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Aug 16 2012

Mighty Thirst: Toddy Shots

Toddy Shots | Mighty Girl

This is my spin on a digestif — for guests who aren’t inclined to drink their booze straight, whether to aid digestion or the conversation. It’s strong, intentionally so, but it’s also delicious.

Rim glass with nutmeg and sugar. Add:
• 1 shot Sailor Jerry’s rum
• 1 shot hot Earl Grey tea
• A splash of almond milk (to taste)

Despite the name, do not require that guests drink it off your body, or you’ll have some awkward burns to explain later.

Here’s to museums after dark, feeling healthy and well-rested, and playing it by ear. What are you toasting this week?

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4 Responses to “Mighty Thirst: Toddy Shots”

  • The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful Says:

    I am toasting the sweat which runs in rivulets from my ass crack. Will be having your toddy shot on ice.

  • Miss K Says:

    I’m toasting to the first week of school, and classes full of crazy sixth grade boys!

  • Carole Says:

    Four weeks smoke-free Saturday. I’ll be toasting feeling slightly less horrifically uncomfortable.

  • Amy Says:

    Hooray for crazy sixth grade boys! I have two weeks until my own wacky middle school kids fill my classroom with boundless energy. :)