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Jul 11 2012

Taste 1,000 Fruits: No. 105, Hami Melon

Taste 1,000 Fruits, Hami Melon | Mighty Girl

Like a very delicate cantaloupe, with a honeydew aftertaste.

Taste 1,000 Fruits, Hami Melon | Mighty Girl

It was good, but I understand why cantaloupe has prevailed in the open market. Aw buurrrn, cantaloupe.

You’ll find a roundup of all my fruit posts over on bitly, where I made a bitly bundle. So tidy.

6 Responses to “Taste 1,000 Fruits: No. 105, Hami Melon”

  • Colleen Says:

    I grow something very much like this, but it’s called an Ambrosia Melon. Best melon I’ve ever had, AND it freezes pretty well. BINGO!!

  • Kristen @ The Chronicles of Dutch Says:

    When I skimmed the title I thought it said Ham Melon and I thought ‘genius’ idea! Finally someone made a melon I could get behind! Alas…

  • kristine Says:

    Mountain Rose Apple is gorgeous! Wow.

  • Stephanie Says:

    Wow! I didn’t know there were even 1,000 fruits out there!

  • Julia Says:

    Look at that skin! A perfect blend between a cantaloupe and a honeydew. I’ve always been a bigger fan of honeydew, but it does lack the flavor of a regular cantaloupe. Maybe this will be my perfect mix. Could I find this in a US grocery store?

    Hi Julia, I found it at a roadside fruit stand in Northern California. I haven’t seen one in a grocery store before. -M

  • MidoriLei Says:

    I love your blog! You are so inspiring. If you ever have a chance to try lanzones, do it! (If you haven’t already) They are my favorite fruit in the whole wide world!

    Here’s what they look like: http://www.marketmanila.com/archives/lanzones-langsat

    You can’t get them in the states but you can jump over to Canada and get them:)

    Watch out for the bitter seed!