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Dec 30 2011


Oh, 2012. You are my favorite year of all the New Years. So gentle, so charismatic, so imminent. I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but for you kid? I’ll make an exception.

Image credit Butterflyfood

Eat more donuts.
When you’re drunk at 3:30 a.m.? Donuts. When you have eight bucks, but need breakfast for yourself and eleven of your closest friends? Donuts. When you’re a weirdly permissive parent? Organizing a party game where you tie a tasty snack to a string? So two teenagers can kind of make out as they eat it? Let’s just say cupcakes never led to dry humping. We hate you, cupcakes. Donuts! 2012.

Image credit Ulala

Carry less crap.
They make enormous purses now, which is convenient if you need to transport a ham or a human head. But do I need a digital SLR, a book, a notepad, and three kinds of lip balm to grab a cup of coffee? Spinal health, 2012.

Image credit Alyssa Ettinger.

Light more candles.
I’m writing this by candle light. You feel sexier just reading that. Candles, 2012.

Image credit Chooseanalog.

Read some books.
My memory and attention span have been

Keychain from Brookfarm General Store.

Organize the little stuff.
I recently inherited a key on a handmade ring that actually stabbed me like barbed wire. I used it for about a month. Then I got one of those keychains with multiple tiny key rings, each of which has a quick release. Now I feel so tidy and content when I use my keys. Yesterday, I bought some special hangers just for my scarves. De-fricking-lightful.

Image credit KZSC.

Listen to more music.
I love music, but in the past I rarely made time for it. I can’t get much done if there’s music playing, because I stop what I’m doing to listen. So lately, I’ve just been listening to music and failing to get stuff done. Worth it. Dancin’, 2012.

That’s how next year is shaping up for me. What are you resolutions for the New Year, team? Wanna go get donuts?

Dec 27 2011

I like it when you keep your pinky up.

Oh, what a quaint little tea set! So sweet and…

Wait a minute.

(Crane Motif Tea Set from The Big8s on Etsy $209)

Dec 26 2011

Monkeys! They will subsume us.

This particular episode of Animals Being Dicks makes me ponder the bigger questions.

Dec 21 2011

Hello, Lover

In Central and South America, it’s a tradition to buy new underwear for New Year’s Eve. In Brazil, they wear different colors depending on what they’re wishing for, in Mexico they wear red, and in Buenos Aires a shopkeeper told me that girlfriends sometimes give each other new pink underwear for luck. I love this, the idea of having something pretty just for yourself as a fresh start.

I’ve been collecting images of vintage lingerie on Pinterest for a while. I love silk, tap pants, and slips with patterns. Underwear used to be so much prettier and more functional than it is now. Have a look:

What are your New Year’s traditions?

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Dec 20 2011

It Chooses You by Miranda July

(Image from For Me, For You)

The best parts of It Chooses You by Miranda July:

I kept the house because the rent is cheap and I write there; it’s become my office. And the great northern beans, the cinnamon, and the rice keep the light on for me, should anything go horribly wrong, or should I come to my senses and reclaim my position as the most alone person who ever existed.

It was an act of devotion. A little like writing or loving someone — it doesn’t always feel worthwhile, but not giving up somehow creates unexpected meaning over time.

…I wasn’t in a fairytale or a fable. I shut my eyes and absorbed the silent whoomp that always accompanies this revelation. It’s the sound of the real world, gigantic and impossible, replacing the smaller version of reality that I wear like a bonnet, clutched tightly under my chin.

I had shortened my life in another way too, by marrying a man who was eight years older than me, meaning he would die exactly eight years before me, rendering the last eight years of my life useless. I would just spend it crying.

Ron was exactly the kind of man you spend your whole life being careful not to end up in the apartment of. And since I was raised to go out of my way to make such men feel understood, I took extra-special care with his inteview. But as he talked on and on (the original transcript was more than fifty pages), I realized that I don’t actually want to understand this kind of man — I just want them to feel understood, because I fear what will happen if I am thought of as yet another person who doesn’t believe them. I want to be the one they spare on the day of reckoning.

In my lexicon of signs and symbols, obsessively organized pictures of Prisons, Babies, and Nice Girls are an indication that something of great consequence is afoot.

All I ever really want to know is how other people are making it through life — where do they put their body, hour by hour, and how do they cope inside of it.

Dec 20 2011

Your Tiny Ones

This Captured Series post is brought to you by Best Buy. Get unbeatable prices on all digital cameras to capture your family memories this holiday season.

We’re still in the judging phase, but these are a few of my favorite kid photos from the family memory photo contest so far. Oh my friends, look at these superior children. Bring them to me for snorzels and belly biting! Bring them here!

From Emily Harrison

From Beth Stecher

From Emily Harrison

From Justine

From Justine

From Jenny Slade

From Priscilla

From Rochelle Borne

Hooray for the tiny ones. They make me all smiley.

If you haven’t entered yet, I’m partnering with Federated Media to host a merit-based contest on Flickr where you could win a $500 gift certificate to Best Buy. Just upload a photo to Flickr that captures a family memory (up to five photos, actually). Double check that your photos are tagged public so everyone can see them, and then add the tag: #CapturedPhotoContest_MightyGirl. The official contest rules are over here, and the contest ends December 24th. When judging is complete, ePrize will contact the winner through Flicker Mail. (Look for the “Family Memory Photo Contest Notice” screen name on or around 01/16/12.) Photos will be judged on originality, photo quality, and best display of a family memory. Fingers crossed.

Dec 19 2011

A Religious Man

“When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad. That is my religion.”

— Abraham Lincoln

Image of Annie Liebowitz photographing Lincoln’s hat from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Blog