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Jul 6 2012

Weekend Soundtrack: Pity Party of One

Wye Oak photo by Natalie Kardos

Are you crying right now? I made this for you.

Pity Party of One on Spotify
Pity Party of One on Rdio


Out the Airlock, Paul Dempsey
Better Than Nothing, Sarah Jaffe
The Way We Ought to Be, Indigo Swing
Love Love Love, Of Monsters and Men
New Ceremony, Dry the River
Hate to See You Like This, Fountains of Wayne
Sugar, Dan Wilson
About Today, The National
Any Day Will Do Fine, Michael Kiwanuka
Doubt, Wye Oak
I’ll Catch You, The Get Up Kids
When the Night Comes, Dan Auerbach
Mama, You Been On My Mind, Jeff Buckley
Rain, Patty Griffin

Do you ever arrange your music by mood? What have you been listening to lately?

7 Responses to “Weekend Soundtrack: Pity Party of One”

  • Amanda Says:

    I’ve been listening to It’s All Okay by Julia Stone. It’s haunting and reassuring all at once. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-luwfQOyPA&feature=youtu.be

  • orsolya Says:

    these days i mostly listen to caro emerald. look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo1cyl0QbWo

    she’s pretty d. awesome. and im sure she will sing a james bond theme song someday.

  • sara Says:

    I recently got a trial subscription to XM Radio, and lately have been gathering all of the awesome music I forgot I loved from the 80s and 90s stations into a playlist. So I’ve been living a little bit in the past, musically.

    As far as music made in this millennium, I’ve been very into the latest Regina Spektor. It is ridiculous in its awesomeness.

    I also can’t help thinking that Ryan Star’s “Losing Your Memory” would feel very at home in your playlist.

  • Toni Says:

    Your playlists are impeccable. Thank you.

  • Alison @ The Peacock Diaries Says:

    Well shoot, we’re out of sync. I was crying last night at 1am but I’m all good now. Bookmarking though…I am in the midst of multiple mini life crises, so I’m sure the tears will be flowing again any moment now.

    Thanks for posting. Let’s get our cry on and then try to move on to a not-crying phase soon :)

  • AnthroK8 Says:

    Michael Kiwanuka. I have been listening to him, and I am so mournful as a result.

  • Katrina Says:

    I’m always listening to “frustrated desire” music, but more on days when I’m not feeling 100% (i.e., lately). Playlist – http://plussizefasyonmudra.blogspot.com/2012/07/lets-take-break-thursday-sawi-music.html (Translations – “sawi,” Filipino for slayed; “Pamatay” = killer)