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Jul 31 2012

Books + Bathing Suits

Matchbook by Kate Imbach matches book covers to bathing suits. My joy over this is so frenzied that it almost circles back around to fury.

Matchbook: Crime and Punishment + Bikini | Mighty Girl

Matchbook: About a Mountain | Mighty Girl

Matchbook: Infinite Jest + Bikini | Mighty Girl

Jul 31 2012

Social Media Greeting Cards for Our Awkward Era

This post is brought to you by justWink. Cards just got awesome.

How your mailbox would look if I were in charge of greeting cards:

When I Posted Those Drunk Photos of You? I Was Drunk Too | Mighty Girl

Congratulations on Your New Baby | Mighty Girl

You're My Mom. Isn't That More Important Than Being My Facebook Friend? | Mighty Girl

Man I like real mail. How about you? What specific greeting cards do you need in your life?


Jul 30 2012

Packing Light: Olympic Gold-Medal Layering

I’m in New York about once a month lately for work and pie, so I thought I’d give you a peek into how I pack for variable weather, and a trip that encompasses both business and social elements. Because I like to pack everything into a single carryon and a laptop/camera bag, I tend to plan my outfits beforehand.

These are the quick snapshots I took for my last trip. They were taken for personal reference so I could just look back at my phone to remember how I wanted to mix and match everything. That’s why there are no fresh flowers and globe collections in the background. Still, I recognize that not everyone is this anal meticulous, but most people don’t loathe checking bags as much as I do either.

Packing Light New York: Sweater, Scarf, Skirt | Mighty Girl

Spring in New York is easy for me because it’s exactly how I dress in San Francisco. Two factors are at play: 1. I need to go from business in the day to drinks at night without stopping by home. 2. I need to prepare for a chill when I’m outside, and the heat of a crowded bar at night. And as I shed layers, I’d like to carry minimal crud around.

The outfit above is how I’d leave the house for a day of work.

Silk scarf, vintage
Cashmere sweater, vintage
Rock crystal necklace, gift
Navy mini, Zara
Gray tights
Royal blue flats, Target

Packing Light New Yorka: Sweater + Skirt | Mighty Girl

If it’s warmer than I expect, or if the sun comes out mid-morning, I can stuff the tights and scarf in my tote.

Packing Light New York: Tank + Skirt | Mighty Girl

And then, whuuuut? I find myself at bar in Greepoint that weirdly has steam heat and a surplus of cute guys. Voila. Orange tank is Mossimo brand from Target.

Packing Light New York: Culottes + Sweater | Mighty Girl

Same concept, different outfit.

Hand-knit cap, thrift (again, whoever gave this up is a monster)
Cashmere cardigan, L.L. Bean
Handmade safety pin, Etsy (no longer available)
Cotton skirt, purchased in Buenos Aires
Navy Tights, Target

Packing Light New York: Tank + Denim Skirt | Mighty Girl

Warm bar or restaurant, and the sweater goes in my purse or over my shoulders. Obviously, I can lose the tights and the hat too, but after 8 hours of hat-hair, and the probability that I haven’t shaved my legs? That’s a last resort. This yellow tank top is also Mossimo for Target, which makes the best long tank tops for tall girls.

Packing Light New York: Coat + Booties | Mighty Girl

It was supposed to rain while I was there, so I wore this warm wool coat on the plane. I can wear it belted or loose, and it works with all of the outfits pictured here.

Silk scarf, Hermes
80s Wool Coat, thrifted
Cashmere sweater vest, thrifted
Brass necklace, ALT Summit gift bag
Same navy skirt from Zara
Grey tights, Target
Elf booties, Vintage

Packing Light New York: Layered Tees + Skirt | Mighty Girl

Here are the bones of this outfit, and I can take it down even further by removing the sweater vest. Stripe shirt, H&M.

Packing Light New York: Coat + Pant | Mighty Girl

This is what I wore on the plane. It looks sort of hobo here, but I actually wore it with the belt.

Scarf, thrifted
White T, Zara
Black pants, Gap
Flats, Urban Outfitters

Packing Light New York: Layered Tees + Pant | Mighty Girl

Here’s how the outfit looks without the coat. The grey long-sleeve T-shirt is Gap Body, and it’s the best thing ever. I’m about to order it in every color because it’s so soft and layers so well. Cozy.

Packing Light New York: Tee + Skirt | Mighty Girl

Here’s the same Zara T-shirt without a layering , which I paired again with the unstoppable Zara skirt. In reality I ended up wearing it with the black pants for solo brunch with my favorite novel. The vintage-style half bra beneath is Anthropologie (pervert).

So those are my layering tricks. You’ll note that I dress almost entirely in color blocks, with print coming in as an accessory or base layering piece.

How do you make your wardrobe stretch when you’re traveling somewhere with temperature swings? I’m all ears.

Jul 27 2012

Weekend Soundtrack: Baby Done Me Wrong

Weekend Soundtrack: Baby Done Me Wrong | Mighty Girl

Weekend Soundtrack: Baby Done Me Wrong | Mighty Girl

Did someone hurt you? Because I will cut them. You listen to this, while I sharpen my switchblade.

Baby Done Me Wrong on Spotify
Baby Done Me Wrong on Rdio


The Walk, Mayer Hawthorne
Messin’ With My Head, K. Flay
Heart Skipped A Beat, The xx
Fucked Me Right Up, Sean Hayes
Golden, The Tontons
We’re Not Friends, The Daredevil Christopher Wright
Telephone, The Black Angels
Hey Boy, The Blow
Heart In Your Heartbreak, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Hang Me Up To Dry, Cold War Kids
Concrete Wall, Zee Avi
Next Girl, The Black Keys
The Clap, Thao With The Get Down Stay Down
How You Like Me Now, The Heavy

What have you been listening to lately?

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Jul 26 2012

Mighty Thirst: Sassy Lassi

Sassy Lassi | Mighty Girl

Were you ever watching So You Think You Can Dance, when you thought to yourself, “I need a signature cocktail to get me through this Bollywood routine.” Friend, I’ve got your back.

Sassy Lassi serves 3
• 6 oz mangos
• ½ cup coconut water
• 4 ice cubes
• 6 oz plain yogurt
• 3 shots Kraken rum
• Pistachios to garnish (These are good and crunchy. Do not skip them.)

Put everything in a blender except the pistachios and mix it up. Garnish and enjoy.

AB Chao is still in town, so here’s to Louisiana Iced Coffee in the sun, dancing around in your swimsuit, and sneaking smokes. What are you toasting this week?

Jul 25 2012

Five Minutes on My Phone

This post is brought to you by justWink. Cards just got awesome.


So Say We All

Song Bomb

My friends are smarter than me. What’s the best text you’ve ever gotten? Spill it.


Jul 24 2012

Tiny Project: Bourbon Cherries

You know what’s easier than you expect? Making delicious Bourbon Cherries for your cocktails and ice cream sundaes. It’s like fifteen minutes of work before a little wait. Here’s what you need:

• Some cherries
• A cherry pitter
• A canning jar
• Bourbon
• A label (if you’re fancy)

First, you rinse the cherries — durr.

Next you pit the cherries with your trusty cherry pitter. This is the delightful Miss Anna Beth Chao getting all Vanna White with mine, which is called a Cherry Chomper. His name is Nigel, and I love him.

Well done. You pitted those with prejudice.

Now pour some bourbon up in there. Make sure all the cherries are covered.

What? You’re done. The hell, right?

Well actually, you’ll want to store the jar in a cool, dark place, and give it a shake once a day or so for four weeks before you crack it open. But still! So easy.