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Apr 11 2011

Where’d you get that? Swim Caps

If you’re coveting vintage swim caps, Kleinert’s and Jantzen are the search terms you’re looking for.

Jantzen Pixie Swim Cap

Kleinert’s Flame Swim Cap

Flapper Fringe Cloche Kleinert’s Swim Cap

I wish I were swimming.

12 Responses to “Where’d you get that? Swim Caps”

  • Carrie Says:

    i love that first one! i wonder if it would make you more streamlined in the water?

  • Kristen Says:

    Who says you need to be swimming to wear these?

  • Megan G. Says:

    Just last week I saw a Jantzen swim cap that reminded me of you. Think they have one that would make my butt look perky?

  • Petit Elefant Says:

    I’d like the orange one please. In turquoise too.

  • Roxanna Says:

    I’ll take the flapper cloche in orange, please.

  • Tawnee Says:

    SOOOOOOO cute!!

  • sugarleg Says:

    ooh, see and you totally said swimming in bodies of water makes you happy. swim!

  • Anne Marie Says:

    Love!! My heart just fell over for the last one.

  • Tasha Says:

    I have a pink swim cap with petals on it that I wear in the shower to protect my dyed hair. I love it even if my husband DOES call it “birth control.”

  • Leslie Says:

    Ahh, yes. And thank YOU for providing me with a new obsession!

  • Colleen Says:

    The orange one looks like someone stole it from a Dr. Suess character. What better criteria for a wonderful addition to one’s attire!

  • Elisabeth Says:

    Oh, I would just love to see these on someone. They look very fashionable indeed.

    Interesting that Tasha (above) uses one when she showers. It probably would look a lot better than those bright blue, pink or yellow ones you can buy at W*l Mart.