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Sep 29 2011

Unicorn Coat Hook

Unicorn Coat Hook
Honey, will you grab my coat? The magical one?

11 Responses to “Unicorn Coat Hook”

  • Green Beauty Girl Says:

    I’ve always liked unicorns. This is a great way to display one.

  • Shevon Says:

    OMG, I want some!

  • Kara Says:

    Wow. Me want. I have been looking for something supercool and unique that I could use as a hat rack for a while and I think that this might be it.

    Can I just say that Etsy is Da Bomb, and OMG how do you FIND this stuff? I must totally be using the wrong search terms…

  • Alexis Says:

    I love the way you phrased this! I especially want a magical coat! Also, the other night i was sitting at home feeling lonely on the 1st wedding anniversary separated from my husband waiting for friends to call back and i read your post… Then all of the sudden 3 friends called and i felt so much love from my tribe! Your post resonated perfectly with me. Coming to your site is a bright spot in my day! Thank you for being so awesome!

  • Rhonda Husak Says:

    The details on the hooks are amazing. Look at the unicorn’s eye! It looks like magic might just happen…when the coat is removed!

  • Colette Says:

    I wish the hanging loops in coats lasted longer, that would be magical.

  • Martini Mom Says:

    Aw, this reminds me of when YOU used to write the mighty captions for the mighty goods. Sigh. Those were the good ol’ days. (Not that there’s anything wrong with the new captions… you’re just a tough act to follow is all.)

  • narratorka Says:

    Wow! They are amazing! I would like to have the same. I love your blog. ( Sorry- I’m from Poland and i know english just a little). Kisses :***

  • Megan Says:

    He looks a little stern and militant for a unicorn but no one said being magical isn’t serious, hard work.

  • kathy Says:

    ‘my horn can pierce the sky’

  • Juan Says:

    That just looks amazing. It would be pretty cool to have a couple of those in the entry way just as a conversation starter whenever someone new comes into the house.