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Mar 29 2011

Boutiques on Wheels

Lodekka Boutique photo via The New York Times by Andrea Fuentes-Diaz.

When I first heard about these mobile stores modeled on food trucks, my jaw dropped at the simple genius of it all. I want to drive one across country for a month and fill it with thrift store treasures.

Wanderlust mobile shop.

Inside Wanderlust.

20 Responses to “Boutiques on Wheels”

  • kate Says:

    Ok. That might be the coolest idea ever. Seriously brilliant.

  • nelking Says:

    I met the owner of Lodekka. She goes to the outer edges of Oregon to find cools things and brings them to the PDX market to sell at higher prices.

    I asked, she does not drive the bus across the state.

    Best example of someone having their job at risk, and deciding to do something to control their destination

  • Erika Lee Sears Says:

    I know the wunderlust peeps and they are really nice :)

  • Megan G. Says:

    I was *just* in Portland and saw the Lodekka bus, but I didn’t have a chance to stop. My 9-year-old nephew asked why I gasped when I saw it, and I had to sit and patiently explain to him how cool his city is.

  • alexis Says:

    I love it!

  • Sierra Says:

    I agree, I think these mobile shops are fantastic!

  • Cindy Says:

    First of all, I want that trailer. Secondly? What a great idea?!?! Some times I think about chucking it all and living out of a trailer selling my wares and teaching yoga as we travel across the country. But then I watch Lost in America and I’m all good.

  • L Says:

    Lodekka lives three blocks from my house, and I always love to peek in. Such a happy idea for a shop.

  • Helen Jane Says:

    You know that’s on my damn life list, right?

  • Helen Jane Says:

    (And I say damn in the fondest way possible.)

  • DeAnne Says:

    Has anyone ever seen the movie “A Walk on the Moon”? Remember the blouse man? He had this idea. (plus, he was hot!)

  • Kat Says:

    Hmm I wonder if the travel to Oklahoma. We could use something different around here.

  • michelle Says:

    i so want to do this.

  • Leigh Says:

    A mobile shop is going on my life list. This is the coolest idea EVER.

  • Hannah (Culture Connoisseur) Says:

    So. Cool. It. HURTS.

  • r8chel Says:

    Awesome. It’s like a grown-up version of the bookmobile. :)

  • carolyn Says:

    this is amazing – i want one to come to SF!

  • Emily Says:

    This is so genius Maggie! Thanks for sharing. I want this to be my life. I was thinking about the whole food truck thing but this is better.

  • Sharon Says:

    I love this! One of the many reasons I love Portland. Thank you for sharing!

  • Steph Says:

    I’m obsessed with the boots worn in that last picture that look like cow hide. I want them. Now. Are they as good in real life?