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Jan 2 2012

Top 10 Sites and Apps for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

I have a new post up at Lifescoop, Top 10 Sites and Apps for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions.

On New Year’s Day, my strongest resolution is often to avoid champagne for the next few years. Why do we start with fresh goals on a day when most of us can barely manage to raise our voices above a whisper?

Making New Year’s resolutions is fun, but staying committed can be anything but. These are a few sites and apps that will help keep you on track to success, at least until you reestablish your taste for champagne. Read More…

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3 Responses to “Top 10 Sites and Apps for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions”

  • ellie Says:

    http://healthmonth.com/ is really good too.

  • Karen Says:

    Happy New Year, Maggie! I happened to spot you and Dooce (and another) in Macy’s this Saturday… lingerie department! I was taking your ‘new undies’ advice and YOU WERE THERE. Wow, star sighting. Hope you have a wonderful 2012.

  • Sandra Says:

    My only resolution is to finally live a creative life. Every decision either brings me closer to that goal or further away. At least I hope that’s how it’ll work!