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Jul 31 2012

Social Media Greeting Cards for Our Awkward Era

This post is brought to you by justWink. Cards just got awesome.

How your mailbox would look if I were in charge of greeting cards:

When I Posted Those Drunk Photos of You? I Was Drunk Too | Mighty Girl

Congratulations on Your New Baby | Mighty Girl

You're My Mom. Isn't That More Important Than Being My Facebook Friend? | Mighty Girl

Man I like real mail. How about you? What specific greeting cards do you need in your life?


7 Responses to “Social Media Greeting Cards for Our Awkward Era”

  • Amber Says:

    The first one made me laugh the hardest. Sometimes I do myself wrong posting photos during a night out. Drunken shenanigan photos should be shared by the light of day. :)

  • Nichole Says:

    My friend Robin makes the best cards ever. This is my favorite.

  • wgoldstein Says:

    Hilarious. The last card is totally necessary! I’m not sure how many great aunts and moms have killed a Facebook feed, but am guessing it’s a lot.

  • Helen Jane Says:

    Ha! I want to see more of your cards!

  • Sarah Says:

    I want to send real cards to people who don’t understand the impact of social media gone wrong that say:

    It is enough we are friends. Keep it real.

  • sugarleg Says:

    George Takei did not pick this card.

    I did.

  • Sara Says:

    I would really love blank cards that don’t have flowers, sparkles or other prissy or fussy designs. I have a long-distance boyfriend and am running out of options! :(