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Jun 28 2011

Potty Humor

Image from Imapact Labs

Image from New Homes Shopping Center

13 Responses to “Potty Humor”

  • maureen Says:

    Okay, those are funny.

  • Rachel Says:

    My exact thought when I saw the third one was “Oh jeeeez!”

  • Martha Says:

    Funny! There was a cafe in Houston, I believe Cafe Brazil?, that actually had cast bronze boobs, complete with nipples, on the door to the women’s bathroom. The men’s bathroom was even more graphic, and also in bronze. I never could look at either sculpture directly.

  • Jessica Says:

    One of my regular brewbubs has Hops (a vine) and Barley (a bush) on the bathroom doors.

    Love watching people just stare at them, not knowing what to do.

  • PinkieBling Says:

    That last one was my favorite.

  • Jan Says:

    OK, I give up — where was the second one taken? The watermelon one, I mean. (That IS watermelon, isn’t it?)

  • samantha Says:

    Ha ha ha……loved the last one… I can soo see those on the doors in a rustic restaurant.

  • kate Says:

    I must be dense because I don’t get the second one. Although as a female I would go in the door with the almost-whole pie on it, vs. the piece of pie. Would I be correct?

  • Maggeh Says:

    The second one is a pizza, it’s in Austin, and yes Kate. You’re the almost whole pie.

  • margaux Says:

    hahaha amazing!!

  • nikkiana Says:

    Those are certainly creative. Ha!

  • Christina Says:

    For those who can’t get enough of these, a gazillion more plus a feminist analysis of the categories of signs: http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2010/09/02/guest-post-go-where-sex-gender-and-toilets/

  • Erin @ Brownie Bites Says:

    HA! I love the ropes. Sort of subtle and sort of not!