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May 16 2011

Fun Thing: Cheese!

Lunch at the recently opened Mission Cheese with Mai.

Go, little cheese shop, go!

7 Responses to “Fun Thing: Cheese!”

  • Rev. Back It On Up 13 Says:

    I used to speculate that cheese had to be infused with mood-altering chemicals, which was the only explanation my primitive brain could conceive for the lust with which I consumed it.

    Then, a vegan informed me that I was correct. Furthermore, I was to abandon my beloved cheese, in part because of this very trickery!

    I’m sorry for all the suffering, lactating cheese-heavy creatures of the animal kingdom, but your leakings are just too delicious for my weak, flawed, human will to deny. Thank you for your sacrifice, noble beasts.

  • GirlsGoneChild Says:

    I LOVE YOU, MAI! And Maggie! AND CHEESE. Omg, what I would DO to be at that table right now. Hot damn, fantasy lunch.

  • Susanlee Says:

    Have you been to The Girl and the Fig in Sonoma? Amazing, and close to home. Try it!!

  • Kelly Says:

    I was JUST there two nights ago with a pal. Would have loved to run into you two.

  • Rachelle Says:

    I need to make a list about cheese. How I love little fromageries!

  • Mai Says:

    That was a nice lunch. <3

  • Dolly Dahl Says:

    EEK I’ve been meaning to go by Mission Cheese since it opened. Was it amazing? I bet it was. I adore cheese!