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Jun 10 2011

But you’re not Pink though, are you.

I’m heading to MaxFunCon for the first time this weekend, so I’ve been checking out the speakers. I found this video of Josie Long, wherein she perfectly encapsulates the disproportionate distain I feel when people ignore a party theme.

It also reminds me of a few classic lines from the Gilmore Girls Terantino Party:

Rory: Oh, hey Colin. Where’s your date?
Colin: I went to pick her up, the door opens, and she’s dressed like Mira Sorvino.
Robert: How do you dress like Mira Sorvino?
Colin: You have blonde hair and a name tag that says Mira Sorvino. I just turned around and left.

If you’re also headed to MaxFunCon, send me a note on Twitter (@Maggie) and we’ll have a drink. I will, of course, ask you to wear some sort of costume.

12 Responses to “But you’re not Pink though, are you.”

  • kelley Says:

    You’re on your way to MaxFunCon? How did I miss that info. I skipped this year due to being poor but had I known I would have the chance to meet you I would have pinched more pennies. I hope you have a wonderful time, enjoy the Malort & hopefully I’ll see you there next year!

  • Maggeh Says:

    I would’ve said something sooner, but I had a last-minute Planets Align moment that allowed me to attend. Next year we’ll synchronize our watches.

  • Chris C. Says:

    She’s funny, but I have to say, I totally HATE themed dress events. I do not enjoy getting dressed up for a theme party. I find it super-stressful, especially when it’s random and not for a holiday like Halloween. I know that some people enjoy it, but it’s just not my thing, and I hate being made to feel like there’s something wrong with me for that. :-( What that means is that it’s pretty much guaranteed if you invite me to something that requires me to dress up in a costume, and I know you’re someone who’s going to be really disdainful toward folks who don’t follow the theme, I’m not going to be there. And that makes me sad :-( (And, BTW, this right here is a big part of why I live in Oakland instead of San Francisco, home of masses of folks who love to dress up in costume for no reason at all :-)

  • Rebecca Says:

    I KNOW!!! I have formed friendships based entirely on a mutual love of themes and dressing up. I also agree that people who show up to costume parties without a costume do not get to participate in the party activities.

  • Jeannie Says:

    I hate themed/dress-up parties. I am 35 yrs old, not 5!

  • meg Says:

    I HATE this too! I have a name for them: Flounders. In “Animal House,” Flounder and his date Cissy, are the only ones who show up to the toga party NOT in a toga.

  • The Broke-Ass Bride Says:

    Wow. I thought I loved you before, but now that you’ve quoted Gilmore Girls, I love you more than ever :)

    Have fun!

    PS- costume parties, ftw!

  • maureen Says:

    My husband hates costume parties. Hates them. But when he married me, he got my friend who throws such parties every several years. So his first Hallowe’en,the theme was “Disney Movies” and I told him we were going as pirates (as in Peter Pan)because that was an easy costume. He was Captain Hook, and he stayed in character when he was around the kids who were there. Lots of “Arrrr!” and “Ahoy!” At midnight, our hosts announced the he was the winner of Best Costume, and he was absolutely thrilled because it was the kids who had voted on the winner.

  • maureen Says:

    And I’d just like to add that I agree with every syllable that comic uttered. And I especially agree with the tone in which she uttered them.

  • Bee Gomez Says:

    I hate costumes and themes, unless it’s a kids’ party. And I think using dressing up as a basis for friendship/nonfriendship seems rather shallow. Of course, if you want all your friends to be clones…..

  • Jacob Trentinella Says:

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  • Holly Says:

    How much do I love that you just quotes Gilmore Girls? SO, SO MUCH. I have seen every episode of that show no less than 35 times. Probably more. It never gets old. This made my night.