Mighty Life List
Jul 28 2011


Anna Beth sent me a package of finds from an estate sale a few months ago, and I put this dress in to soak. A few minutes later, I found this mess of gorgeous in the tub.

Glad I didn’t put that in the wash with the rest of my clothes.

Jul 27 2011

30 Days of Fun: Day 17

I got a dress for $9.

I need to take it in a little, but still. Score.

Jul 26 2011

30 Days of Fun: Day 16

Today I didn’t have to go looking for fun, a surprise package from Erin brought it to my doorstep. It’s a Better Late Than Never necklace, and it is the precious.

Thanks, Pocket.

Jul 25 2011

30 Days of Fun: Day 15

Helen Jane had a birthday!

So we had wine and cheese.

And a late night by the fire.

Jul 25 2011

30 Days of Fun: Day 14

Total disregard for bedsprings. Take that, mattress.

Jul 25 2011

Yes to this.

Yes to the disco dancing skater. Shake it, sir.

Jul 22 2011

30 Days of Fun: Day 13

My college roommate and friend since seventh grade just had her second baby, and she’s a hum dinger.

I forgot how holding a two-month-old baby can be like hitting an emotional reset button. Hello, little baby.