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Aug 27 2012

The Best Parts of Modest Gifts by Norman Mailer

I read this book for you, so that you need not. Allow me to do you this service, as a token of my love. There were the only two things in 263 pages that didn’t anger me in their self-indulgence, and I’m a blogger you guys.

Anyway, here you go:

I feel as though I am beginning to look like my cell phone.


The call girl
walked along
the bar
escorted by
a plump
hip businessman,
minor league Mafia,
and behind them
trailed a smell
of stale

O sex
you are dying
I know
but in
whose name?
and for what

8 Responses to “The Best Parts of Modest Gifts by Norman Mailer”

  • Hope Says:

    I’d love to hear some of the bits that angered you the most. On a related note, I just got 5 books out of the library and so far 2 are unreadable.

  • @vcmcguire Says:

    That’s a pretty scathing review. Perversely, it makes me want to read it to see what was so annoying.

  • miette Says:

    Yes! I’m so pleased by this dukes-off trend of writing bad reviews for books deserving it (see JR Lennon’s guide: http://www.salon.com/2012/08/18/how_to_write_a_bad_review/)

    But your approach, for a book like this, was spot-on. Any more words dedicated to it might make the whole of the internet slide off its foundation.

    And you’re so kind to have read this for us, even if doing so made your eyes bleed. Hope they heal!

  • meg Says:

    norman mailer. just yuck.

  • Sarah Rose Says:

    I worked at a Center that hosted Norman Mailer for an event. My impression: what a sonofabitch.

  • Annabelle Says:

    That’s it, huh? I’m impressed you made it through, in that case!

  • Holly Says:

    Norman Mailer was on an episode of Gilmore Girls. Sookie tells him off.

  • Anne Phillips Says:

    Thanks for saving me the trouble.

    “might make the whole of the internet slide off its foundation”

    Oh, how I love this, Miette.