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Apr 22 2011

New Orleans Ghost Party

On St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, this tree was heavy with beads.

People throw them from the Mardi Gras floats, and they catch on branches and telephone wires. These have been up for months.

Oh, Louisiana. You know how to charm a girl.

8 Responses to “New Orleans Ghost Party”

  • Lucia Says:

    I love that no one takes them down all year long. XO.

  • vieux carrĂ© Says:

    St. Charles Avenue, darlin’.

  • Valerie @ Life 4 me by me Says:

    How fun that they stay up all year! Keeps the party going.

  • Tricia Says:

    One of the first things I wrote in my travel journal in New Orleans many many years ago was “BEADS!! in the TREES!!” I love that it looks so festive all the time.

  • Gillian Says:

    I never knew that. How strange! Here we just get sneakers.

  • Sharon @ Currently Coveting Says:

    This is indeed very charming. Thank you for sharing!

  • 101 Things Before You Die Says:

    I thought the same thing as Gillian; all we have is sneakers. I imagine the practical solution would just be too expensive when there are other things city workers could spend their time doing.

  • Martha Says:

    There are actually trees, balconies, and other snaggable objects with multiple years’ of beads on them. I never thought of it as year-round festive since I get to see it all the time, but I’m going to change my attitude about it now.