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Jul 22 2011

30 Days of Fun: Day 13

My college roommate and friend since seventh grade just had her second baby, and she’s a hum dinger.

I forgot how holding a two-month-old baby can be like hitting an emotional reset button. Hello, little baby.

12 Responses to “30 Days of Fun: Day 13”

  • Brandy Says:

    Oh, the cheeks! Those chubby, baby thighs! What a gorgeous, little person.

  • Jen Says:

    As the mother of a 16 month old one of those, I just told my husband we needed to slow down and wait until she got older to have another one. Now, I see the photos and my ovaries are all like, “YES! NOW! PLEASE!”

  • r8chel Says:

    Look at all that hair!!

  • Laura Jane Says:

    I’m pretty sure nothing smells better than the top of a baby’s head. That scent will set you right as rain.

    She’s a beauty.

  • Mary Burk Says:

    I would just like to nibble on her cheeks for about 5 minutes. And then give that delicious head of hair a good smell. May I, please?

  • Chels Says:

    I started a 30 Day Project on Monday. I’m making something every day. Here’s a link to the flickr set for the project. I hope you realize that inspiring people is a fun thing you are doing right now!


  • Sarah Says:

    Three words: nom nom nom

  • Kimommy Says:

    It goes without saying that the meaty baby is scrumptious! But I also love the green-themed photos.

  • Martini Mom Says:

    Aww, I miss my “babies” being that little. Which is kind of ridiculous because one of my “babies” is, actually, a baby, sans quotes. But he’s just one short month from his first birthday so, you know, practically an adult.

    (Also? I accidentally mistyped “Aww” by hitting the “s” key instead of the “w” and *almost* didn’t notice before I hit publish. And then I *almost* didn’t fix it because “Ass, I miss my babies” is kind of funny. But then I did change it. The end.)

  • Calypso Says:


  • Miss K Says:

    This is not related to the adorable baby in the post…
    …but, are you still using the fitbit pedometer? How was your experience with it? I am considering getting one but it seems so expensive for a grad student. Thanks!

  • Erica Says:

    Eek. I feel like I just cuddled him remotely. Love, love, love.

    Also, cool photography split there. :)