Mighty Life List
Jul 4 2012

I Love You, America.

Watermelon! Sparklers! Chlorine! Your drunk uncle! Happy Fourth of July, team.

Whitney Houston, Star Spangled Banner

19 Regional Words All Americans Should Adopt Immediately

A More Perfect Union (via swissmiss)

Smithsonian’s American Facial Hair of Note Pinterest board

Give Me a Sign, Working the Democratic National Convention (I wrote this in 2004)

The Best Songs About the 50 States

American Dollar Bill Origami

5 Beloved Ethnic Foods Invented for Americans

What facts about the United States do foreigners not believe until they come to America? (via kottke)

American Girls Pose with Their American Girl Dolls (Ilona Szwarc, via kottke)

The Models for American Gothic (via kottke)

President Building Block Set

United Steaks of America, Slideshow (via swissmiss)

Top 10 American Baby Names for 2011

Ray Charles Singing America the Beautiful

6 Responses to “I Love You, America.”

  • Lisa Sinicki Says:

    The American Girls and their dolls are mesmerizing. Do the dolls become the girls, the girls become the dolls–or a little of both?

  • Amelia Says:

    And Maggeh, America loves you. These cheered me up being a homesick American in Scotland.

  • Annie Says:

    For some reason, I expected waaaay more crazy in the baby-names.

  • AmyB Says:

    Happy 4th! I also worked at the 2004 convention and I live a half mile from it.

  • Rob Cockerham Says:

    Love the “A More Perfect Union” video! Happy Fourth of July!

  • Sarah Says:

    I marvel every time I see the top baby names. Our son was born last year and my hubby and I named him William Daniel, after our grandfathers. Had no idea we’d meet so many Williams on the playground!