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Jul 31 2012

Books + Bathing Suits

Matchbook by Kate Imbach matches book covers to bathing suits. My joy over this is so frenzied that it almost circles back around to fury.

Matchbook: Crime and Punishment + Bikini | Mighty Girl

Matchbook: About a Mountain | Mighty Girl

Matchbook: Infinite Jest + Bikini | Mighty Girl

6 Responses to “Books + Bathing Suits”

  • Donna Says:

    I love this! The Infinite Jest bathing suit put a huge smile on my face!

  • Akaleistar Says:

    Such a clever idea!

  • wendy Says:

    reminds me of victoria’s matching of classic photos of cinema icons with fashion photos on sfbythebay.

  • wendy Says:

    or, even the correct website: sfgirlbybay

    here’s the actual linkage to the series: http://www.sfgirlbybay.com/tag/separated-at-birth/

  • Miss K Says:

    I love this idea and your fury about it.

  • niewaznejak Says:

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