowers and balloons to commemorate his birth.

    I still get teary thinking about her kindness.

  • Laurie M. Says:

    It’s the simple gestures that mean so much. Recently a friend clipped fresh flowers from her garden, put them in a vase, and left it on my doorstep with a note saying, Just because…I was so touched. It was so unexpected and thoughtful and lifted me up when I needed it most.

    This is such a great cause…proud to be a small part of it.

  • Sophia Says:

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me is having a stranger help me in a parking lot when I was having a medical issue.

  • Natalie Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me would be my aunt and uncle, who let me live with them, rent free, for 3 years. They took me in after a really stressful time and their own request was that I stay in school. I graduate college with honors, and I know I wouldn’t have been able to stay so focused without their support. they gave me a great environment to live in … how could I not succeed? I am so grateful to them.

  • Ingrid Says:

    This is awesome!

  • George Lowry Says:

    Vaccines themselves can be the nicest things.

  • Eve Says:

    Maggie, you’re mighty inspiring. Thank you for reminding me to reach higher.
    Some of the nicest things people have ever given me have come in the form of hugs when I REALLY needed one.

  • Katie Says:

    I was 19 and taking an overnight bus from Colorado to Montana for a family wedding. At about 2am, we stopped in Cheyenne, WY for a brief break.

    While there, we found a busload of people whose bus had broken down. The bus driver told us that the first people back on the bus could ride; the others would have to wait until the morning at the small bus station.

    I was nervous and a bit submissive, but a grandmother with her four-year-old grandson grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the bus with them. I think she said, “Uh-uh. You’re not staying here.”

    It was a small gesture, but I’ll never forget her kindness.

  • Jill Says:

    I think it’s pretty darn nice – fantastic really – that just by writing a comment we can do some good in the world. It’s really nice to be a part of this endeavour!

  • Brynne Says:

    What a fab idea! Good on you for making it happen! Also, those two kids are darling… Gorgeous photo.

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.. was move mountains and pull every string possible to create a scholarship for me to have the chance to get my degree. I’ve never been so shocked and grateful to have someone believe in me that much.. And it’s changed my life! If I’m ever in a position where I can make that happen for someone, I’ll think of him and do anything in my power.

  • Emily Says:

    This is so wonderful. One of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me, was to throw me a surprise bridal shower. We had a smaller wedding planned, with a diverse group of people. I could not be more honored that they all came together for a terrifically fun afternoon!

  • Lindsay Says:

    Nicest thing? Quietly, calmly, lovingly pushing me to see that my life is worth living, and worth living well.

  • Cristina Says:

    While visiting my best friend at grad school I came down with a truly appalling case of food poisoning that lasted a couple of days. She and her husband waited on me hand and foot, tucked me into their bed, kept me hydrated, climbed in next to me to show me YouTube videos when I was well enough to focus my eyes on anything. You know your friend has found a good man when that man kneels next to you on the floor (because prostrate on the floor is the only place you can manage to exist at the moment) and offers to download an audiobook for you to listen to while you lie there as long as you need to.

  • Mai Says:

    A good friend once sat across from me while I cried into my noodles in a foreign land and acted like it was the most natural thing in the world. No judgement, just acceptance of my sorrow and the time we were spending together.

  • Kate Says:

    A few weeks ago I was in a funk, nothing serious, just feeling a little overwhelmed and a little blue. In the midst of said funk, I had a long chat with my best friend and college roommate who, sadly, lives on the other side of the country. By way of example of the extremely pitiful state of my mood, I told her about my terrible, cheap, no-good blender and how it is such a piece of shit that I end up having to stop every ten seconds, open the thing up, and stick a knife under the blades to get it moving. I told her that this particular frustration has driven me to tears on more than one occasion as I tried to make my daily smoothie.

    It was probably a two minute anecdote among many whiny moments in that conversation. Three days later, the UPS man handed me a brand new blender. The note with it just said, “Hang in there, and have a tear-free morning on me. Love you, Lauren.”

    I never would have thought that a blender could make me feel so loved. Nicest thing ever.

  • jessardent Says:

    not the nicest thing (that might be to all of my friends who let me natter at them on a daily basis), but a nice thing; during college, a friend bought for me a dress that i wanted badly but wouldn’t buy for myself. i still wear it at least every 4th time i need to dress up (albeit, not a very frequent occurrence).

  • jessardent Says:

    And one more; right before i moved across the country for grad school, one of my favorite professors gave me the kitchen table she and her husband had just replaced. It was the one that her mom purchased for her right before she herself moved across the country to start grad school.
    Unexpected and so touching.

    Woo, vaccines!

  • Max Says:

    A good friend and someone I’d worked with hired me to freelance for her company after I lost my job. It was a lifeline I needed both emotionally and financially and I will be ever grateful to her.

  • Jenny Says:

    Way to go cousin! Proud of you and the impact you are making! Love ya

  • findingmagnolia Says:

    It’s hard to choose just one thing! However, I want to honor my friend Nicole, who has been my biggest cheerleader through both of my adoptions, and who made an entire wardrobe for my baby, who can’t wear a lot of off-the-rack stuff due to a birth defect. Nicole is one of the busiest people on the planet, but she got excited about Elvie coming and just went to town making dresses and skirts and altering onesies for me. Every time I dress my baby, I am reminded how much love there is for my baby and for me as a mom.

  • Anna Says:

    What a great cause! When I taught second grade in a very poor urban area, my students and their families would bring me presents from time to time. Whether it was homemade tamales, or a ratty stuffed animal that had seen a long past, the generosity that they showed me, when I knew that they had very little material wealth, was staggering.

  • Juliet Says:

    A random stranger handed my her umbrella, in the raini. I was carrying a ton of stuff, and she simple said “here take this, I can share with my friend.” I then carried that umbrella with me until I could pay it forward to someone else in need, in the rain!

  • findingmagnolia Says:

    Wait! I don’t have to choose one thing! How silly of me! (That was my sleep-deprived mom brain talking in that last comment.) The second thing is also adoption-related. Elvie’s adoption happened super fast, and we really had to scramble to come up with funds to pay both fees and travel expenses. Near the end, I was waking up nauseated in the middle of the night because I was so worried about paying for everything, and the one thing that remained to be covered was our hotel costs. A friend stepped forward and gave enough to pay for the entire two weeks’ stay in Addis Ababa as a gift to our family. She gave us the gift of lodging, but gave me personally the gift of sleeping without extreme discomfort.

  • Ingrid Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was done indirectly. When I was almost 3yrs old, my mother’s friend gave my mom a plane ticket she had won. That ticket got my mother and I from our war torn El Salvador to Mexico where we met up with people who led us into the United States. Here is where we made our home and received a chance at a better life. My mom is my hero but her friend is the reason I am here today as a legal resident holding 2 degrees and 3 professional licenses.

  • Fiona Says:

    Two things come to mind:

    I am blessed to have two best friends who have guest rooms available whenever I need to just feel loved.

    When I seperated from my ex-husband a small band of friends and co-workers came to help move me out into my sister’s basement. The fact that they would all come with such short notice to help was overwhelming. The fact that my sister let me rent her basement for several months let me find myself again.

  • Sabine Says:

    The nicest thing someone did for me when I was on my big biketour the last two weeks, was to carry my bike up the long staircase at the train station without even having ask for it.

  • Sabine Says:

    On my birthday a few weeks ago my friends were amazing and created a big picture with photos of them and a big 30 in every one of it. Love this picture and definitely one of the nicest things anyone did for me! :)

  • Corinne Says:

    Too many nice things have been done for me to possibly count (and it’s hard to currently recall the nicest), but most have been done by my incredibly loving, generous and unselfish parents. I have a distinct memory of my dad staying up late one night, likely exhausted from a full day of work, when I was in elementary school to whittle away in the basement on a silly scarecrow I needed for the next day’s class Halloween party. Even at that age, I was cognizant of the sacrifice and love that went into that simple act. (A close second, my brother flew home cross-country to surprise me for my 30th birthday. I was stunned and thrilled:))

  • Annebel Says:

    Anyone in recovery will understand this–the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is to be brave enough to get sober and then stick around to be there for me…and I have done the same…that’s how it works.

  • Jo Says:

    The nicest thing someone has ever done for me is look after me.

  • Lizzie Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is take care of me when I needed it without looking down on me.

  • Natollie Says:

    The nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me is accepting me for who I am, warts and all. Random nice thing a stranger did years ago that just popped into my head: A guy walked up to me after I’d left a store, gave me a single red rose, said “I just wanted to buy this for you because I think you’re beautiful” and left again.

  • Stephanie Says:

    This is such a great cause. This is the nicest thing anyone could ever do!

  • Hedvig Says:

    The nicest thing: my boyfriend got excited about a dream that was mine. So much so, he joined in. On Saturday we get the keys for our summer cottage in Sweden. It’s only been 14 years I have been wanting to do it.

  • Linda Says:

    One of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me was my partner getting up 2 hours early every morning for months so he could catch the same train as me to help me transition from working at home (i.e. pjs at 3pm) to commuting to a new, distant, corporate job. With a packed breakfast. And he never really said a word about it- just reset his alarm and came along. I think the nicest things are often those done without fanfare. Just love.

  • Laura Says:

    Hi. This is my comment :)

  • Halley Says:

    Let’s do this! What an amazing way to do something good with a blog.

  • Ann K Says:

    Wonder Twins: vaccinate.

  • JonQDoe Says:

    Once, after a rather crappy day at work, I had to jog to the subway in the rain because I had forgotten my umbrella. I got caught at one of the red lights, and was standing there looking/feeling miserable while I waited for it to change when a random stranger came over and shared her umbrella with me while we waited on the light. It was a small thing, and thankfully not *the* nicest thing someone has done for me, but it was still pretty nice.

  • CW Says:

    My best friend just moved next door, so now whenever I’m having a rough day, she lets me come over, drink her wine, eat some of the amazing leftovers her boyfriend cooks, and cuddles me. It’s niceness on a regular basis.

  • Lindsey Says:

    My son is the best gift I could ever have asked for. If anything were to happen to him, I would be heartbroken. Helping save a child by writing a comment is the easiest thing ever.

  • Emmy Says:

    many people have done nice things for me lately, especially since ive just got back to my home country, and they try and help me with work etc. but something that stands out to me is when my friend for my birthday made me pastries from my home country that i had missed sorely, and that she had no idea what it was until she googled them. such a beautiful friend and surprise.

  • Eugene Says:

    Nicest thing ever done for me? Friends and family just being there

  • Nico Says:

    Vaccines are nice! And should be given to everyone.

  • Steph Says:

    The nicest thing for me is my best friend always being there for me, even through the most horrific break up, listening to me, taking care of me, making me smile, and accepting every phase I went through. True friendship is the greatest gift :)

  • Cora Says:

    looks like you’re already there! Wow. Love the cause

  • Lucie Says:

    Go go vaccines!

  • melanie Says:

    How wonderful!
    Vaccines are so important!

  • stacie Says:

    A friend of mine flew in from another state to surprise me and support me when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I’ll never forget it :)

  • Lib Says:

    the nicest thing is…pretty much everything my Mum has ever done for me.

  • LIza Says:

    Since my husband’s unexpected death this spring at age 43, many people have done many nice, if not downright wonderful, things for me. One of the first was 3 days after his death one of my college roommates flew across country to be with me and helped my buy clothes for the funeral.

  • Charlotte Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is my mum quitting a job she adored to be my carer, when I was nine years old and really ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The selflessness and bravery both my parents demonstrated during that difficult and emotional time and since has motivated me and pretty much shown me how to be. I will never be able to thank them for it.

  • kellie kimbrough Says:

    i am lifted and carried by love all the time.

  • Charlotte Says:

    Second comment because this is incredible!

    Keep it up, lady. You are damn inspiring!

  • c w burton Says:

    A couple of years ago my husband was very sick, and in a medical coma. The voicemail I got from an old friend just said, “I have a connection through New York–I’ll be there in 2 hours.”

  • Sam Says:

    When my husband asked me to marry him. 20 years later and I’m still pinching myself

  • Mary Mihaha Says:

    My mother being there for me all the time, no matter what. She is that nicest thing that has ever happened to me.

  • Emy Says:

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me is my junior high youth group leader arranging with my mom to “kidnap” me for a youth group event. He felt like I just needed a gentle shove into the world of socializing in order for me to reach my potential. It changed my life. Looking back on the last 20 years, it’s hard to imagine the direction of my life had it not been for that afternoon.

  • Mary Says:

    This is probably the nicest way I have ever gotten to start my day.

  • Rachel Says:

    when my mother supported me and sued my father for me so that I could go to college.

  • kayla Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me recently is invite me to come and visit when I needed to get away from things where I was.

  • Shelly Says:

    I am beyond blessed, but the most recent nicest thing anyone has done would be a gift from my future in-laws. They recently gave my fiance the diamond from my (future) mother-in-law’s engagement ring to put in my ring. While the diamond is stunning and the gift beyond generous, it’s the fact that they have so much faith in our relationship to part with something so special that is so touching.

  • Heather Says:

    Someone once gave me belgian chocolates after I was their shoulder to cry on.

  • Emma Says:

    Last year, my best friend let me move in with her and her boyfriend when I didn’t know where else to go. After stressing about affording my own place, they asked me to stay with them as long as I wanted to. It was nice to have one less thing to worry about.

  • marina sorr. Says:

    the nicest of my entire life is difficult. but certainly among the nicest there is this one: my sister passing her love for me to her children.

  • Ellie Says:

    If I’m truthful, I would have to say my whole life has been full of thoughtfulness and kindess from a family and husband who love unconditionally, support and encourage personal growth and expression, friends during all stages of life that were there for great and trying times, and through my profession of nursing which often shows the greatest compassion and kindess through people’s darkest hours. I know Ihave been blessed and have loved reading other people’s moments of nice I also love the idea that through vaccinations many more people in the world will have the chance at health and happiness. Thank you!

  • gogce crynen Says:

    I am thankful for the wonderful friends I have. throughout tough times they’ve kept an eye on me and came to my rescue when I needed them the most. One of them brought me food and dessert when I had a 4 day old baby and was alone with my baby and husband in a foreign land. I can never forget that :) another one looked at my car tires and worried I might get into an accident and lent me money and got me new tires when I couldnt afford them. I have many stories like these and we dont have time or space to write every single one of them :) I feel blessed whenever I remember these kind people whom I hope to be close for the rest of my life :)

  • Glynis Says:

    I can’t remember the nicest things someone’s done for me off the top of my head, but here’s one that makes the short list. I lost my job about a year ago, and my sister went out of her way to see that I was occupied and not despairing. She would send me job postings and invite me on outings with her and my nieces and generally act like the most supportive big sister in the world.

  • lora Says:

    The nicest thing that anyone ever did for me was teach me to read: seriously. My mother saw me struggle to learn and worked with me every day. I was behind my classmates for three years but because of her persistence and faith in my abilities I caught up. Now I have a grad degree in literature and am studying to be a librarian so that act of kindness set me on my current path and gave me my wings.

  • Jen Says:

    Last fall my husband had an unexpected health crisis, landing him in the hospital. My parents were unreachable. My sister was in Italy. I never felt more alone in my life laying there in bed waiting for our son to wake up. Over the course of the next few days people literally came out of the woodwork to help us. Watching our son while I spent time at the hospital. Bringing by food for us so I didn’t have to cook. Calling to check in and make sure I was okay (not just my husband-who is fine now!). Even our family practicioner pulling me aside in the hospital hallway and commanding me to rest and giving me a big hug. I felt completely lifted up by all those who surrounded our family at that time. And reminded that humanity is a wonderful thing to be a part of.

  • TraceyCK Says:

    Just out of college and pretty flat broke, I had a flat tire with no idea how to pay for a new one. A very kind friend paid for the tire to be installed which made a huge impact on me. I try to pass on those same acts to those in need.

  • Janelle Says:

    My husband takes the kids sometimes and gives me the evening off.

  • Identity Crash Says:

    I’ve been blessed with finding kindness in every endeavor, especially the ones that hurt the most.

  • Kate Says:

    My husband has supported and encouraged me through college and generally made it possible to be a student and a better person.

  • Evilisa Says:

    A dear friend jumped up in my face and chewed my ass at the same time! He told me I was too smart and too beautiful to be wasting my life on drugs. He demanded accountability from me. I’ve been clean seven years now. It really was the nicest thing anyone could do. Only a friend could have gotten up in my business like that

  • Camille Says:

    Believed in me.

  • Emily Says:

    The nicest thing anyone every did? My mom decided to keep me instead of putting me up for adoption when she found out she was 19, jobless and pregnant.

  • Camille Says:

    It’s not really something someone has done for me per se, but my dad was spared from a cancer diagnosis today.

  • chris Says:

    I was an ESL teacher for a year in Taiwan. I enjoyed the job very much and I think the students did too. When I left that job, someone at work had made a scrap-book dedicated to me and my time there. It must have taken hours, the way it was done. Very thoughtful and unexpected.

  • Emma Says:

    Nicest thing anyone did for me? My mom ignored her degree in English to keep me out of day-care all day by cleaning houses for 18 years while she homeschooled me… great sacrifice :-)

  • Alison Says:

    My 2 year old cousin puts her head on my shoulder and says “I lub you cousin Alison”

  • Shannon Says:

    In 2003, after years of misdiagnosis, my doctors found out that I have a form of epilepsy. I’ve struggled for almost 10 years since then to find great doctors (in two states), get on the best combos of medicine, go to work and attempt to maintain a social life of a young adult.

    I could not have done it all without the support — intellectual, emotional, financial and physical — of my parents.

    To say this is “the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me” is an understatement. This is a phenomenal degree of selflessness and generosity. I am so grateful that they are able and willing to help me.

  • Natalie Says:

    Love this idea. One year for my birthday, my husband and my best friend surprised me with a trip to Arizona to see my favorite musician EVER in concert (Jackson Browne). It was the best birthday.

  • Liz Says:

    For my girls.

  • Shannon Says:

    When I was homesick in my first year of college my dad used to send me cards and little packages all the time. Some times they were from the cat and dog. He visited once for a long week-end and it bolstered me to get me through the rest of the semester (I moved to go to school closer to home at the end of the year), but we also had fun doing things in that city that I didn’t do alone or with friends. I still know that no matter what, my father is looking out for me.

  • Joanna Says:

    Though they would probably say that it’s just what is done, I’d have to say that the nicest thing that’s ever been done for me is just having my family and friends be present. Doing what they do everyday. Helping when and where they can, with or without being asked.

  • emily Says:

    The nicest thing ever? My parents have helped me numerous times, but the best was when they got in the car, drove two days to Dallas to help me move back home.

  • Graciela Says:

    Amazing! Way to go comments & Shot@Life!

  • Hannah Says:

    Showing some support! This is a great thing you are doing :)

  • Forrest Says:

    I’ll comment, I don’t know if I believe it will make a difference, but I will anyway.

  • Fiona Says:

    Contemplating the question has been pretty nice. Remembering and reliving my good fortune feels lovely. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to contribute! XO

  • Jenny Lu Says:

    When I was on bed rest I had friends and family who took my daughter each day so that I could rest and go to my physical therapy appointments. They also brought me dinner several times a week for 6 weeks! My sister came once a week to clean my house and take care of me.

  • Barbara Says:

    I have been blessed to have been on the receiving end of many acts of kindness through the years – by family, friends and colleagues.I can’t isolate just one but thanks for making me think about them, and bringing a smile to my face on an otherwise dreary day!

  • amybee Says:

    My hubby didn’t bat an eye when I told him what surgery for the dog would cost. He just asked how soon they could do it.

  • Ginny Says:

    All we have to do is comment to help these kids? Sounds like a pretty easy thing to do for something so important.

  • Jori Says:

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me pray for me and be my brothers and sisters in Christ.

  • BellaBrunette Says:

    One of my best friends made a surprise visit for my birthday last year because she knew I was going through a difficult time. A mutual friend snapped a pic at the moment I saw her and the I love the look of surprise and pure joy on my face.

  • Katie Says:

    My parents loving and accepting me even when I messed up. Thanks for a great way to help people!

  • p. Says:

    This is fantastic.

  • Juliana Says:

    The nicest thing in the world for me …hugs and kisses from my babies!

  • Mary Says:

    Hi there,

    This is fantastic – so glad to help you do such a good thing!


  • Shari Says:

    how wonderful

  • Naomi Says:

    This is an amazing thing you’re doing! Cange the world!!!

  • Jessica Says:

    That’s a tough question, but recently one of the nicest things to happen to me, while cooking with my four year old son he said, “Mommy you are the cooker of love”.

  • Chelsey Hochmuth Says:

    My boyfriend surprised me with a cupcake when I was going through a tough time at work and at home. It wasn’t just the cupcake but the fact that he is always there to listen and cheer me up when I need it.

  • Rebecca Says:

    The nicest thing ever would probably be that my parents raised me. Now that I’m a mother, I understand!

  • Margot Says:

    Yahoooo! Comment-ho! 1,072 and counting! Hope we did our job, and then some on top of that. Those kids pictures in the post are too cute to be sick!

  • Kathy Evans Says:

    I can’t even count the number of nice things people have done for me. Thanks for doing this, Maggie.

  • Kathy Evans Says:

    I wish every child in the world could be vaccinated.

  • Lauren Says:

    This weekend my entire family helped me move. I am grateful.

  • Sleep Goblin Says:

    The most recent kind thing done for that me that I didn’t expect was when I got locked out of my house. I was out on the street without proper attire or a phone or anything. A stranger walking by lent me his cell phone so I could call my husband. It meant a lot to me, because I seriously looked liked a crazy person, and I’m not sure I would have trusted my cell phone to me in his shoes.

  • Marie Says:

    When I was a little girl I went with my parents to Tivoli here in Copenhagen and there was a jewelry shop. I stood with my nose pressed against the window. A man crouched down next to me and looked at what I was looking at. Then he went inside and came out with a small glass bottle filled with pieces of amber and closed with a tiny cork. He gave me the bottle, smiled and walked away.

  • Amanda Says:

    My now-husband, Chris, always hugs me when I need it, and does not judge. That is the nicest thing anyone can ever do for anyone else, I believe.

  • Lauren Says:

    One day at subway a random guy bought my lunch. It made my week.

  • latenac Says:

    What a great cause. It’s hard to think of the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. But the most recent nice thing was my husband buying me a minifig TARDIS Doctor Who set for my birthday and my daughter making pictures for me to accompany it.

  • tami Says:

    My husband once organized a business trip so he could by me a pair of earrings I mentioned that I liked, since the store wasn’t in our provincial city. It was quite surprising!

  • Sharisse Says:

    This is so wonderful! Who pays for the $20?

  • Bryony Sowers Says:

    Let’s save some lives!

  • kaitlyn ray Says:

    my boyfriend flew to london to surprise me when I was studying abroad and he lived in nyc. when i got home from class there was a pretty dress on my bed, roses, and a note to meet him for dinner. :) now we are married!

  • Nicole Freire Says:

    The nicest thing that ever happened to me was a friend who answered my phone call at 3:30am. I was hysterical with a panic attack and not only did she stay on the phone with me for over two hours, she gave me a referral to a therapist who changed my life. (Thanks Maeve, you were truly a life saver.)

  • Amy Says:

    Reading all of these nice things, makes me want to DO nice things for others. :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Pam Joy Says:

    The nicest thing that anyone has done for me was my husband meeting me at the train station after a week long trip with a single rose and a box of perfume.

  • Jill Says:

    This happened at my 25th high school reunion a couple years ago. A guy from high school apologized for treating me poorly while we were dating when we were 16. He had dropped me like a hot potato and never explained why. We never spoke again….until our reunion. I thought it a very nice thing to do.

  • Ashley Says:

    Recently, via good vibin’ & an extra bike + helmet, a friend (or two, and a bunch of new friends) coached me (with patience overfloweth) through my first venture in naked bike ride-dom. Ok, so I was Tobias Funke and wore a royal blue bra with my blue paint, cutoffs, and fake moustache–but still! Also, my first bike ride ever ever in this city that’s been a home for a year now (PHILLY!). Terrifying and loads of fun–holy eff I did it!

    PS Those purple overalls are KILLING IT.

  • Amy D Says:

    My sister listened to me over and over through the ups and downs of my 10 year relationship with bad growing pains, never telling me she’d heard too much or complaining I kept saying the same thing over and over or contradicting myself (both happened).

  • David Says:

    The nicest thing I have ever had done for me was my Saviour Jesus Christ, dying on a cross for me. Everything else pales in comparison.

  • Talya Says:

    As a clueless 22-year-old I moved to a new city in a new country with little money. Off her own back, a new co-worker picked me up from the airport and let me stay in her apartment rent free for two months. 16 years later, she is still one of my very best friends.

  • Martina Says:

    Nice happens all around us, all the time. The big things — the huge heroic acts and sweeping, dramatic moments — get a lot of mention and replay, but I’m thinking these days that sometimes the nicest things people do are the little moments: smiling at strangers when they pass, holding a door open, taking a moment to give directions or answer a question for a stranger. Those are the moments that I usually forget to dwell upon, but truly are what make the world livable.

  • Megan Says:

    Early this spring, a friend helped me dig up my garden and plant vegetable seeds. We are reaping the bounty of his generosity now. :D

  • norm Says:

    This person on the Internet I don’t even know has given me the opportunity to help arrange vaccinations for children in need. THAT IS REALLY NICE. This person is pretty danged amazing.

  • Nathan Says:

    The nicest thing that anyone has done for me is reach out to me in the middle of a time where I felt so alone. He told me again and again how much I’m loved, until I really started to believe it. He brought new life to my Spirit. His name is Jesus.

  • Abbe Says:

    My mama came to stay with me after the birth of my son late last year. She cooked, cleaned, burped, changed, held and more. Oh, and she also helped take care of the baby. I was cranky, often unpleasant, and her kindness and good mood was never ending.

  • Jocy Says:

    My husband encouraged me to go to graduate school while he worked to support us. That is one of the nicest gestures of love I have ever received.

  • Michelle Says:

    My mom raised me on her own. She sent me to the best schools she could. Cooked almost every night after a long day at work. Taught me to be independent and kind. She gave everything she could to me and never complained. Now that I’m a mom, I’m amazed at everything she did without anyone’s help. The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is raise me right.
    p.s. i think this blog post is one of the nicest things i’ve ever read.

  • Jocy Says:

    On one of the worst days of my life, my brother came to pick me up and kept slapping me on the back while saying, “Isn’t this just the greatest day! Aren’t you just so happy to be alive!” and in his own way,kept me from having a nervous breakdown. I will never be able to express how grateful I am to have him in my life.

  • Gabi Says:

    My husband, who immigrated from Argentina and didn’t learn to speak English until he was 27, decided he was going to try to pass the California Bar exam. It was his only hope of ever getting a useful (paying) job. He took the Bar two times and failed, studying full-time while I was working part-time, taking care of the kids part-time, and living off a parental loan. Finally, on the third try, he passed (!). And when I called to let my friend know, she congratulated us – we all cried. And the next day, a babysitter showed up at our house, paid for by my friend. My husband and I went out for a celebratory dinner in the city, and we couldn’t have done it without her help.

  • Gabi Says:

    Another nice thing: during our super-lean times (see comment about Bar exam), my best friend gave me all of her airline miles so I could go visit her in Pittsburgh (I live in California). I loved her for that. Still do.

  • cm Says:

    Not *the* nicest thing, but *a* recent nice thing:
    My father-in-law and sister-in-law sharing delicious vegetables and herbs from their gardens.

  • Heather Says:

    I walk to work everyday, and one day my backpack had opened up on the trip. I didn’t realise it until I got to work, but I had left my stuff strewn all along the walk. I wasn’t able to go back and trace my steps (I’m a early childhood teacher, and I couldn’t leave the children) but I called my student husband, and woke him up. He followed my bread crumbs along the sidewalk, picking everything up, and brought me my lost items at work.

  • Michy Says:

    When I was just starting out in publishing and making very little money, a coworker (I never found out who) gave me $40 a week before pay day because they knew I was out of funds from an expensive car repair and that I needed to buy groceries for myself, my sister and her children who were living with me at the time. The note said: We all need a little help sometimes. I’ll never forget that and I try to pass it on as often as I can.

  • beast friend Says:

    Longtime lurker, first-time commenter. Nicest thing: forgiveness, I think.

    Headed over to Stacey’s blog now.

  • Shem Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me – my husband marrying me and making me happy every day. We’ve had probably our toughest year ever but he has been there supporting me the while way.

  • Whitney Says:

    Years ago, my mom dropped her plans to spend the day with me the morning after my boyfriend and I broke up. I felt very loved, which I needed badly. We went to see the Bourne Identity at a matinee and to this day I love that movie with a passion — somehow it’s all wrapped up not in breakup woe but in being taken care of by mom, even as a grownup. Someday I hope my daughters will turn to me for support and that I’ll give it as unblinkingly as my mom did.

  • Jill Says:

    So many nice things! Hard to pick just one, so here are several nice things people have done “for” me.
    My birth mother gave me up for adoption…
    My parents adopted me…
    My husband told me he loved me after we’d been together less than a month
    My four year old step-son always gives me snuggles and cuddles, along with telling me I look “very handsome” when I get dressed up (I’m female, but we tell him he’s handsome, so he figures that’s a decent compliment for anyone).

  • Jill Says:

    And another one!
    After a long and turbulent family vacation flight to Barbados, wherein I popped too many Ativan and was borderline comatose, a lovely security woman sat next to me on the bench where I was laying down in the airport, and stroked my hair and told me I would be fine, until my parents came along and found me.

  • ES Says:

    Friends and family did a million nice things for us when my 31 year old husband was diagnosed with cancer. The one that springs to mind right now is a friend who immediately sent us DVDs of funny movies.

  • Erin Says:

    Not the nicest thing, but a nice thing: I’ve fainted in public a few times, always when I’m by myself, and strangers always rush to help me. It renews my faith in people.

  • Trasherati Says:

    One of the nicest things was very simple: my “work spouse” who co-managed a team with me took a day off and drove 6 hours to pay his respects at the funeral home when my father died. I don’t know why exactly, but it moved me to tears and reinforced the notion that sometimes the most important thing you can do is just show up.
    Let’s get those babies their shots!

  • Sophia Says:

    A nice thing that someone has done for me is to like me for who I am.

  • Caroline Says:

    Out of the blue hugs when you really need them – especially since I come from a non-contact family. That’s also how I met my husband.

  • Tamara Says:

    One of the nicest things ever done for me was drive four hours round trip in the middle of the night to pick me up from my freshman-February-dorm-room-of-depression so I could spend the weekend with him and his fun college friends.

  • Janet Says:

    Unexpected kindness when I need it most.

  • Cathleen Says:

    While I can’t seem to pinpoint the *nicest* thing anyone’s done for me, I can’t stop thinking about all of the little things people do on a daily basis that can make such a huge difference: neighbors checking in on your house when you’re on vacation and they see something suspicious, people taking the time to hold open a door when you’re trying to push someone in a wheelchair through it (less common than you’d think), smiles and hellos from passersby rather than the much easier There Is Something Very Interesting On The Ground approach… It’s really the little things that do it for me.

  • Fun mama Says:

    My family and friends carried us through our journey to have children.

  • Dina Says:

    The nicest thing is when people sincerely say thank you for something you did and you weren’t expecting it.

  • Leah Says:

    Every day, no matter how tired he is, or how frustrated he is with work, or with me, my sweet husband kisses my forehead before I fall asleep.

  • Julie Says:

    When I was fundraising for the AVON walk for for breast cancer, I started a new job. Someone I had only been introduced to, gave me $100 to add to the pot. Not knowing me at all and being so completly generous blew me away.

  • Julie Says:

    When I came back home from the hospital with a new baby boy, I was delighted to find my mom had cleaned the house and filled the kitchen with groceries. AMAZING!

  • Bethie Says:

    The nicest is a steady hand on my back when I’m wavering.

  • Bethie Says:

    When my 2 year old air kissed my skinned knee to make it better, even though I could tell that the site of it grossed her out and made her want to run away.

  • kathy Says:

    I’ve been so surrounded by kindness in my life I don’t know that I’d recognize someone really mean until I was smacked by it. I’ve been incredibly lucky.

  • Jocelyn Says:

    My husband I had moved to a new place and did not have very many friends. I was 34 weeks pregnant and had an 18 month old son. I was put on bedrest and we did not know what we were going to do. My mother in law got on a plane the next morning and stayed 7 weeks until the baby was born. She took care of everything. I could never repay her for all she did for us.

  • Ella Says:

    I’m moving this weekend, so, really, any friends that are willing to help me move or paint. They will deserve all of the pizza and beer in the world.

  • Zooey Says:

    Not the absolute nicest, but this one has stuck with me for years:

    When I was 22 I flew halfway across the world to visit a boy I was in love with for three years but who couldn’t decide if he was stringing me along or otherwise. It ended up a terrible trip. When the painful ordeal was over and it was time to leave, I endured an exhausting six-hour coach ride to the big city, battled the traffic to finally get on another bus to the airport, and then arrived starving and exhausted at the airport only to realize our flight was delayed another couple of hours.

    By the time I got on the plane I had a raging migraine and was completely emotionally exhausted. The lady sitting next to me noticed that I was in pain (I had asked the stewardess for painkillers) and probably also saw that I had been crying through re-runs of The English Patient, which is probably one of the worst films you can watch when you’re heartbroken. She took care of me the whole trip, getting me more meds, water, even clearing my trash for me. She did it all silently and without comment. I will always remember her kindness.

  • Nell Says:

    Gave me a second chance.

  • KCV Says:

    Great offering – thanks

  • Danialle Says:

    My grandfather is dying and I am handling all of his financial affairs for my grandmother, from 150 miles away. Besides losing my beloved role model, I’md ealing with a ton of paperwork and being a single mother. My boyfriend knows this and every single chance he can makes me a fire in the backyard, pours me some wine and listens to me until the wee hours.

    Add in my best friends being on the other end of the phone and my job making me feel like it’s okay to grieve, I am eternally grateful right now for kindness.

  • pam Says:

    after i gave birth to my second baby, i didn’t feel very good about my body and lived in baggy sweats and jeans for awhile. i still don’t feel great about my body, but the cloud lifted and the first time i felt inspired to put on real clothes, i wore a long skirt. my 4 year old exclaimed “WOW MAMA, YOU LOOK LIKE A PRINCESS!” when i walked out. (poor kid had forgotten that i could look human).

    that was pretty nice.

    thanks for this, miss maggie. :)

  • dgm Says:

    When my first child was 10 weeks old, she developed near-fatal bacterial meningitis. We had just moved across the country and I didn’t know anyone in town. My husband was at a conference 3,000 miles away when the pediatrician told me to take my baby to the ER for a spinal tap late one night. One of my besties from college, who had a 4-week old, lived 30 miles away and couldn’t leave her newborn. She sent her husband, also a good friend of ours, up to be with me at the ER. He was crucial support throughout that night and the next day until my hubby could get there. That was 14 years ago, and I still feel tremendous gratitude and connection for it as strongly as I did the night it happened.

  • Heidi C. Says:

    One day I was leaving the doctors office with my newborn son in his stroller; I was struggling to get through the door and hold it open. A little boy about 6 (with NO prodding from his mother) ran over to hold it open for me while several adults just watched.

  • Jen Says:

    Complete strangers told me to go ahead and cry when my Dad was in the hospital fighting cancer. They knew I was holding it in – and that I’d feel better if I let go of foolish pride and let it out.

  • Chelsea Says:

    saying “i love you”

  • Jen Says:

    My husband snuck outside one Christmas Eve (in the snow) to finish installing the bird feeder he had painted for me so when the sun came up on Christmas morning he and the kids could surprise me with my gift.

  • Caitlin Says:

    My parents made my education their priority, and on one (professor’s) salary, they did everything in their power to send me to the most extraordinary schools. A life long gift for which I have infinite gratitude.

  • Mary Says:

    The nicest thing…It shouldn’t be hard, but it is! For my birthday last year, when we almost no money, my husband took 5 pairs of shoes that I could no longer wear and got the heels repaired so that I basically had new shoes for a total of $30. Best gift ever.

  • rhodora Says:

    I was chatting with my son, who had just come home from work, when he suddenly announced that he had something for me. It was a bottle of Coco Chanel perfume. It wasn’t my birthday; there was no occasion at all. I was really touched.

  • Julie Says:

    When I left my last place of work to move on to greener pastures, my colleagues presented me with a notebook signed by everyone with personal farewell messages. One of those messages was from a ‘junior’ employee who thanked me for actually knowing his name and saying hello to him. :)

  • Sheryl Says:

    It’s hard to chose just one! I think, though, I would have to go with the day I got laid off at my last job right at the end of my shift and my then-fiance magically appeared to walk me home. The fact that he’d just stopped by to spend time with me was sweet, but that day was even more special.

  • amy Says:

    The nicest things any one has ever done for me is my sister took out a loan at just 21 years old to send me to theatre school to pursue my dreams and leave a school that was awful. My mum also made this happen but it was my sister who took out the loan and my dad eventually didnt pay his part at all I know she probably ended up spending the most and at such a young age it was such a selfless thing to do….

  • Elizabeth Says:

    A few days after my daughter was born, my in-laws asked if they could pick up some groceries for us. Usually, I’m reluctant to accept help, but I was terrified of trying to figure out how to take a brand new baby shopping, and said, “yes please!”. They ended up completely stocking our fridge and cupboards with anything and everything we could need. They even got us a huge box of diapers and wipes. It couldn’t have been a cheap shoping trip, and I know that they were facing huge medical bills after my father in law had been hospitalized with cancer complications. It was the greatest, most heartfelt gift anyone could’ve given me. It was probably very impractical for them, but it meant everything to me to just be able to focus on my newborn baby and not worry about things like groceries. I hope to do the same thing for my daughter if she has her own children someday.

  • Amanda B. Says:

    My best friend and business partner sent me a simple gift via mail. She ordered it the day before she went into labor to thank me for all I had done for her in during the last few months. With much tragedy, the baby did not survive the birth. While she was deep in her own sorrow and I was struggling through my own grief and wondering how to comfort her through such despair, I received the package. I know she couldn’t have known, but that love from her, and the note that perfectly summed up our friendship, received when she was so deep in her own pain meant/s the world.

  • Melissa Says:

    My friends watched my 2yo and encouraged me to use the time to read & enjoy a cocktail instead of grocery shopping.

  • Mandy Says:

    I went through a break up recently, and my friends really went out of their way to do little things to make me feel better. The calls, the meals, the going out to silly movies with me, and just listening to my crazy made me feel so much better. I’m really lucky.

  • Birdy Says:

    We expect our friends and family to be nice. I love the niceness from unexpected places.

    When I was living in Austin, going to school, I had missed the last bus of the night, so about 10 pm. This was before cell phone and I didn’t know anyone’s phone number so I had no choice but to walk home. I lived on 17th street off the Drag and my work was on 48 street, by the high way. It was a long walk. I didn’t get two blocks until a cab van pulled up beside me and asked if I needed a ride home. I told him Yes, but I had no cash on me to pay him. He replied, It’s ok. I’ll take you home.

    That touched me deeply. As someone alone in a large city knowing a few people, it was a much needed kindness and one that was a true selfless act.

  • Casey Says:

    When my husband died unexpectedly about a year and a half ago, I had a full-time job and three young kids that required all of my time, attention and energy. My dad stepped in and handled all of the legal affairs, sold my husband’s truck, an investment property, sold my house and helped me buy a new house. Those things were a logistical nightmare and I could have never gotten them done in 10 years and he managed it all in one year. He allowed me to focus on the things that were most important in that first year–my kids, keeping my job, and myself.

  • Stephanie R. Says:

    Why yes, I would like to contribute to this cause!

  • Katherine Says:

    Not *the* nicest thing, but certainly something that I’ll always remember. I once came home from a late night class and my roommate had made dinner, chilled a bottle of wine, lit candles and had nice music playing all ready for us to have a nice dinner for when I came home. It was the best Monday. :)

  • Josie Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me is how amazing my husband has been this week since the birth of our baby girl. Doting, encouraging, and dreaming up great snacks!

  • Ashley Says:

    The nicest thing…what a difficult prompt! I’d say it was my two best friends planning my wedding. My husband is foreign and would have had to leave the country, so we decided to get married. My best friends planned the whole thing in just 3 weeks, and completely took the stress off of my shoulders. It was beautiful!

  • Vashti Says:

    A friend showed up randomly one morning with omelette ingredients so she could cook me breakfast. Yummiest omelette ever!

  • AppleTree Says:

    One of my favorite kindness stories is about the business office secretary at my college. My roommate and I ran into her while grocery shopping one evening. She had the makings of a fruit pizza in her cart. I jokingly told her my birthday, months out at that point. When we returned for spring semester I got a call out of class to report to the business office. I was sure something was wrong with my account, but she had made a fruit pizza for my birthday and called a couple of my friends to come celebrate.

  • Stacey Says:

    While going through a difficult time the last couple of weeks, I have realized how many good friends I have. In many different ways they have all been there for me.

  • Nan Says:

    I can think of so many nice things others have done but this stands out: when I visited the country of my father’s heritage in 2003, a distant cousin insisted that I stay with her and her family, and they showed me around everywhere in their region. They didn’t have to do anything at all but they made my trip so memorable! We’ve remained good friends and I’m still impressed with how very kind that was.

  • CCo Says:

    My mother works the night shift at a job she hates, and wears her shoes until they have holes in them rather than buying new ones for herself, just so that she can makes ends meet for our family. “Nice” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  • Meegan Says:

    This is top of the mind for me right now. My son and daughter’s pool party was rained out last Sunday. Every lovely guest and their lovely children came to our home (condo) and gave our children the most fabulous birthday celebration they could have imagined. No one bailed. No one balked. They all came with smiles (and some with wine!), gifts and hearts of happiness. And our places is small with a capital SMALL. It. Was. Fabulous.

  • Erica Says:

    My 9-yr old son thanks me often for “all the things” I do for him. He sometimes goes down the list: cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, letting him play at friends’ houses… It’s amazing how good it feels to be thanked when you never expected it to be expressed.

  • Beth Says:

    One of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me was when my dad, in his last months of life, going through radiation, reached into his back pocket to pay for dinner. It was Father’s Day and I took him to a BBQ place he liked, my treat. He insisted on paying. Even in his dying days, he never stopped looking out for me. Even though he’s not here, wherever he is, I hope he’s happy and knows I miss him always.

  • Mel Says:

    I contacted a couchsurfer, who I’d never met, to find out some advice on car shopping in his city, which is a few hours from where I live. Not only did he give me lots of advice, but he offered to pick my kids and I up from the airport when we were arriving at midnight, drove us to the hotel, and when it was full, he took us to another hotel, then carried our 200 lbs of bags up 3 flights of stairs, as there was no bellboy at that time of night. He then came back the next day to help us get to the bus station. A total guardian angel!

  • Amy Says:

    Having my kids tell me they appreciate me being their mother. The greatest gift I ever got.

  • Rebecca Says:

    My boyfriend wrote a sweet note and hid it in my purse for me to find later on my travels overseas

  • Rebecca Says:

    I own a shop and am constantly surprised by the generosity of local people who bring me flowers and biscuits they have made. People are so sweet!

  • Amy Says:

    Having caring and understanding teachers in high school who believed in me when no one else did. Thank you Mr and Mrs Ken and Sue Mackie.

  • Johannes Says:

    My girlfriend has made me a better person. I love her.

  • Lisa Says:

    My favorite musician invited me to his record label and gave me a copy of every album I wanted on vinyl… easily the nicest thing anyone’s done for me without asking for anything at all in return.

  • Faith Says:

    I moved to a strange country by myself without knowing anyone. I was dying of loneliness because I’m shy and introverted and hadn’t gotten to know many people. My friends, who were themselves on three continents, got their cameras and went around looking for cute guys to say “Happy Birthday Faith!”, along with videos of themselves, was just about the nicest thing I could have at that time.

  • Faith Says:

    I have self esteem issues that prevent me from believing in myself. But I have colleagues, friends and people around me who possess random urges to turn to me just to say “I think you’re doing a really great job. You keep rockin!” Always the nicest thing to hear =)

  • Anne Says:

    My gentleman friend pleasantly surprises me by doing nice things for me daily, things I sometimes don’t even realize he’s done until later. Things like putting air in my bicycle tires when they’re a little low. Little nice things that make me appreciate what a treasure he is and also inspire me to think of nice little things I can do for him and for others in my life. Those little things really do mean a whole lot! They spread joy and kindness and good will around your life…good stuff!

  • Kelli Nelson (@SweetLifeMommy) Says:

    One of the nicest thing you can do for anyone is to allow them to be true to themselves. Human beings are beautifully flawed. Be accepting and respectful.

    This is a fantastic campaign!

  • Anne Says:

    When we graduated from high school, my best friend gave me a graduation gift: a handmade box containing journals she’d written over the last three years. The journals chronicled our entire high school experience from a me-and-her perspective.

    It was, and still is, a totally amazing gift. You know how you think back to jr high and high school and all the crazy long phone conversations you’d have every night with your friends, even though you’d just spent an entire school day with them, and you think, “What in the world did we talk about???” Well, I KNOW. :)

    She spent three years on those journals, just for me. I found them recently and was blown away all over again. Nicest and most loving gift ever.

  • Emily Says:

    When a high-level leader from my company left, she emailed me to say some kind things about my work and my potential. It was incredibly thoughtful, since we hadn’t worked closely together and she must have had a million other things on her mind. Whenever I feel like a failure, I go read that email.

  • Ellen Says:

    Here’s another comment. :)

  • RX Says:

    Such a fantastic idea.

  • Claire Says:

    I have chronic daily migraine and anytime someone goes out of their way, even in the slightest, to show consideration for that, it blows me away. A lot of people ignore it, or actively deny that such a thing even exists, so when someone acknowledges it with kindness it means the world to me.

  • Hesper Says:

    Claire, I suffer from the same! My heart goes out to you!

    Wonderful cause!

  • Kelly Says:

    I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by good people – so picking one thing is very challenging.
    I think it’s great when people give you handmade gifts. Even if you don’t necessarily love them, they put a lot of time and thought into giving you something. Truly a labor of love!

  • Jennifer Says:

    When my friends did’t listen to me say I don’t need help but contined to help out with my newborn.

  • Jessie Says:

    My parents gave me a trip to Europe with my best friend since I was five, as a graduation present. I spent three weeks traveling England, Italy, and Greece, which is amazing enough, but I also got to make memories with a friend who I hadn’t been as close with through college as I would’ve liked. It was amazing.

  • gail Says:

    my girls (4 and 7 y/o) are always so nice to me when i’m not feeling well. it makes me so happy that even at this young age, they are both kind and caring.

  • Krisy Says:

    Ohhh this IS nice. I think one of the nicest things someone ever did for me was to take me aside and tell me, very kindly and gently, something that no one else had the guts to say to my face. That was nice.

  • Elise Says:

    when i went to high school, all of my best friends transferred to other schools and i was left with only a few marginal friends which, in high school, feels kinda like the end of the world. this girl befriended me and pretty much changed my life.

  • Kathryn Says:

    The day after my husband and I got married, we went to a great little pizza joint in our neighbourhood. The place was crawling with kids, because it was some kind of family special night that we hadn’t been aware of. The Mom at the next table struck up a conversation because we were conspicuous for our lack of kids, and she was delighted to hear that we were newlyweds. When it was time for us to get our bill, the waiter informed us that that family had picked it up already. We just had time to wave and thank them before they drove away.

  • Kathryn Says:

    Nice thing #2 – My husband thanking me for making dinner every night. He’s so consistent that now our toddler has picked up the habit and thanks me, too. I’ve got good guys.

  • megan Says:

    my husband telling me that he loves multiple times a day. It is the nicest thing to hear.

  • Jillian Hess Says:

    Shot@Life is a great initiative that will help many kids get access to life-saving vaccinations. Thank you so much for blogging about it and getting the word out.

  • Chu-Wei Huang Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me is that my parents brought me to this world and let me be their son!

  • Paige Jones Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has every done for me is:

    My husband, before he was my husband, forgave me. I treated him so poorly the first 2 times we dated, but he forgave me anyways and he loves me no matter what. He continues to forgive me each day when I sin against him each day.

  • Ahill Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me is make me feel loved and accepted just for being me.

  • Lindsey Says:

    After my first round of law school exams, I came down with that horrible norovirus stomach flu thing. I was so sick that I couldn’t get out of bed, so my Dad came over and brought me food and cleaned up my apartment… poor guy got it himself and was sick on Christmas.

  • Tiff R Says:

    Nicest thing? There’s been many. This one time, I was super ill (incredibly scary for someone without health insurance like I am), and my parents thoughtfully brought me take-out from one of my favorite restaurants. I opened the bag and saw a GIGANTIC container of my favorite soup, far more than the usual size you get for a side. Apparently my father had told the restaurant employees I was ill (they knew us well enough to recognize that the food they ordered was specifically for me), and the owner had upgraded the side soup to a full bowl, for free, so that I’d get well soon.

    I was pretty heartbroken when the restaurant closed not long after.

  • Fawn Says:

    Damn! I am going to have to come back and read more of these one day when I am feeling blue. I am thinking now about many nice things have been done for me over the years, little kindnesses and huge sacrifices. I am thinking of all the hand made cards I have collected from birthdays and holidays over the years from a very dear friend and how I can go back and read all the kind words and inspiration she wrote over the last 10 years she’s been sending those to me. I’m pretty lucky!

  • Mary Says:

    For my 30th birthday my bestie wrote me a poem about all the best bits about me.
    It made me laugh and cry and giggle and blush.

  • Mary Says:

    My beautiful boyfriend never tires of playing with my hair or making swirls on my back (my most favourite things in the world).
    He does it for hours and hours. He’s so selfless and I’m so lucky to know him.

  • Camille Says:

    1) When I was getting ready to graduate high school, my dad decorated the bathroom every day during the week leading up to graduation day. He had an ongoing countdown, colorful hawaiian flower decorations, everything. I love my pop-pop.

  • Amelia Says:

    This is my helpful comment about a small nice thing someone did for me this month, which was to *not* sing happy birthday to me in a public place.

  • Claire Says:

    My dad regularly sends me emails just to chat or tell me about his weekend, recently with the supremely adorable and heart-melting subject line “let’s share.” It never fails to make me feel loved and important, not to mention incredibly grateful to have him as a father.

  • D Says:

    My dad raised me alone, and he’s still taking care of me 30 years later.

  • Casey Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done is believe in me. When I have a crazy idea, not telling me I’m crazy, just saying, “Yes, I know you could totally do that!”

  • Grace Says:

    My sister was with me during the birth of my first son, and she endured 24 hours or labor (even though she has kids of her own). She was amazing.

  • LaurenR Says:

    What a great way of letting your readers contribute to something so huge!

    We’re supposed to comment about something nice someone has done for us, eh? I’m thinking about those little niceties that drop in front of us so often, that make the world seem kind of friendly and not so hopeless…

    Yesterday I took my son to the library to turn in his summer reading game card. As one of his rewards, he chose a voucher for a free cookie at his favorite local bakery. It was lunchtime, but I didn’t want to get lunch at the bakery because we had something waiting at home. I felt bad for coming in during their peak hours just to collect on a free cookie. But my son had earned it, and he was excited to get it.

    I apologized to the guy at the counter and said we’d be sure to be back soon for a real purchase. He smiled, reached into the cookie showcase with his tongs, and slipped TWO big giant cookies into my son’s bag.

    “Oops,” he said. “Looks like I accidentally put two in there!”

    I’m still smiling today over that.

  • Cass Says:

    When I was just out of high school my boyfriend committed suicide. Along with the grief, I also felt quite isolated and alone – my friends just didn’t know what to say or do. A teacher that I barely knew sent me a letter in the mail saying something along the lines of “you will be okay and you will get through”. It was such a thoughtful thing to do and I still remember the gesture over 20 years later.

  • bec Says:

    My now husband fell in love with me when I felt the most unlovable and has been my rock ever since.

  • Sharon Says:

    My older sister helped me understand that I have a voice in this world and that I shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for myself. That was the most valuable and helpful thing I’ve learned in my life.

  • Suzanne @ Mom Confessionals Says:

    Wow! I’m speechless… this by far is the most comments I think I’ve seen. You’re AMAZING!

  • Heather Says:

    I have been blessed with so many acts of kindness in my life. One that really sticks out in my mind was during the time my husband had lost his job and we were really struggling, our church family took up an offering for us. We received so much food and cash that it saw us through such a dark time.

  • Sarahbeth Says:

    By all means… Let’s vaccinate!

  • Sarahbeth Says:

    I’ve had so much good stuff happen to me in my life… Its ridiculous in the grad scheme of things.? My husband puts up with me, my 16m old makes me laugh daily, my parents educated me and loved me… Random people across the world have let me stay in their houses, taught me their languages , made sure I ate,… And my dog brings me stick almost all the time I ask her. A charmed life.

  • shanna Says:

    forgiveness…and also making is so easy to help children get vaccinated….thanks!!!

  • leeshka Says:

    Heck yeah, vaccinations!!

  • Jess Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is to share their kindness.

  • Talik Says:

    I am overwhelmed by the kindness in life and am thankful for all my friends and family who have supported and shared their thoughts/dreams with me. I think sharing your best self is the best form of kindness.

  • Jessica Tucker Says:

    Amazing work!!!

  • Jill Gubler Says:

    One of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me was when I fell asleep while driving 60 mph on the highway. I went airborne off of the road and rolled my car. I was injured and whisked of the the ER in the ambulance. My husband was far away at the National Boy Scout Jamboree in Pennsylvania and couldn’t be reached. My neighbor came and sat with me throughout the evening while they stitched up my leg and x-rayed me. He gave me a ride home and I’ll never forget that because I was really scared and I calmed down after he came. He probably doesn’t realize how much that meant to me.

  • Jessica Says:

    When I was six we lived in a small town until our house burned down. We were pretty poor and the entire town came together to help us with a place to live, clothes, money and anything else we needed. I had stuffed animals up to the ceiling of my new bedroom. Beautiful acts of kindness by mostly strangers.

  • Lisa O'Malley Says:

    When I was an intern at a summer stock theater making $100 a week, one of the actors asked to borrow my car. I hesitated because I really didn’t know him that well but agreed. He was hardly gone 15 minutes. Later that night when I was finally leaving the theater after the show I realized he had filled my gas tank.

  • Brachinus Says:

    Excellent cause!

  • Kate L. Says:

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me? Both my parents have donated me a kidney. That was pretty nice of them. Second one (mom’s) is still going strong!

  • Jess Says:

    Glad to support this cause!

  • Jesica J. Says:

    During one of the darkest chapters of my life, an elderly woman, who was only an acquaintance of the family, made sure to call me every day and to make certain that I didn’t give up hope. Some days, her call was all the hope I could come up with. But she saved my life, one phone call a day. Thank you, Carol. May God hold you gently in the palm of His hand.

  • Laura Says:

    My bikram yoga teacher, who encouraged, inspired, and believed in me. He saved my life.

  • pundelina Says:

    My grandfather loved me wholeheartedly.

  • Jenn Says:

    The nicest thing you can do for someone is love them, like you want to be loved.

  • Meg B Says:

    I am pregnant and having a terrible time sleeping. My husband volunteered to sleep on our horribly uncomfortable couch so I could sleep on the Lazy boy and not be by myself. I love that man.

    What a wonderful thing. Come on people, comment, comment comment!

  • Deanna Says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me in a while is buying an antique picture frame for me from a homeless person while I was searching for change with a 20lb cast on my left arm in 40 degree humidity.

  • Alana Says:

    My mom doesn’t hate me even though I never call her or buy her dinner or try and actively spend time with her. Ima call her right meow.

  • Stephanie R Says:

    Another $20, please? My mom does the nicest things for me all the time — it’s so hard to pick one instance. So recently, as part of a birthday dinner she cooked for me, I noticed a plate of fruits: cherries, pears, mangoes, and peaches. I turned to her and said, “Mom! Those are all of my favorite fruits!” And she said, “I know, Stephanie!” It was such a thoughtful gesture and made me feel really loved.

  • DLG in Mich Says:

    I worked several jobs to put myself through college. At the time, I was good friends with one of my former high school teachers and her husband. They were childless and were financially comfortable. After four years in school, I realized I needed one more semester to finish my degree. This very nice, extremely generous couple offered to pay all of my expenses (tuition, room, board and books) so I could just enjoy college for one last semester.

  • Marina Says:

    Due to my dad’s job, my family moved very, very far away from our home in Georgia when I was 13. I attended high school on an island in the PNW. My parents moved away just a couple of months after I went to college, so I am never able to go back and visit all of these wonderful, important friends with whom I stay very connected. I have been there one time since my high school graduation.

    My 20th Reunion was this summer. I had assumed I would not go, because the plane tickets would cost over $1000. We have two small children, so $1000 is a significant chunk of change these days.

    My parents, completely unsolicited, bought plane tickets for my husband so that I could attend my reunion with my husband. My dad said, “Well, I dragged you all the way out there when you were a kid, so I owe it to you to get you all the back out there for your reunion.”

    And what reunion it was.

  • Stacey Says:

    I think it’s too late to count, but I wanted to add two wonderful recent gestures to the list.
    My husband and I were new parents of twins and were braving one of our first meals out with our girls. They were about a year old and I think our stress/worry about dining out with them might have been evident. It was around christmas at a local diner. With money so tight, we all split two meals and were excited to have leftovers. When we went to pay our bill we were told that one of the other diners had already paid it with the message Merry Christmas.
    The second gesture was by a group of our friends. Earlier this year 6 of them participated in a group Bike MS ride and raised funds to “whip the S*** out of MS.” They raised over $4500 all to show their support for me (diagnosed in 2006). I’m a lucky girl.

  • Courtney Says:

    I’m going to have to go with my mother giving birth to me. Having babies is not easy.

  • Courtney Says:

    I’m going to have to go with my mother giving birth to me. Having babies is not easy. Getting immunizations is bitchin’!

  • YeeLing Says:

    My father – he took care of me (and my new baby) for three months. I had post natal depression at that time and he was there for us.

  • kat Says:

    wow, that’s awesome. The nicest thing(s) that anyone has ever done for me is my husband holding my hand through all of my depressive episodes – made all the difference.

  • Lisa Says:

    I’m not sure I could say the nicest thing ever, but the year of my divorce, I turned 35. It was a rough birthday for sure. A group of my friends chipped in and had a diamond necklace designed for me. And signed the card with the inscription “some things are forever”.

  • norm Says:

    My aunt never married, never had kids. She did huge things for charities, but she also made sure that my cousins and I had money to put down payments on our houses when we bought them. Truly wonderful.

  • Kim Says:

    At the farmer’s market last weekend my 8 year old saw me admiring a pair of earring and said “Mama, let me get those for you! Please!” She pulled her very own, hard earned(well, not THAT hard, but you know…) money out of her purse and paid for them. I will treasure those(6 dollar) earrings as my most valuable forever!

  • suzy Says:

    every day i have with my family is the greatest gift. here’s hoping these vaccines will give other families wonderfully healthy days!

  • Jesica Says:

    My Ma and Pa still love me even after I told them I’m gay :-)

  • Jessica Says:

    I love the little kindnesses we do for each other–holding the door, letting someone with less stuff go first, making someone’s crying child smile. Being on either end of these sorts of things always makes me feel good.

  • Rowena Says:


  • Julie Says:

    This is great. Love for all those littles.
    The nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me is just to love me, fully, as I am.

  • elizabeth Says:

    wow, this is wonderful.

    i am so fortunate… no individual memory stands out to me at this moment… but the fact that the people in my life love me, even when I’ve hurt them is pretty powerful.