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Mar 30 2011

Bull By the Horns

Did you ever want to be a natural at something pointless? Like, bongos, or opening bottles with random household objects? Last weekend, I found myself at a bar with a mechanical bull and was surprised to find that I cared about that. Some part of me saw that metal bull and decided I wanted to win at bull riding, I wanted to go on the dive-bar bull riding circuit, I wanted to be the Tri-State Mechanical Bull Rodeo Queen.

So I held on.

And held on.

And held on.

I won’t be able to wear a miniskirt again this fiscal year.

Worth it.

60 Responses to “Bull By the Horns”

  • schmutzie Says:

    Go you!

  • Rev. Back It On Up 13 Says:

    That is damned sexy. Good for you. Sometimes it’s really worth taking the bruises for a meaningful cause.

  • Clair Says:

    Awesome. The best bull riding in the Bay Area is the Saddle Rack in Fremont. You have to go. Well, maybe once the bruises are healed.

  • Dana Says:

    That’s on my life list! After seeing those bruises, I may have to reconsider.

  • Cameron Says:

    Please tell me there is some video of this – even crappy, low resolution phone video. Please!

  • Sarah Says:

    Next time wear chaps. ;)

  • Betsey Says:

    I know exactly what you mean!! I took a motorcycle safety course last summer and fell once, epically. I earned the hell out of those bruises and holy cow I learned to ride motorcycle!! I wasn’t a natural but who cares! ;-)

  • Amanda Says:


  • Tonya Says:

    On YouTube under sissy & sturgis is my sister in law trying to ride a mechanical bull. Tell me it was better than that…

  • Leah Says:

    way to go, Maggie! I do love to tackle things that scare me. One of my metrics: if doing something embarrasses me but is more or less pointless in the grand scheme of things, I try it. Karaoke is one big example I’ve been working on. I’ve finally become comfortable enough that I sang quite a bit at my boyfriend’s recently staff party :-)

  • Kat Says:

    Well at least you had fun … And hey you could do the miniskirt with tights until they clear up :-)

  • Mamaspeak Says:

    I worked in a bar w/one of those (ages ago,) EVERY night after closing they were “fixing” it. I concluded, (correctly,) “super dangerous” & have vowed I will never ride one.
    Since you have obviously mastered this one, may I suggest you cross it off your bucket list & move on. Why temp fate? I mean you ate still able to walk of your own accord, right?
    Um, congrats?
    And, ow!

  • Rebecca Says:

    Good for you! Now please get some Arnica cream and put in on all those bruises. You will be amazed at how fast the bruising heals. As someone who bruises easily (without the help of a mechanical bull) it has saved me.

  • alison Says:

    I got a bunch of bruises last week from scuba diving and rappelling (also worth it). Next week your bruises will be all yellow like mine are now. Something to look forward to!

  • sugarleg Says:

    @Dana, that’s what the booze is for, DO IT, you will be so happy you did! pay no mind to the death waiver you have to sign!

    @Clair, been there! with my peeps and my red cowboy boots! v v v fun.

    @Rebecca, great rec on the arnica. miracle cream. you need to hit me with a 2×4 to get me to bruise, but I’m a 40 yr old runner. ouch.

    really for true these pics and comments have made my night. and also now I need to go watch “Urban Cowboy” :-)

  • Kat Says:

    Added to list. Yep. :)

  • Elizabeth Says:

    And this is why we love you.

  • Jennifer Says:

    You should wear a miniskirt and skip the tights! Bruises show courage and if you have confidence while ‘wearing’ them, you just look like you’ve been up to something AWESOME!

  • Auntie Says:

    I’m not impressed until you show blood! (Actually I’m jealous. Always wanted to do that!)

  • Nessbow Says:

    I held the mechanical-bull-riding record at my college a few years back. It’s ironic because I’m the size of a twig and have no coordination.

  • Megan Says:

    Awesome. And San Francisco is often cold enough for tights and mini skirts – you won’t have to wait quite so long. ;-)

  • Tasha Says:

    Yet another reason I wish we were friends. You’re pretty great, Maggie!

  • amandaC Says:

    just wanted to counteract esmie–your legs look great. don’t listen to the haters (probably jealous, i would guess. or struggling with body issues themselves).

  • Kimberly Says:

    Wear those bruises with pride! Yes Ma’am, you would be such a fun friend to have!

  • Rebecca Says:

    That is some rockingest rockness right there, girl.

  • Lena Says:

    outch, that looks bad. I think a mini skirt would look nice though! it would show that you are not afraid of anything ;)

  • Pretzel Thief Says:

    YEEEEHAAAW! Kudos to you, Maggie! I can only imagine how much fun that was. The bruises made me cringe (ow!), but they’re Mechanical!Bull!Bruises so fine by default. DUH. Onward and upward! Note to self: must ride mechanical bull one day.

  • Jeannine Says:

    Damn, I’ve wanted to do that since Urban Cowboy days. You are one bad-ass broad and now my hero!

  • Charlie Says:

    You should add this to your Life List just so you can cross it off! Yeah You!!

  • Liz S. Says:

    You absolutely made the right call. My mechanical bull-riding experience included ingoing advice from an actual bull-rider; I have since retired from the dive-bar circuit, but it’s hugely rewarding to share my sage perspective with other newcomers whenever the opportunity presents itself. (The key: lean the opposite direction that the bull is moving front to back, but lean the same direction the bull is moving side to side.)

  • kelsey Says:

    Seriously I was just thinking two things about your post. Such as it sounded like a hell of a good time (even with the bruises)and that damn those are some lovey legs. Forget tights and wear short skirts all you want. You earned those bruises and screw anyone that judges you having them. :)

  • Anne Phillips Says:

    Ha ha! Awesome! It’s on my list, too, but I have to wait until I’m done breastfeeding or else the bruises will me more places than just my legs.

  • Jane Noir Says:

    Wahoo! Flowy flowery skirts are in this year anyway!

  • Megan G. Says:

    Oh god! The dark one on the back of your leg is purple with triumph!

  • Rachel Says:

    So the mechanical bull-riding is impressive and all – but really: your LEGS look amazing!!!! Is that all due to the Tracy Anderson methods, or did you also luck out in the genetic lottery and win legs as long as a river?!

  • The Dalai Mama Says:

    Awesome! Wear your “bull rash” with pride

  • Kayla Says:

    Ouch! I rode a mechanical bull for the first time this summer…it’s harder than it looks! I only got one bruise…kudos to you for hanging on!

  • Nicole Says:

    SO MUCH FUN, isn’t it!?!?!?

  • Tasha Says:

    Oh yeah, and I wanted to say about those legs of yours – aaaahroooooga! Mighty fine!

  • EmmaC Says:

    So…did you win?

  • whoorl Says:


  • Amanda Says:

    You must tell us, what song was playing?

    You are awesome!

  • jill Says:

    Regardless if you “make the circuit” or not, you definitely win at posing those legs of yours. My dream has to always been to wear shorts and have my legs photographed and they look just like yours. Bruises or no bruises. Here is to NO cellulite!! #dang

  • Meg Says:

    Yay you! I have that same stubborn streak. Go for the championship!

  • Michelle Says:

    Gosh, I haven’t been bruised in a long time. I think I’m not taking enough risks in life.

  • Tamara Says:

    Love it.

  • seaoutof Says:

    This is awesome! Congrats Maggie. A bit bruised, but accomplished. A little bit of Austin rubbed off perhaps.

  • Desiree Says:

    You are the only person who’s ever said “fiscal year” in a conversation about mechanical bulls.

  • Megan G. Says:

    These comments are so fun (Desiree wins), but I prefer never to read the words “bull rash” again.

  • Renee Says:

    Ouch! I’ve always wanted to be really good at drinking games… I don’t even drink

  • Jintana Says:

    wow sounds like you had fun – and you’ve got something to show for it! BRILLIANT!!

  • mythbusty Says:

    Awesome! You should join rollerderby. That would become normal. ;o)

  • misstraceynolan Says:

    I love how your hands are as expressive as a raised eyebrow in that first pic!

  • Dea Says:

    All through uni I played rugby, and that resulted in some amazingly horrific bruising (I have the same colouring as you), and I wore them with pride. I figured I couldn’t hide them (I was covered) so I let them show. SO I say wear your mini skirts and wear your bruises with pride. They’re awesome!

  • Rachel Says:

    Maggie you are awesome! I love your wonderful spirit….

    I was just in Hawaii two weeks ago, checking a few things off of my Life List (big big thank you btw, having that Life List just makes it easier to do those things), and while I was driving back from Hanauma Bay, heard the song The Dog Days Are Over. You immediately came to mind, (because of the Happy/Sad thread and everyone who posted songs) and I thought, “I hope Maggie is doing ok.”
    And you are.

  • Leah Says:

    Good for you mama! <3

  • Marissa Says:

    I think you either did it REALLY WRONG or SOOO RIGHT…


    So. AWESOME. I hope you won. Tell me you got a prize.

  • Jo Bryant Says:

    You go girl – amazing photos, how brave of you.

  • Lauren Says:

    I will comment for the first time in years of occasional reading to say:
    Maggie, that is completely BADASS. I LOVE IT.