Mighty Life List
Jun 29 2012

Watch this! The Newsroom

Adding my voice to the chorus of folks recommending Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom. I watched the first full episode this morning on YouTube, and it gave me hope chills. Click here to see it, the embedding is disabled. (Booo!)

Here’s a brief synopsis:

It’s about how Americans have become so divided, in part because of how the media panders to our fears, pitting our worst selves against one another.

If you have a little extra time this weekend, invest it here.

Jun 29 2012

Weekend Soundtrack: An Evening In

This weekend is a slumber party at the cabin with some of my favorite girlfriends. Here’s what we’ll be laughing to over a few glasses of wine.

An Evening In on Spotify
An Evening In on Rdio


Bed Across the Sea, Jesca Hoop
Call Your Girlfriend, Robyn
It’s a Man’s Man’s World, James Brown
It’s all in Sound, Bullion
Sh-Boom, The Chords
Rabbit Will Run, Iron and Wine
Diamonds on the Sole of Her Shoes, Paul Simon
My Fault, Imagine Dragons
That’s the Way Love Goes, Janet Jackson
The Distance, Cake
Thinkin Bout You, Frank Ocean
Swim Until You Can’t See Land, Frightened Rabbit
Dixon’s Girl, Dessa
The Fear, Ben Howard
Rich Bitch, Die Antwoord
Me and Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin

What are you listening to this weekend?

Jun 28 2012

City Hair

Yesterday after posting photos of my Hawaii hair, I asked: What is your city doing to your hair? And the answer was: Cute things.

#cityhair (mighty girl)

Is today a good hair day? You can still play along on Twitter and Instagram, just use the hashtag #cityhair.

Jun 28 2012

Objects of Affection: Ana Kraš Bonbon Pendants

Gorgeous, colorful lights handmade by Serbian artist and photographer Ana Kras.

Images by Ana Kras.

Jun 28 2012

Now Read This! Amelia Morris’s Bon Appétempt

Bon Appetempt, Call Your Girlfriend

You know what you should read? Bon Appétempt.

Bon Appétempt is writer Amelia Morris’s hilarious online photo and video chronicle of her attempts to duplicate aspirational recipes, interspersed with gems like the video above — Amelia’s Bon Appétempt of Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend. That video makes me so 1997-excited-about-the-Internet, I feel like crushing something.

Other memorable bon appétempts include chocolate éclairs (with her mom), caramelized sea scallops (in Paris), and a Barefoot Contessa–worthy dinner party. Go read it. You will like it.

Images and video via Bon Appétempt.

Jun 27 2012

Life List Add: Oysters on Tomales Bay

Last weekend, I went to a birthday party hosted at the Tomales Bay Oyster Company, about 1.5 hours outside San Francisco.

It’s a little shop that sells oysters, clams, and mussels right out of the bay.

You buy shellfish, and then settle into the picnic area with friends and a cooler to barbecue, and toast, and gorge yourself.

Do this, my friends. So much fun.

What have you added to your Life List recently?

Jun 27 2012

What Hawaii Did to My Hair

What’s your city doing to your hair?

Post a link to your Instagram or Twitter photo in comments. Use the hashtag #cityhair.