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Feb 28 2012

“He Was Scared and Lonely Like Me”

The Power of Music from Life File Videos on Vimeo.

(via Sarah Brown)

This is a life’s work, becoming a person who sees him or herself in the other. The older I get, the easier it is to see commonalities most of the time, instead of in fleeting moments.

I’ve never had a literal enemy, but it’s easy to label people as “other” even in everyday life. Have you ever had one of those humbling moments where you realize that someone you judged, or even dismissed, was more like you than not?

Feb 27 2012


Alexis Krauss of the Sleigh Bells, Regency Ballroom 2012

Hank (age 4): She has style.
Me: What does that mean?
Hank: It means she’s really good at stuff. And she’s pretty.

Feb 23 2012


Me: Is it a Brontosaurus?
Hank: Nooo.
Me: Is it a Stegosaurus?
Hank: No!
Me: Is it a Diplodocus?
Hank: No, Mooom! It’s a T-Rex!
Me: How do you know?
Hank: Because those other dinosaurs you named are herbivores.

Feb 22 2012

Breastfeeding Hormones and Depression

Hey, team. I’ve recently had two girlfriends suffer chemical depression that they feel is related to breast feeding — either feeding or weaning. For the record, I’m pro breastfeeding, but con debilitating sadness. I just wanted to link to these posts in case any of you are suffering from something similar and trying to figure out what’s up.

Joanna Goddard from A Cup of Jo on Depression and Weaning

Helen Jane of HelenJane.com on Depression and Breastfeeding Hormones

I’m also hoping to bump the info up on search engines so it’s easier to unearth for other women who may be trying to figure out why they’re crying all the time even though they’re technically past the post-partum depression window.

Have you had a similar experience? If so, you’re welcome to leave stories and links to posts on the subject in comments.

Again! I am pro breastfeeding, and boobs in general. Thanks to Joanna and HJ for speaking up, breastfeeding is a scary issue to address online. Brave. Low fives, ladies.

Feb 20 2012

SxSW Street Style: My Uniform

This series is brought to you by Levi’s® Curve ID. Find your custom fit at Levi’s® stores or Levi.com® .

Hey. You should go to SxSW this year. It’s fun.

I’ve been attending since … 2000? 2001? I forget because of tequila. Anyway, it’s always colder than I expect, and despite my best intentions I never actually return to my hotel room to change for the evening.

Texas is crazy casual, plus hangovers prevent you from ironing. Over the years, I’ve honed a day-to-evening wardrobe perfectly suited to SxSW’s slow but unrelenting pace. If you want to be cute, but super comfortable, and also want to avoid changing when the night comes, you will need the following:

  • Flat boots,
  • a (preferably sexy) tank top,
  • a light jacket or blazer,
  • a scarf,
  • sunglasses (Ow. Stupid sunlight.),
  • and one piece of jewelry. (Optional. I always pack something but usually forget I’ve brought it. Apparently bringing a bracelet makes me feel secure, so who am I to deny you, right? Right.)

Following my uniform requirements, here’s some inspiration for what you might wear to Interactive, Film, and Music respectively. See you there, team! Beers on me.

SxSW Interactive

Ray-Ban Aviators

Daydreamer LA Cross Back Tank

Linen Wrap

Levi’s® Modern Supreme Curve Skinny Jeans

Merriweather Jacket

Neon Pink and Brass Hex Nut Bracelet

Lucchese Buffalo Triad Boots

SxSW Film

Sapele Wood Sunglasses

Unisex Viscose Sexuali-Tank

Blue Skull Leaf Print Scarf

Levi’s® Modern Supreme Curve Skinny Boot Cut Jeans

Chestnut Suede and Leather Blazer

Lucchese Lizard / Goat Boots

SxSW Music

Stella McCartney Sunglasses

Minimarket Riaz Sweater Tank

BDG Geo Square Scarf

Levi’s® Classic Bold Curve Slim Jeans

Combined Studio Blazer

Spike and Cone Cuff

Lucchese Goat Boots Black Cherry

So how about you? Have you ever been to SxSW, and are you planning to go this year? If not, what are your tips for surviving and enjoying big events? Let us know in comments.

Feb 17 2012

Mix: Sexy Time

Are you naked? Awesome. I made this for you.

I meant to have this up by Valentine’s Day, but I have a feeling you guys are indecent enough to have sex year round. Speaking of which, what’s on your mood-music playlist? Let us know in comments.

Sexy Time Mix on Spotify
Sexy Time Mix on Rdio

Links to individual songs:

Play that Dirty Girl from Atomic Tom
Easy to Love from The Jezebels
Heartbeats from Jose Gonzalez
Here I Am from The Spring Standards
Simple Math from Manchester Orchestra
I Want Some More from Dan Auerbach
Will Do from TV on the Radio
I Will from MoZella
Animal from Neon Trees
Try a Little Tenderness from Otis Redding
Transatlanticism from Death Cab for Cutie

More Mixes:
This Particular Sadness
Simple Present Mix
Yep, Yep. The 2012 Victory Mix
Dancing Alone in Your Underwear Mix

Feb 15 2012

Good One

Dandelion, New York, c. 1973
Photo: Irving Penn

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” our tour guide asked the group of five year olds.


Then the tiny girl in the middle raised her hand and said, “A flower.”