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Sep 10 2011

Sutro Tower Model

A 1/1000 scale model of Sutro Tower, a San Francisco landmark mostly noted by locals. Metropolitan Craft, $30
(via Mark Allen)

5 Responses to “Sutro Tower Model”

  • heather Says:

    I like that I can just look out my window to do a comparison. It’s quite accurate!

  • Jodie Says:

    Funny what a small world it is – I work pretty closely with Mark!

  • Colleen Says:

    I think my college roommate once owned a house QUITE near that tower. You’re right, it’s hardly a well-known landmark, but what a very small world!

  • Nora Says:

    One of my favorite items of clothing is a belt with a view of the sutro tower etched into the buckle.

  • LizP Says:

    Awesome! I remember having to watch TV as a kid before Sutro Tower was built :-)