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Jul 17 2011

30 Fun Days: Day Seven

Friday night out dancing with Meg and Kelly.

Getting ready together is as much fun as it was when I was fifteen.

3 Responses to “30 Fun Days: Day Seven”

  • Emile Says:

    Maggie, what are your jeans?

    They’re Always Skinny from the Gap’s 1969 line. -M

  • Manisha Says:

    Hey! I have that same tile in my bathroom. It’s definitely not as clean…

  • gilly Says:

    I am 34 and I have the fondest memories of ‘getting ready’ with my girlfriends…from junior high till being single in my late 20s. And even now, when I have time away from my family to be with my girlfriends, ‘getting ready’ is still one of the best parts of the evening.